The Short-Sightedness Of Libertarianism

People are only libertarian when they are out of power. In the 80s and 90s, gays just wanted to live in safety and be left alone. Now they own both political parties.

The Church of the first 300 years wanted to be tolerated to worship in peace. Within a century of Constantine, they were tearing down pagan temples.

Libertarianism is not an ideology — it is a strategy for minorities and outsiders. You’ll notice that today’s Black activists no longer give speeches about White and Black children having lunch together.

In the 60s, the left-wing wanted freedom of speech for pornography. Today they punch Nazis.

Feminists wanted the right to have careers — now our schools teach that women should prepare for any and everything except motherhood.

Atheists wanted to be allowed to live under their values without discrimination. Now they are slowly making Christianity illegal.

This could be a whole essay in itself, but I think it’s simple enough to not write 5,000 words of filler. Yesterday’s freedom fighters are today’s tyrants. This is always the case regardless of century, continent or ideology.

One thought on “The Short-Sightedness Of Libertarianism

  1. Exactly! After all, the worst tyrannies in the 20th Century started out claiming to champion the average working Joe. This, of course, was not only true of the Marxist Communists but also the Fascists and Nazis of The Second World War. That is precisely why I do not think anyone is truly egalitarian at all!


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