Music Today Is Soulless

I finally figured out what’s wrong with music today. I mean, we all know music today is terrible. Old people say that millenial music is terrible, but none of us listen to the radio. But it’s hard to vocalize just what’s wrong with it.

Today’s hit music has no soul. And this is true whether pop, country, R&B, or what tattered shreds remain of rock n roll.

Yes, it has rhythm. Too much rhythm, actually. That was the big change with Elvis. Before Elvis, pop music focused on chord changes. After Elvis, the emphasis was on the backbeat.

And today it’s only backbeat. The music industry is swamped with blacks and whites who wish they were black, but nothing has the, well, soul of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.”

See, the emphasis in that song isn’t solely the rhythm. The rhythm drives the song, but it doesn’t dominate everything else.

And I used to think “soul” was a stupid black term reflecting their own hubris. Now I get it. There’s humanity to that. It’s the same humanity in honky ass “real” country music. The only difference being that white people don’t call it “soul” like we should.

Today’s music doesn’t have that heart. It’s bass, fake drums, and someone gurgling into the microphone about their sex life. You can grind to today’s pop music, but you can’t make love.

And you have the Whitney Houston wannabes. White girls and black people can’t sing with actual emotion, so they screw with the melody to appear creative or something. This is especially present with the national anthem, which barely even exists anymore. It’s over-compensation to sound like they have real emotional depth, because they know they could never sound like this:

Or this:

Whenever someone plays a hip hop song that sounds like a blender — of course out loud on their phone despite that there are twenty people around them who don’t want to hear it — I say, “My wife and I danced to this at our wedding.”




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