Trump as a Christian

When we elected our fearless leader, we all agreed he wasn’t a moral person. We decided we didn’t care. We were more interested in an amoral strongman than a weak nice guy. Adultery is irrelevant to economic policy.

I’ve shifted on this. I don’t know the guy’s heart, and the funniest line from the campaign was, “I’m a protestant. Can you believe it? I’m a presbyterian.” (To which the world responded, “No, we can’t.”) But I’m not convinced he’s the pagan emperor granting the Jews safe passage to Zion.

More and more I’m meeting secularists who think religion is silly but understand that Christianity is vital for the West to survive. I think Trump is, at minimum, one of those. You can’t just have a libertine society where everyone does what they want as long as they follow the non-aggression principle. People are just too influenced by those around them.

The birth of Jesus Christ “forever changed the course of human history,” Trump noted. “There is hardly an aspect of our lives today that his life has not touched: art, music, culture, law, and our respect for the sacred dignity of every person everywhere in the world.”

He used Christmas to talk about the doctrine of the incarnation. (Links here, here, and here.) He has continuously made very Christian-y statements and has brought attention to the persecution of Christians in the Mideast.

He installed the first protestant(-ish) supreme court justice since 1990 and the first on the court since 2010.

Unlike evangelical Christian darlings Bush Jr and Reagan, Trump instructed the IRS to quit harassing pastors and that religious organizations should not be required to support areas of Obamacare they disagree with. This implies that he believes pastors should hold politicians accountable.

“But that’s all just a political show!”

So what? The executive leader of a country does not merely make laws. He sets a tone for the culture.

I don’t care how sincere Trump is about being a Christian. That’s between him and God. What’s important is that he normalizes Christianity as the central ideology of the country after eight years of Obama’s socialist/gay/Muslim sabotage.

The neat thing about it is that it happens naturally. Obama signed no major racial or gay legislature, but just a few token statements and the blacks burn America down while the gays recruit your children. I think Trump could easily ratchet up Christian values a bit.

Remember, western values are Christian values. White people are supposed to act like proper Christians, not feral pagans. A free society involves responsibility to prove a free society will not collapse like every other experimental government in history.

“But he’s had three wives!”

And most pastors would have no problem with that if he was in their congregation. I mean, come on. Really? That’s the argument you’re going to make? At best that just makes him a normal American Christian. At least he has the excuse of being corrupted by power and wealth, and by all appearances his kids and ex-wives think very well of him.

Sure, I’ll call Trump a Christian. I can’t think of a reason not to.


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