Collaborating With The Decline

The only Manosphere friend I still keep up with is Chris Betchloff. The irony is that I rarely consume his content, because it’s mostly livestreams, and we know how I feel about those.

We were going to meet in person a couple years ago as I was passing through Pennsylvania, but there was a horrible car wreck on the freeway and he couldn’t get through.

A few months ago he put out a video claiming that if you are a Catholic who regularly sits in the pews and gives your tithe and sends your kids to parish school, you are in some small way a collaborator in the systematic cover up of child rape regardless of whether it happens in your community.

“You willingly and knowingly support an organization you know is systematically to the highest levels covering up the rape of children.”

There can be arguments about validity of doctrine and the institution, etc. Those arguments are worth having. But none of them refute that sentence.

Is that sentence false? If you give money to your Catholic parish, you are financially supporting an organization that actively and systematically tolerates child rape. Is that false? Where is the fallacy in that sentence?

Or do you believe that sentence is irrelevant to whether or not someone should be Catholic?

If you support the Catholic Church either financially or by validating it as the true church everyone should attend, you share in the guilt. Where is the fallacy in that statement?

Regardless of all the good the Catholic Church has done and still does, the Catholic Church has and still does systematically allow and encourage homosexuals in their leadership and cover up when they rape children. Catholics know this and still believe that this is the Church that Christ intended for all of us to join and that we have a moral obligation to trust it.

At the time I wrote this under the video:

It’s worth keeping in mind that these are not a few isolated incidents. All positions of power attract psychopaths, but the pedophilia and homoeroticism in the RCC is persistent and systematic. It’s not going away. It’s not a few bad apples. It’s not just the last few decades.

Look how many Catholic universities have gay studies programs. That alone is proof that the RCC administration openly and systematically encourages sexual perversion and sin, and therefore we can conclude that the Holy Spirit is absent from the RCC (John 16:13).

Does any bishop condemn these Catholic universities? Would any bishop discourage parishioners from attending Marquette or DePaul?

The other day I asked him if any Catholic ever put out a thoughtful response to it. He said there was none that he knew of. I looked and couldn’t find anything.

Of course I don’t agree with Chris on everything, but on this point there’s nothing I can say to refute it. If the Orthodox Church were to ever have the kind of systemic problems the Catholic Church does, could I still be an Orthodox Christian?

I don’t know if I have an answer to that, but I also don’t think it’s possible for the Orthodox Church to get that bad, because Orthodoxy is folk religion held by the people, not a doctrine taught by a bureaucracy.

But still, the question is worth asking. If you genuinely believe the Catholic Church is the custodian of capital-T Truth established by Christ, could you abandon it to keep your hands clean?

And if you did abandon it, where would you go?


I’ve thought a lot about this idea of small-scale collaboration. Who caused the decline of Western Civilization? Surely we all did. But where? What actions could we have done differently?

I say this with no dramatic flair at all, that my heart breaks when I think of the millions of children who go through the public school system. I really do believe that it is the worst evil this country has ever committed.

Every teacher, no matter how well-intentioned, is a collaborator is in the systematic obliteration of the emotional and social development of every child whose parents could not either pay for private school or homeschool them. Some teachers feel morally conflicted about this, but that doesn’t change the fact that they draw a paycheck from this system.

But who put the children there? The parents. And the uncomfortable truth is that parents love the public school system because it’s free daycare.

Why do parents love free daycare? “We don’t have a choice. You need two incomes to run a household.”

But did you have to put them in the government schools? Don’t you remember how it was?

“That’s just the society we live in. Most private schools are just as bad.”

Maybe that’s true, but you still chose to do nothing.

I think people are so afraid of using the a-word in reference to schools because they are afraid of the implications. Nobody wants to admit they sent their child off to a concentration camp to have their souls warped at the most developmental age, even if there was no choice. And so we put the thought out of mind and accept that “that’s just the world we live in”. And every year it only gets worse, because no one will stand up and admit he is a collaborator.

But that very legitimate concern doesn’t change the reality of the schools you sent your child to.

The a-word is “abuse”. Public schools are, from top to bottom with no exceptions, child abuse. And it’s so hard to say, “I sent my child to an abusive environment and told him to just behave.”

