Ecstasy Over The Star Wars Trailer; Notre Dame

I quit at 4’30”. It was too painful. I make a point to not have friends like that, so I’m not going to sit through an extra five minutes just for the sake of completion.

This is what our troops are fighting to protect. This is what Trump’s economic resurgence is for. This is the future of the White race.

Kick all the Muslims out, build the White Christian ethno-state, and quadruple the GDP, and you’ll only get more geldings like him. This is the real face of Western Civilization. Make no mistake — this is what the dissident right is trying to preserve, whether we realize it or not. No wonder our women prefer brown men.

Let’s see what his “About” page says:

HEY EVERYBODY! I LOVE movies! I LOVE Toys! I do Unboxing, Reaction and Review videos every single day thoughout the week! You’ll find up to three videos per day on my channel! I have a lot of energy! I talk fast! I talk a lot! I geek out all over the place and feel no shame about it!

This is what he spends his life on. Not the glory of God — making three videos a day about fan merchandise. Of course most Christians would say, “Well, he can do what he wants with his time and money,” even though St Paul said to “redeem the time,” which means that, no, you cannot waste your life on transient things with no cosmic significance. The other day I spent five hours watching Hey Arnold! and playing Plants vs. Zombies 2, and the rest of the day I felt like I had sinned.

Sometimes I think my Donald Trump worship may be a bit too much. I freely admit that I cried on election night, but that’s was because I knew I was looking upon true greatness that only comes around once every two or three hundred years. I was admiring virtues like sacrifice, integrity and vision embodied in an individual. Then at the Donald Trump concert last November, I lost my self-control and screamed like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert, having been overwhelmed with a deep sense of pure gratitude. At the risk of blasphemy, I think this might be just a fraction of what Heaven will be like, crying and screaming in gratitude when you look upon the true Greatness Who sacrificed everything for an undeserving people.

Eric Butts cries over an adventure movie about space ninjas to make him forget about how lonely he is.

Sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown, except instead of Christmas being what I’ve realized has become a crass cash grab, it’s Keynesian economics. The reason both parties support a fiat economic theory that has made the federal government insolvent is because it enables losers like Eric Butts to spend more money on credit. You’ll never get the flat tax we all say we want, because it would incentivize saving instead of spending.

Why are you earning money? Is it to provide for a family? Is it to build the Kingdom of God on earth? No, of course not. It’s to buy Hogwarts merchandise at the mall. That’s your god.

It’s only fitting that Notre Dame was burned. In another twenty years it would have become a “temple for all religions” or something. Notre Dame was the symbol of France as a Christian nation. They haven’t been Christian for a long time, and, looking at their birth rates, they don’t seem to value nationhood either. I wish the same thing happened to Hagia Sophia and the churches that the Soviets turned into gymnasiums. Better to burn to ashes than be desecrated.

Do the French people seem like they deserve a gorgeous temple for the glory of God like Notre Dame? Yeah, laughter is the appropriate response.

Leave it to the Muslims to half-ass an arson job. Everything they do is backwards, incomplete, and impulsive. The communists knew how to blow up a church.


Good Friday Fish

The last few weeks I’ve been working at an upscale seafood restaurant in the St Louis area. It’s Lent, and there’s a lot of elderly wealthy Catholics in this area, so Fridays have been insane. Tonight was Good Friday on the Western calendar, so we had a line outside the door.

I’m not actually complaining because my tips are going to kick ass, but I was kind of disgusted at the crowd. Catholics go to mass and mourn about how Jesus was brutally murdered, and then they celebrate with a gourmet meal. How is that even a thing?

This is sort of hypocritical of me, because I’ve rarely been conscientious with fasting. I’m sure I’ve gorged myself during Holy Week in recent years. One year I actually watched Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle just hours before the Easter vigil. But at least I have the self-awareness to feel guilty. I don’t take a party of seven to an upper mid-range restaurant and put a picture on Facebook.

JC died today so lets par-tay with the grandkidz! LOL #GoodFriday

Two years ago, if I remember correctly, I didn’t eat or (with a small exception) drink anything from Good Friday morning until the midnight vigil the next day. Have you ever met a Catholic who could even think of doing that?

And yeah, I know the protestants don’t even pretend to fast, but that’s kind of my point. At least they’re honest about it. They don’t build an elaborate liturgical calendar and then treat it like a list of chores.

If your idea of fasting is shrimp scampi, you’re doing Christianity wrong.

Why I Am On The Far-Right

I grew up in a staunchly Republican family, so much so that I still had some lingering sympathy for George Bush Jr up until the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Young adults often go in a different ideological direction than their parents. My older brother went to the center-left, and I am almost certain that he voted for Hillary Clinton. My two younger brothers became apathetic. In my early 20s I had some mild leanings towards the left on gay marriage, but ultimately I moved to the creepy far-right, which horrified my family far more than if I had become a pussy-hat-wearing communist.

Ultimately I understood the short-sightedness of the mainstream right-wing. And I don’t mean the pundits — I mean the common voter. What they want isn’t internally consistent.

1. The mainstream right wants to conserve an America that has never existed.

They desire the “civic nationalism” of the Reagan years, where being an American is about holding to a certain ideology of rights and freedoms. A person of any race can become an American if he just believes the same things we do.

But what exactly are conservatives trying to roll back towards? They idealize the 1950s, but most of them are firmly in support of the 1960s civil rights laws. They may be somewhat sympathetic towards the Confederate flag but have all the horror and shame about slavery as your typical activist. You never hear of archtypical conservatives starting up quilting circles and square dance groups and farmers’ markets — these are more often patronized by artsy liberals.

