Storytime: Yusef’s Virgins

The following is fanfiction based on the Koran and its concept of heaven. It’s my first fanfiction, and as the women below will soon learn, your first time is always painful. If you’re wondering why I almost never write short fiction, it’s because I’m terrible at it.

This story kind of borderlines on erotica. Again, it’s my first time. Be gentle.


Inaya was nervous. She stood around the other women in the antechamber, wondering who would be picked next. They could faintly hear Yusef pounding away in the next room. They all hoped they would be chosen but knew that he would not have time to get to all of them that night.

None of them had ever experienced a man before. Their whole lives had been spent in this antechamber over the last several hours. Perhaps there was some life before this, but they could not remember. They knew somehow that every night they have a kind of reset, that whatever happened the night before was undone, but they had no memory beyond that, and they did not know if they had ever been human on earth or were created just for this purpose.

But this was only a vague feeling, like how one knows he is tired without understanding why the body has the need for sleep. None of the virgins knew how they knew it — only that every night they stood in the anteroom waiting for Yusef to pick which of them he would gratify himself with.

Inaya wondered what her experience would be like. She imagined herself lying down. Would he be slow and loving with her, or would he be in a hurry? From the sounds of things, she thought probably the latter. As soon as she lay down, he would show his massive circumcised member erect as a minaret. She would close her eyes, and suddenly the pain would rush in. She couldn’t feel any pleasure, as her clitoris had been removed, but she would feel the pounding, the rhythmic pulsing as he had his way with her. She would suffer internal and external bleeding, and he would toss her into a corner to watch helplessly as he did the same to the next girl.

At that moment the door opened. Yusef came out wearing an open silk bathrobe. She couldn’t see well because of the crowd. She thought about what a penis must look like and only thought of a massive finger. Would it also have a fingernail, or was that the part that’s circumcised off?

Yusef pointed at one of the girls in the front. “You!” The woman dutifully went with him, and the door closed. The women stood there again in the darkness with only a single oil lamp to illumine them.

Inaya considered that she would be different. He would see her radiant beauty and decide to spend all night with her, gently kissing her and talking about his childhood. She would feel the warmth of his breath and the gruff of his beard. He would ask her questions, and tomorrow night he would choose her again. They would lie together in an embrace, man and woman united as one flesh. And for all eternity he would choose her over all the other women, and Allah’s great gift of the other 71 would be wasted. She would be all he needs. She would heal the pain inside him.

The door came open again. Inaya didn’t know how much time had passed, but it didn’t seem like long. Some of the girls seemed to take almost an hour, some only a few minutes. The woman came out. In the dim light Inaya could see that she was crying.

Yusef unceremoniously chose another woman, and together they went back into the chamber.

Light started streaming through the window.

She knew she was beautiful, but so was every other girl. What made her special?

Did she even want to be chosen? Intercourse was probably painful, but at least she would get Yusef’s attention. At least she would know what it’s like for another person to touch her.

Had she had intercourse before and just didn’t know it? She reached down and felt herself. She seemed to still be a virgin, but of course Allah reverses things each night. She had probably been chosen before, but was that because she was attractive in some sense or just because of Yusef’s curiosity? Did he ever get bored with them?

It seemed her whole life had been spent wondering, yet if she had been chosen at some point, and she almost certainly had, then much of her life had been spent reflecting on that experience. This, she assumed, is what the days were like. While the men feast, she must have sat alone thinking about the last night. Was it wonderfully blissful or deeply humiliating? Would she feel violated? Or would she reflect in shame at being passed over entirely, knowing that her curiosity would never be satiated? Or perhaps she would feel nothing at all, neither pain nor pleasure, because of her circumcision?

Her role as one of Yusef’s virgins defined her very existence, so naturally it was the only topic ever on her mind. What else was there possibly to think about?

Inaya walked over to the crying woman.

“What was it like?”

This caused the woman to only weep louder, and she turned to hide her face in the corner of the walls. Inaya decided not to press the issue. She would continue wondering.

The door opened again.


It looked as though Yusef was pointing at her.

“Me?”, she asked in disbelief.

“Yes, of course you! Don’t be so insolent. The banquet starts in an hour and I don’t have time.”

He grabbed her by the hair and brought her into the chamber. The door closed behind them.

She looked at the lush silks hanging everywhere. It was a beautiful room full of pinks and purples and oranges. She wanted to live here forever. She wanted to raise children in this room and cook for them and grow old to watch them have families of their own.

But she only got to look for a few seconds. Yusef threw her onto the bed.

Inaya looked up and held her breath. She decided not to watch and closed her eyes. But whatever happened in the next five minutes, at least she had been chosen. She would try her best to remember it the next night, but she knew she would fail.

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