Sexual Complementarianism As Platonic Ideals

Hey, guess who <span style=”color:seagreen;”> learned </span> how <span style=”font-family:courier;”>HTML works</span> last <span style=”font-size:120%;”>week</span>?

I’m getting a weird Runescape feeling from all this. Where was I in the golden years of 2000-2004?


Anyway, the confusing title basically means that masculinity and femininity work together to form a whole humanity.

Masculinity is power, in the broadest sense of the term. I think this is pretty obvious. Even the left-wing admits this in all their decries of “toxic masculinity”.

Why do women love rich men? Because money is power.

Masculinity is destructive — it dynamites the mountain. But it is also creative — it builds a city where the mountain was. Masculinity has vision for what can be.

Femininity is beauty, again, in the broadest sense of the term. It’s not merely external beauty but internal beauty. The “Grandma with cookies” kind of beauty that nourishes and heals. Femininity reacts to the trouble in the world and seeks a cure.

And you can see this reflected in their physical appearance. A woman with a broken soul lets her body degrade, and she tries to drag down any woman more beautiful than her. But even if she is physically attractive, the internally ugly woman also has a certain persistent conceited look on her face, like a tattoo on the soul. There’s no humility in the non-feminine woman.

Both of these — the powerful masculine and the beautiful feminine — are absolutely necessary for society to function.

Men are proactive, and women are reactive. This is the case with everything, and this balance is a bedrock of civilization. Most obviously the chaos from a lack of this balance can be seen in the sexual market place. Men are the gas, and women are the brakes, but now we find that men are scared of women and women have no self-restraint, so the relationship between men and women has totally broken down into a hellish obstacle course.

Look at the homosexuals. Gay men have no women to put the brakes on, so gays can easily have sex with a hundred men in a year, and their community is a petri dish of veneral diseases and drug use. Lesbians, however, have the stereotype of “bed death“, where they gradually quit having sex, because there’s no one to keep initiating.

There is such a thing as toxic masculinity, just as there is toxic femininity. I think part of the reason feminists hate men is because liberal men are usually manipulative and cowardly. Does anyone really trust Mark Zuckerberg and John Stewart? Beto O’Rouke’s career is tanking almost as soon as it began.

The smooth charisma of Barack Obama in 2008 followed by his galvanizing of the radical left is another example. He’s the nice guy who stabs you in the back when the consequences no longer exist. Give him one more term, and he’ll threaten to withdraw funding from schools for not catering to transgenders.

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he isn’t shifty — he stabs you in the front, not the back. For all his alleged arrogance, he absolutely never talks down to his voters or treats them like untouchables.

And for better or worse, huge swaths of the population genuinely trust Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and (God forbid) Ben Shapiro.

If toxic masculinity is a cheap caricature of masculinity bought with the trappings of power instead of true internal strength, then toxic femininity is the inversion of real femininity. The feminist who says all men are pigs and then asks the (male) legal system to convict any man accused of rape. This is the woman who manipulates men’s sympathy to get whatever she wants. The mother who openly spoils her children at the expense of other children. The woman who wants to be a pastor instead of accepting the good that women can uniquely do. Toxic femininity is poisonously envious of men and uses feminine nature to manipulate their way into power.

I think of Linda Sarsour and Alexandria Occasio-Cortez. Body aside, what is beautiful about these women? And I don’t mean that as a mere opinion, as though beauty is totally subjective. If you were in a bar with AOC and she started talking down to you in her English teacher voice about how you’re destroying the planet for throwing recyclables in the trash, would you really want to go home with her?

Masculinity is power and femininity is beauty. We can argue over what these exactly mean and how much femininity requires inner strength or athletic men are physically attractive, but this basic filter stays constant. Had I known this as a teenager, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. This basic truth is more important than anything else taught in school and perhaps even church, considering that most people in my age group at my childhood church grew up to have the same directionlessness that is the hallmark of the millennial generation.

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