Liberal Psychology Is That Of Demons — Falsehood Creates A World Without Standards

The psychology of the social justice warrior is identical to that of a literal demon.

What is a demon? Is it just a fallen angel who likes to drag others into hell out of petty vengeance? Not quite.

Demons, as most people know, are angels that have fallen into sin. We humans have the natures of both animals and angels. Animals are body and soul. Angels are soul and spirit. Humans alone are body, soul, and spirit.

Everything an angel does, it does with its full will. You know how sometimes you know you should do the right thing but you don’t really want to so you do it anyway but some part of you is kind of begrudging in it? Angels and demons don’t do that. They do not have an animal nature, so they do everything with full, singular motivation.

This means that they are either entirely good or entirely evil. Humans, however, are always a mixture of both. Even Hitler had a soft spot for dogs. Josef Mengele, the Nazi scientist who was in charge of experimenting on twins, had an affectionate spot for the children. Once they were freed by the Allies, the children could not believe that Mengele possibly meant them harm.

Demons aren’t like this. This is why Christians never pray for Satan’s repentance. There is no opportunity for repentance. The demon is truly totally depraved. (This is also why Calvinism is wrong, because if humans were totally depraved, we could not repent.)

God is Truth. All truth extends from God. Because the demon is the antithesis of anything good, the demon lives in a world of lies. Everything the demon says or does has an element of falsehood.

The thing about truth, no matter how small, is that it demands a standard, and any standard demands a certain conduct. A world of lies allow you to create any world you want. This is why St John of Kronstadt said, “In Hell there is Democracy; in Heaven there is a Kingdom.” Falsehood allows you to exert your will and do whatever you want.


And this is the social justice warrior. For example, the notion that homosexuality is merely an alternative sexuality and not really different from heterosexuality. This alone is ridiculous, but it doesn’t stop there. The homosexual must do whatever he can to do destroy sexual norms. The homosexual always recruits. He cannot stand watching regular masculine men and feminine women marry, stay monogamous, and produce children. And so he destroys all norms for the sexes, aping the traits of a woman while claiming to love men. Nothing is more painful to watch for the homosexual than traditionalist norms between men and women, which is why alleged conservatives like Milo act so, well, faggy. Homosexuals rarely have any interest in marriage, but they pushed for the right anyway as though it was a fight against slavery.

The feminist, too, hates traditional families. You would think feminists would be about choice. But instead they hate stay-at-home mothers. Why? Because the traditional mother is a painful reminder of what they are supposed to be. When women value family over careers, it sets a standard. It forces the feminist to confront a truth.

A few years back, there was a video of a feminist screaming bloody murder at a men’s rights activist. Why? It’s not like anyone pays attention to the MRA. Why would she care that they exist? Well, it’s because the MRA brings up uncomfortable truths about divorce and our legal system. Whatever flaws the MRAs have [Do they even still exist?], they are correct about many things.

Words are another example of this. Liberals have watered down the word “love” to mean anything. Which means that it means nothing. We’ve all observed the “love wins” and “fuck white people” rhetoric of the left-wing. It isn’t accidental, and it isn’t blind hypocrisy. It’s a core feature.

Liberals also hate beauty standards. They make a point to make to make themselves ugly, because at least they have control over the ugliness. This is also why liberals so often have tattoos and piercings. And they absolutely despise anyone who is beautiful. Just look at the wrath they have for Barbie, an entirely fictional character.

Atheists are liberals because most atheists are bitter that God didn’t give them the perfect hedonist paradise they wanted. You can tell this is their real motivation, because they say things like, “If God exists, why is there war and oppression?” In other words, the world has all the correct conditions for the existence of God except that He doesn’t do what I want. The highest moral of atheistic virtue is reducing suffering — that is, finding happiness. Liberalism promises to allow the atheist to do whatever he wants.

Liberals absolutely despise Trump primarily because he represents objective Truth. You can make the argument that he’s actually manipulative and flip flops, but it’s irrelevant. In the mythos of this political season, Trump is the “tell it like it is” wise fool character. Pointing out that there are a lot of negative consequences to immigration or bringing attention to the crime problem in black communities sets a standard of behavior. It forces America to confront a truth. Every word he speaks is existential torture to liberals. This is why he is the first president to instruct the IRS to quit harassing churches, because Trump understands that pastors can and should speak painful truth that will make his enemies squirm.

Look, folks, politics isn’t a team sport. It’s not a difference in policy opinion. It’s a war over fundamental values rooted in a fundamental difference of how one views humanity, which in turn is rooted in a fundamental difference of how one views the supernatural. You cannot separate religion from politics.



You often hear about calling a demon by its name. The demon doesn’t actually have a name. It’s a schizophrenic creature of complete instability. It adopts a name, perhaps from history, and maybe a persona too. For example, the demon who took the form of the witch in The Conjuring.

