George Lincoln Rockwell Quote Week – Democracy Has Failed Every Time It Has Been Tried

“I don’t believe in democracy. In the second place, neither did our white forefathers. I believe, as they did, in a republican authoritarian republic with a limited electorate — just like the one the writers of our Constitution meant this country to be. When these white Christian patriots sat down to write the Declaration of Independence, there were no black citizens for them to worry about.”

“Nazism says that women are absolutely equal to men. But they’re different. And thank god for the difference.”

Your precious majority rule has led to a century of demographic erosion. The white man votes out of guilt and the colored man votes for his wallet. Both are making America terrible again.

America should have never abandoned its rule that only land-owning men should have the right to vote. People with no taxes or land have no stake in the game. Women should not be able to vote, not only because they are terrible at it, but because it sets up a dichotomy in the family. But politicians have always been willing to expand the voting pool in order to stack the electorate.


Your rights are a myth. They were pulled out of thin air. It starts with free speech and ends with free healthcare. Although free speech is necessary for a democracy because of the temptation to outlaw your opponent, I would totally support a law making Islam and Scientology illegal.

“I think it’s wrong, ladies and gentlemen, for anybody to to be terrorized out of investigating anything. You have the right to read any book. You have the right to hear any speaker and that includes the vile communist that I’d just as soon gas – but you ought to hear him before we gas him.”

If an idea is truly false, then there should be no fear in hearing it. This is not merely a left-wing thing. I grew up Baptist. We were told things like Catholicism and evolution were wrong, but we were only given our own perspective. We were never encouraged to investigate other belief systems on their terms. I decided to minor in philosophy, and people told me that I would just be taught that everything is relative (when in actuality, philosophers are usually totally opposed to relativism).

CS Lewis said, “Good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, than that bad philosophy must be answered.” Catholicism is a strong enough force in our society that it is worth reading a book of Catholic apologetics just so that you can know what it is you are rejecting. It’s good to know what are the roots behind socialism and naturalism. Know the three or four branches of Judaism and why Messianic Judaism doesn’t count. And more and more, it’s important to know what Islam and other religions actually teach.


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