News Item: We Are All Sodomites

I haven’t been writing much lately because I’m out of things to say. I only had two posts last month, both of which were adaptations of emails I wrote.

I’ve been living in St Louis County since March. Although it’s not so liberal as to have the hysterics of Chicago, this is probably the first time I’ve ever lived in a place that is comfortably progressive on social issues. I lived in Charlotte a few years ago, which is kind of borderline.

St Louis the city is totally independent from St Louis the county. It’s kind of weird how people will say, “I live in the ghetto, but it’s not in the city.” There are something like a million people in the county and 300 thousand in the city. This is just a quirk of language that needs explaining if I’m going to write about St Louis.

Recently a sodomite police officer in the county won $19 million in a lawsuit, claiming that he had been passed over for a promotion because of his sexual dysfunctional. As far as I can tell, there are no laws against discrimination based on sexual orientation in either the state or the county. The articles I’ve read have not cited any laws broken.

The gut reaction is to say, “That’s a waste of tax dollars stolen from the citizens to pay for some pervert,” which is true. But this is what the people here have chosen.

Twice a year the St Louis County Public Library system hosts drag queen story hour. The branch closest to me has a LGBT book section in the children’s room. There are a few protestors at these events, but it seems most people have learned to just live with it and accept that it’s the new normal.

It seems no one cares. The state government is solidly Republican, yet they do nothing to keep the pedophiles out of the library. I know someone who was recently arrested for child pornography, and some mutual people we know said they would pummel him if they ever ran into him again. Yet no one has burned down the library, which is doing far more harm than just looking at pictures.

This city is a crumbling pile of bricks. For decades otherwise conservative, working class White people have voted Democrat because of the union support. Blacks tend to be socially conservative, but they vote Democrat because of the financial rewards. The Republicans are terrified of confronting the homosexual agenda.

So St Louis and Missouri in general has chosen this. They sold out their values for financial gain, and the result is that the sodomites and Aztecs will be allowed to openly rob them, and the only allowable response will be to say, “Thank you, we value your diversity”. The wealthy suburbs of the county are full of Moslems and Hindus. It doesn’t seem like anyone here has anything in common with anyone else except for the local sports teams.

In general, people here are neither liberal nor conservative. Most people I meet are totally apathetic. They kind of dislike Trump but don’t care. They kind of dislike gays but don’t care. They kind of think blacks and unions have ruined St Louis but don’t care. No one seems to notice that St Louis has become a major battleground for the abortion war that the rest of the country is fighting.

Missouri has chosen to compromise on homosexuality and take the libertarian stance, and in response the county is out of $19 million for some fag who couldn’t get promoted because no one liked working with him, and I don’t have any sympathy for people who complain.

Except that no one complains, because no one cares. I found out about this through the Daily Stormer, not other Missourians. The same with the Planned Parenthood clinic across the river. One would think these would be important issues that divide people like everywhere else in the country.

Speaking of broadly, people pretend to like gays because they really aren’t that different. Most people think procreation is only a possible feature of sexuality. Most people value careers over family. Most people just want a life of entertainment. We are all sodomites, and our alleged conservative values and anger over the latest social progressive victory is our drag performance. None of us actually believe in our beliefs.

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