St Louis County Doesn’t Have The Money

As I reported before, St Louis County has been ordered to pay a queer police officer $19 million because he was told to be less annoying if he wants a promotion, even though this isn’t illegal in Missouri.

(A coworker told me that it’s illegal if it’s a government position, but I’m not seeing that in the news. It’s possible that she’s right and the journalists didn’t do their job.)

On Wildhaber’s sex discrimination claim, the jury on Oct. 25 awarded him $1.98 million in actual damages and $10 million in punitive damages. On his retaliation claim, the jury awarded $990,000 in actual damages and $7 million in punitive damages.

“Sex discrimination”. What do I keep telling you? Language matters. These laws were about “sex” in the sense of male and female, not the action of having sex.

If the county had to pay Wildhaber the full amount awarded by the jury, it would appear to have insurance coverage for the first $12.5 million, according to records obtained by the Post-Dispatch through a public-record request.

So the county is going to go bankrupt. But wait. It gets better. I mean, worse.

The county also has a “special excess policy” with Starr Indemnity & Liability Co., of Dallas, that appears to cover $10 million for wrongful acts, after a $2 million deductible. But Jennifer J. Keating, deputy director of the county’s administration department, said in an email, “there is always the unknown of how the insurance company will treat the claim, which could result in a different funding scenario.”

Meaning that we only have $2.5 million. But that’s not the better part.

The county could also argue that Wildhaber doesn’t have standing to sue as a gay man in Missouri. State law doesn’t include protection from workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and Wildhaber made a successful argument to get around this limitation.

It’s unlikely the county will pursue this line of argument, though. The county executive — who believes discrimination based on sexual orientation should be outlawed — has said he is uncomfortable making that case.

Yes, the county will choose to bankrupt itself out of loyalty to the gay ideology, and all the local queers and fag hags will cheer them on even though it’s their county going bankrupt too. Psycho-sexually healthy people aren’t the only ones who use roads.

What about the art museum and the zoo? All of that is subsidized by the county. Are the Democrats going to let the arts and sciences die out to show their loyalty to the gay agenda? You already know the answer to that question.

It is treason to not pursue every possible way to avoid paying. But this is what the people have chosen, so I don’t have any sympathy for them.

I also don’t really care, because I’m just a transient migrant here with no connection to the land. Missouri can burn once I soak it for its benefits and go back to my homeland.

There is the possibility that the county can appeal for a lesser amount, as the second article says.

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