George Lincoln Rockwell Quote Week – Race Is Genetic

“Evolution shows that in the long run, if the superior mixes with the inferior, the product is halfway between, and inferior to what you started with in the original superior group – in other words, mongrelized.”

I don’t believe in macro evolution, but variation in the human species are as real as variations in dog breeds. Africans especially are so different, that new studies show that the rest of humanity descended from a single ancestor. But you can tell that just by looking at how different Africans look from the rest of humanity. And if you’ve ever worked around them, you’ll see they have a somewhat different thought process. Even Asians and Indians (both kinds) feel closer to whites.


Miscegenation isn’t inherently wrong, but a society where it is encouraged will be a schizophrenic society. Even the Bible strongly discouraged it, because of the differences in values (Israel was descended from Noah’s son Shem, and many of the surrounding tribes were descended from Ham).

Race may perhaps be a social construct, but it is an important one all the same. Race matters because race yields culture, and any first year sociology class will teach you that a society without culture will be chaos. And we see the loudest voices and most powerful movers in our society actively trying to dismantle our culture.

Most mulattos I’ve known acted more black than white, though back in the Civil War they identified more with whites. If you mix a German Shepherd with a common mutt, you will not get an animal as strong and intelligent as a German Shepherd. It will act like a common mutt.



All of that being said, it’s also true that after centuries of migrations, racial purity is a laughable myth. Especially in America. Here in East Tennessee, everyone claims some small amount of Cherokee, though almost no one knows how much or how far back.

“The most recent statistics show that around 21 percent of white Americans have an admixture of black blood, and 17 percent of blacks have an admixture of white blood.”

Yeah, no amount of social pressure can overcome the sex drive. You can’t have two cultures next to each other without some mixing. People will get their Thomas Jefferson fix no matter what the law says.

Mussolini understood this:

“But which race? Does there exist a German race? Has it ever existed? Will it ever exist? Reality, myth, or hoax of the theorists? Ah well, we respond, a Germanic race does not exist. Various movements. Curiosity. Stupor. We repeat. Does not exist. We don’t say so. Scientists say so. Hitler says so.”

“Race! It is a feeling, not a reality: ninety-five percent, at least, is a feeling. Nothing will ever make me believe that biologically pure races can be shown to exist today. Amusingly enough, not one of those who have proclaimed the “nobility” of the Teutonic race was himself a Teuton. Gobineau was a Frenchman, (Houston Stewart) Chamberlain, an Englishman; Woltmann, a Jew; Lapouge, another Frenchman.”

And there we go. I couldn’t say it better than the master. “Race is a feeling, not a reality.” And he doesn’t say that it’s not important or useful or unavoidable. Social construct, sure. But he’s going to make Italy great again anyway. The fuzziness of defining what it means to be Italian in no way dissuaded him from trying to restore the glory of Rome.

Despite a history of the American melting pot, racial and regional distinctions definitely exist. The South is mostly Scottish. The Northeast is … something else. The northern woods and plains are German. These regions vote differently, because they are settled by different people. A few niggers and Jews in the woodshed do not destroy the over-arching patterns.

Are these values merely social or are they genetic? It’s an interesting question, one I’m not sure we can answer. Surely temperaments are genetic, but that can only go so far. I think genetics plays a role, but that’s just speculation.

Categories exist for a reason. Often the categories are hard to define. The edges can get kind of fuzzy when talking about race. Are Greeks white? Are Russians and Poles the same race? What about Ukrainians? There’s not an easy answer. But a Russian is certain closer to a Pole than to an Englishman and far closer to an Englishman than a Chinaman.


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