At the very least, you could have refused to let it bleed into the home. You didn’t have to make him do four hours of homework every night. He shouldn’t have had to sacrificed his childhood just because you’re afraid of bad grades. You let your child suffer so that you can feel like a good parent.

Canadian mother Janet Bloomfield would always send blank homework back with a note saying that their family doesn’t do school after school hours.

Get a big red marker. When junior comes home with homework, write a big red NO THANKS DO YOUR JOB on it and send it back. Tell the teacher NO. Then carry on with your life. What do you think will happen? If all the parents did this, guess what? No homework. It’s very simple.

But it requires the adults to act like adults.


I think about divorce. Some people got divorced because their spouse left them. Some people fled dangerous environments. Some people feel guilty about their divorce and have repented.

But you know what none of those excuses change? The very real hurt done to the children.

We call these blended families, alternative families, and non-traditional families. Those are nice terms to make adults feel better.

But from the child’s perspective, all of these are broken families. Your good intentions don’t change the fact that your child grew up without a biological mother and a biological father who love each other. You’re part of the reason your child will never have the normal emotional and social fullness he needs to be a healthy adult.

You’re guilty.


Every Christmas people complain about how commercial it is. Just about everyone abhors the greed. But what never goes away is that same greed. You can talk all you want about putting Christ in Christmas, but if you spend $500 on presents and listen to secular Christmas music and buy a tree and skip church on Christmas morning and guilt your family into being happy, then you’re part of the problem.

Charlie Brown complained about Christmas being too commercial in 1965, and you’ve only made it worse. Do something different.

All I can get for internet is Comcast. Therefore, I don’t have internet, because I refuse to support NBC, no matter how small and insignificant my contribution.


After Obama turned out to not be the Messiah, many people in his base were sorely disappointed. They felt betrayed. How could Obama lie?

What they never asked themselves is how they could be so gullible as to believe Obama’s lies. What is it about themselves that made them want to believe what he was saying? Why did they drop their vigilance?

If you voted for a politician and you think he’s done a bad job, it’s your fault. Even if you’re not in a swing state. Even if the opposition was worse. Even if he flip-flopped. You put him into office.

If Trump actually does become the next Hitler, then I’ll take responsibility.


Recently the Senate took a vote about whether doctors should be required to save a baby from a failed abortion. Almost every Democrat voted it down.

A few weeks before, Kamala Harris wrote that right-wing views about race and sex are a matter of national security. Which means she would actively persecute Christians given the chance.

A few years ago, Hillary Clinton claimed that churches who oppose gay marriage and abortion should change their beliefs (implying that the government would coerce them).

I would never say that the Republican Party is God’s party. I understand how it was easy to be liberal during the Bush years (though I never was). There was a time not too long ago where you could hold your nose about abortion because you believed the Democrats had real solutions about war and poverty.

But at this point, you cannot be a Christian and vote Democrat, any more than you can be a Christian and vote Nazi or Bolshevik.

The sheep know the voice of the Shepherd. If you believe that socialism will save America, then you don’t know the Shepherd’s voice. You are following after earthly wealth gained through theft.

And really, the same applies to Trump. He made a strong effort to make sure people knew they couldn’t always get what they want, but if you believe that he is the White savior come to solve every problem and bring back 1950s Detroit to every American town, then you also don’t know the voice of the Shepherd.

If you believe that making America great again means more money to upgrade your television, then you’re a collaborator to the decline.

2 thoughts on “Collaborating With The Decline

  1. we’re all collaborating with the decline. It’s what it means to be fallen. Where do we draw the line?

    Personally, I focus on helping the little guy and supporting the art and culture I see from guys like you online. Disney can keep their Star Wars and suck a big one.


    • Both the Jedi and the Sith were Nazis. One only was led to assume the former were, somehow unlike the latter, to be good. Still, it was basically a story about one faction of Nazis fighting another. George Lucas had the fixation on Nazis only projected upon those Whites, who love their race, and desire to stick up for it.

      What is even more disgusting, when you consider it, the Ewoks symbolized how Hippies perceive the Viet Cong, as cute little teddy bear-like creatures. I suppose, if one smokes all the drugs they did, one really would do so.


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