Trump’s Party Takeover Is Complete

In all the soap opera drama of the last few days, something small but hugely significant was manifested today. The Republican Party is fully, 100% behind Donald Trump. The troubles he had in the last two years getting his party to do what he asked are over. Trump is the carnival barker whipping the elephant into submission.

Lindsey Graham has said (correctly) that if the Republicans compromise on the wall, it will be the end of the party. He didn’t say this because he’s had an awakening and realized the Democrats are disingenuous. He said this because that’s the only way to secure his career. Make no mistake — he’s still the lonely old virgin cuck he always was. He’s just been beaten back into the kitchen by the firm hand of Papa Trump.

Keep in mind that compromise and allowing the political center to shift leftwards has been the core political strategy of the Republicans for decades. At least since Bush Sr, but probably longer.

Likewise, McConnell has been unequivocally siding with Trump on the shutdown, and Rubio tweeted old Hillary Rodham Clinton and B. Hussein Obama quotes about the need for a barrier on the border.

“We’re all behind the president. We think this border security issue is extremely important to the country,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters after the meeting.

Where are your NeverTrumpers now?

And this is what Trump promised. At the end of 2017 he said the spending bill he signed would be the last of its kind so they better not send one like it again. And then they did just exactly that and were shocked when he didn’t compromise and allow the political center to shift leftwards. This is his last chance to build the wall — it’s now or never.

After the 2016 election, there was a lot of speculation that Trump wouldn’t be able to control the Congress, and indeed they did a lot to hinder him. But that election he was too busy establishing his own legitimacy.

In 2018 he campaigned for a new Congress like no president before. He took credit for Flake’s retirement. Most of the congressmen who lost were the moderate traitors, and nearly all the candidates Father Trump campaigned for won.

I was optimistic that our beloved Caesar would move the Republican Party to the right and give them a measure of integrity, but I didn’t think it would flip so suddenly. Just three months ago Republicans were hesitant about his Supreme Court pick because the Democrats were screaming about abortion and rape, as though Republican voters care. The shutdown forced the moderates to pick a side, and they chose the side their voters are on.

After the meeting, the president said, “There was no discussion about anything other than solidarity.”

“The Republicans are totally unified,” he said, adding “there was no reason for me even to be there.”

Trump has said the shutdown could last for “months or even years” if he does not secure money for the wall.

Democrats use gestapo tactics, but the Don uses Godfather tactics. Every senate candidate he campaigned for ran a message of “I’ll do whatever Trump asks me to,” and they nearly all won. Romney tried to criticize Trump recently, and his own niece publically rebuked him for trying to subvert the GOP’s newfound momentum despite the House being in opposition.

We finally have a Republican Party united under a boorish paleoconservative who insists on winning. Recently the RNC released this ad in uncomfortably stark contrast to their position three years ago:

Maybe Trump isn’t the savior of America, but he’s certainly the savior of the Republican Party.

In a few days he’ll declare a national emergency and use some of the $100 billion in unallocated military funds to build the wall he actually wants instead of what the Democrats would have made him build (thereby putting them in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” position with their base). He will also end birthright citizenship and strip the anchor babies of their citizenship. The Democrats and activists will sue over both of these, where they will be upheld by the Supreme Court he just finished stacking. The birthright citizenship may have to wait until Ginsberg dies, because it’s just that important, but it’s as inevitable as a woman in labor giving birth.

Even if Trump doesn’t get the wall, it will eventually get built, because it’s too much a part of the political conversation now. The great irony is that if he does build it, he might not run for a second term. He will have fulfilled all his major promises, and I doubt he enjoys being president.

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