Creating A Vocabulary: Harry Potter Morality

Today’s popular morality could be called a lot of things. I’ve previously called it “the morality of permission”, but if we’re going to create a vocabulary, we need something that’s instantly understandable. I think a much more punchy term is “Harry Potter morality”.

Out of the five things I hated most about Harry Potter, number one would be the morality. It’s this overly simple world of team good and team bad. Team good can never do anything wrong, and so the reader is supposed to laugh along as Gay Gandalf tortures Harry’s heterosexual family. (The whole book series is a metaphor for secret gay teens, which I already detailed before.) Never is the reader supposed to question if invading someone’s house and terrifying them just for fun is wrong, because the bigots deserve whatever they get.

Harry Potter is unitarian ethics at their very most shallow, but it is not alone. Marvel movies are the same way (I would assume so, but I haven’t seen one since the original Avengers). Most movies of the last hundred years have been. What I loved about The Hunger Games and A Series of Unfortunate Events is that they rebelled against this notion and showed that we are all Voldemorts.

Most of our society follows Harry Potter morality, and if we’re going to make America great again, we need to fight against it. There is no team good or team bad. There are all kinds of nuances that make most people both good and bad. We are all selfish, conceited people.

Yes, the Jews and Democrats and coloreds have done a lot to ruin this country, but it’s White people’s fault for letting it happen. It’s our fault for thinking you could have both progress and tradition. We have all contributed to the decline.

So, kids, don’t be a Dumbledore. That guy’s a fag.

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