You call the demon by its name, and you are forcing it to accept a truth. Or at least, something similar to truth. A very small truth, but a standard all the same. You are forcing some measure of stability onto it. The demon cannot stand this. It is torture.

A couple months ago, I posted something on a Facebook page claiming that the artist who draws the comic Fowl Language looked like a low-T beta male. What I said was pretty mild. Something like fifty liberals dog piled on me. I don’t know where they came from. Maybe someone posted a link on Twitter. A lot of them said it was hilarious or “gold”, so I’m not sure if they were complimenting me or trying to insult me or both. I bantered with them a little but mostly left them alone.

This one woman especially kept harassing me. Finally I looked at her profile. After some close inspection, I discovered that she wasn’t a woman at all. He was a post-op transexual. It was a very convincing presentation, but there were a few tells.

I post on the thread that he is a really a man and not a woman at all, and therefore my prediction about him being a single mother was wrong. He immediately blocks me.

Call the demon by its name and banish it from your midst. The demon cannot stand any truth. The social justice warrior cannot abide by any standard for his life.


This is also why blacks will go into a violent rage when you bring up crime statistics or show how they are grossly hypocritical on the whole nationalism thing. If blacks cannot blame someone else for their problems, then they have to blame themselves, which means they would have to do better.

Why do blacks live in the ghetto? They could spend just a little more money and get a nicer place in the suburbs. Government agencies even facilitate this.

The black person loves living in the ghetto because he can do whatever he wants. He can create his own special hell on earth. There is no standard for behavior in the ghetto. There is no accountability. It is like the carnival island in Pinocchio. Smoke, drink, and be young forever.

Hip hop is a genre that is devoid of standards. What little musicality is all sampled (ie, stolen) from other songs. The bar for a successful record is extremely low. It doesn’t have to be good. It just has to have a rhythm. The lyrics mumble in embarrassing grammar about how great the singer is. You’ll notice that conservative or even moderate whites almost never like hip hop — it’s mostly blacks and white liberals.

Blacks over time


But it is all a trap. You cannot live without being enslaved to a standard. You either submit to the law of God or you submit to the law of your gut.

Consider sexual morality. Christianity teaches that you shouldn’t have sex without marriage. Most people in our society, including those who claim to be Christians, ignore this. We had this whole sexual liberation thing a few decades ago, and it supposedly undid Puritanical oppression.

But is anyone more free? People are slaves to their sex drives. Even within our fallen human world, heartbreak at the rejection or betrayal of someone you were in love with is an emotion we were never supposed to experience. Many people have tried to find happiness in meaningless sex, only to get attached and burned over. Despite all of our sexual liberty, polyamorous relationships are still very rare.

How many people rushed into terrible marriages because the sex was good (or even just convenient)? How many people have stayed in terrible dating relationships because their finances were tied together? We all have a friend that we begged to break up with his psychotic girlfriend. We all know the Christian virgin girl who slept with the bad boy who promised to love her forever and then changed his mind.

Sex is not just two consenting adults. It’s not about whether you wanted it. It has a broader affect on everyone around you. Past, present, and future.

You can’t just have sex without either getting attached or ruining your ability to get attached. Sex isn’t mechanical. Your girlfriend admits that she blew the entire Ohio State football team back when she was in college, and you don’t think, “Well, she’s a consenting adult, and sex is just a bodily function that stimulates nerves, so who am I to judge?”.

Feminists complain that men can have sex as much as they want without being judged, but in real life, those men have destroyed their friendships with other men in order to get laid. Men actually don’t respect other men who can’t control their sex drive, because men don’t respect a lack of self-control. I had a falling out with one of my best friends because he bailed on meeting me for lunch less than half an hour prior without even telling me until I asked, all in order to get laid by his psycho girlfriend he wanted to break up with anyway.

The mantra “bros before hoes” is not a rallying cry of jealous single men — it is a standard for us men to keep ourselves in line. You will lead a happier life in the long term if you follow this in the short term.


The promise of freedom offered by demons and social justice warriors is a false song. Just as liberals claim the moral high ground, I would imagine that demons too believe they are on the right side of history. But it is all a lie, and it will destroy anyone who entertains it. For what does light have in common with darkness?

Treat liberals like you would treat a demon. Do not have friends with the left wing [Do center-left people even still exist?]. Do not trust them with personal things. Even talking about something as harmless as music or movies can agitate them. Let the demons sleep.

If they do harass you, make the sign of the cross, call them by name, and banish them from your midst in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Terms like “biological woman”, “sexual pervert”, “coward”, and “ugly” are their kryptonite. Do not assume you can convert the liberal. It does not matter how much truth you throw at them — they love reveling in lies too much.

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