The True Cost Of American Freedom

Foreigners envy Americans for our wealth and relative ease of social mobility. While realistically it is rare, it is totally possible to go from dirt poor to upper middle class within a generation.

And luxuries are abundant. One reason I don’t take Black activism seriously is because true poverty doesn’t exist in America. I’ve done plumbing calls in the ghetto; Blacks will live in an apartment with mold crawling up the walls and a television the size of the wall. Everyone has running water and electricity. Our poor get obese instead of starve. We literally reward poor people, single mothers, and others who made bad life decisions with free money to purchase food, which they sell to their friends for cash or spend on Red Bull and Slurpies.

So while you may be in anguish over how difficult it is to afford rent and a car, literally no one in America starves to death. You don’t live in real poverty. We have an abundance of gadgets and technology toys, and some of them have become essential to function in our society, and many of them are too expensive to afford, but they are all available. I had a $40 smartphone that worked perfectly fine for two years. When Blacks complain about income inequality, what they are really complaining is that they can’t afford as many luxuries as Whites can.

But what have we done with these luxuries? The smartphone was billed as a super computer in your pocket, but instead it’s a pacifier to keep children quiet in restaurants (by playing the “Baby Shark” song for everyone else to hear). Our televisions bring the theater into our homes, and so all day we watch the circuses. The news cycle has devolved into a soap opera. Our sports journalism has gone from focusing on the actual games to pre-post seasons reviews and profile pieces on top players. The Super Bowl is now a week-long event

We have birth control, the ability to divorce sex from its consequences. Is this used like originally intended, to responsibly procreate so that poor people don’t have more kids than they can afford? No, birth control is used to waste your youthful years destroying your body while the poor people have more kids than they can afford so that they can live on government assistance.

Southern gospel music, one of the last pieces of truly authentic culture, has been traded for pop worship, and the archetypical “fire-breathing Baptist preacher with foam on his mouth” is as outdated as quilting circles and the Elks Lodge.

The true cost of American freedom is our very souls. We sold our humanity for wealth and convenience. Our golden small towns with local cultures are covered in a sea of McDonald’s, and the household idol of the television illuminates every living room window. The iconography of our culture is Iron Man, Harry Potter and Katy Perry. Birth control is our Eucharist, antidepressants our unction, and pornography our baptism. What immigrants don’t realize is that within a generation or two their children will indeed be assimilated into the American melting pot.

Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.”

12 thoughts on “The True Cost Of American Freedom

  1. Father Seraphim once said that the gulag of America was Disney Land. Sodomy and abortion are satanic sacraments. You even see this reflected in the language. “My body, my choice” sure sounds an awful lot like “this is my body.”


  2. At this point I think the happiest people are Amish. They are divorced from the modern world and the mayhem, yet they have retained a certain material comfort. Though they seem backwards to outsiders, they still have a large membership. If mainstream American culture is the best way to live, then how come people who live in America in a different way, choose to remain seperate.


      • You have to admire how they retained their culture and kept denegrancy low.

        To be fair I don’t know Betchloff’s view on them.


        • He lives in that part of the country.

          The Amish are selfish and conceited. Their morality is extremely external. I don’t see anything charming about them. I think people just romanticize them from a distance.


          • That might be the case, it might not be the Amish themselves that are charming. Rather I love the idea of a simple life, community, and religious devotion. I think most people when they think of those things, they think the Amish. People romanticize the Amish because they truly crave that sort of lifestyle. They want the cake but they also want to eat it. They want community and traditions, but they work for big corporations in cities. Same thing with immigrants, they want to retain their cultures and values, but they come here to experience the American dream. Immigrants fail to realize that they must trade their culture, values, and souls to have the American Dream


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