Conservatives also seem to think that until the 1960s most Americans were firmly Christian moralists who saved sex for marriage. I’m just going to skip three paragraphs and assume that my readers already know how ridiculous that is.

It’s not clear what point in America conservatives want to return to. I think what they really want is a libertarian utopia where abortion is illegal and the government still provides most of its services, which obviously is as much of an internal contradiction as “democratic socialism”. Conservatives want a certain ideal of America that maybe Detroit looked like in the 40s.

More than anything, though, conservatives don’t want any social consequences for their beliefs. They don’t want to seem like a radical. They want the safe conservativism of Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee.
And this is because…

2. The mainstream right doesn’t know the history of their ideas.

Most conservatives have no idea who Barry Goldwater is. I often wonder if they even realize that Nixon was a Republican. They say that the Democrats were the party of the Ku Klux Klan, which is true, but do they realize that Republicans were the party of abortion?

Conservatives glorify Reagan, but they give few details on what his policies were. As governor Reagan legalized no-fault divorce and abortion, and as president he gave amnesty to three million illegal aliens, pushing California into Democrat control. But in the 40s he testified before the HUAAC, so I’ll give him points for that.

3. The mainstream right accepts the same premises of the left.

I am so tired of hearing Republican voters swear up and down how not racist they are, as though it matters. Why are we using the left’s terms at all? Wouldn’t it be more effective to just denounce racism as a dumb, indefinable category?

The conservatives accept the same narrative as the liberals. The only difference is their conclusions.

Now, you can point to the neocons in the government and media and claim they took over. But it’s the boots-on-the-ground Republican voter who keeps listening to them. Glenn Beck still has a career for some reason. Many people believe Ben Shapiro is trying to conserve something. National Review has had a long career with a vital subscriber base.

Most conservatives still believe that education and careers are the most important things in life. Most conservatives still watch the moving picture box for hours every day like a baby fixated on the toy his mother is dangling in front of him. Most conservatives still believe that Whites are the villains of history.

The far-right is the only position that actually conserves anything.

What is it that conservatives are trying to actually conserve? That’s an important question that’s never asked. The Republican Party will never make abortion illegal, because then half their voters wouldn’t have a reason to vote in the next election. So is that all? Are “we” just trying to conserve a time in America where abortion was illegal and the radio was king?
I am on the far-right, because I understand what the America I want should look like and what, more realistically, America can look like. I am on the far-right, because I understand how ideas are never static but shift with each victory (or loss). I am on the far-right, because I refuse to accept the language of the far-left.

I am on the far-right, because I have the courage to dream of something greater for my people than low taxes.

Armchair Anthropology: What Race Is Blair? [Part 3]

I’ve written before about having some Melungeon ancestry [here, here, and here], but I think this will be the last in the series. This, admittedly, is just a theory. I was very confident in it, but really it’s just conjecture from the internet, so I’ve downgraded my confidence to just “it’s likely” or perhaps even “it’s a real possibility.” I’m looking at inconclusive physical characteristics and inconclusive migration patterns. All of this is very plausible, but thinking about it further, I think I might have been too eager in my conclusions. I don’t have any hard evidence.

Most people with significant enough (New World) Indian ancestry to look vaguely Indian can tell you their exact ancestry percentage. My family has never done that. It was just a guess. This should in theory point to an ancestry like Elizabeth Warren’s, but I have such clear physical traits. Most half-Indians I meet look like regular White people. I look like a terrorist.

I haven’t had an immigrant ancestor since at least the 1800s but probably much farther back. Most immigrants at that time had been from northwestern Europe. That side of the family has always said, “We’re Scotch-Irish,” and although they came from southern Indiana, it really points to a Southeastern origin. There were some Scotch-Irish in the back country of Pennsylvania and New York, but they were less common and would have probably migrated east to the industrial mid-Atlantic cities instead of the Midwest.

The Melungeons I saw in Hancock County have a similar skin tint and facial structure, but of course that’s not conclusive. Melungeons tend to be very tall, and I have a brother who is 6’5″, but that could just as easily point to any number of ethnicities. Most of my family on that side has straight black hair, which, again, is a common Melungeon trait that is shared with a wide variety of other peoples.

I have a bump on the back of my head. This can point to a Melungeon ancestry, but it is also indicative of Central Asian, American Indian, or even Germanic heritage. I’m pretty sure my Germanic heritage is minimal (as far as I know, there was a great great great grandmother from the Netherlands, and that was on a different side of the family). American Indian heritage is almost certain, but that alone doesn’t explain anything. I also have shovel teeth, which is indicative of a Central Asian or American Indian background and is common among Melungeons. Previously these two were the two most conclusive pieces of evidence, but further reading has shown me that these are actually kind of common in a variety of ethnicities and really just indicate that you aren’t totally White.

Did I do the internet thing where you read too much and make sweeping judgments about yourselves? I remember one time I diagnosed myself with borderline personality disorder because I get kind of moody and I read a brief article on it. Did I do the same thing with Melungeon ancestry?

It’s the only theory I’ve ever heard that actually makes sense. It also has no direct evidence. It’s certainly extremely plausible, and it’s a better answer than giving a blank stare when people ask me my ethnicity. I think I could get away with a “I don’t know for certain, but I’m pretty sure I have some Melungeon ancestry.”

If that’s not the answer, what else possibly could be? There were no Mexicans east of the Mississippi River aside from occasional migrant farm workers (hence Mississippi tamales), and I don’t have the Denise Huxtable skin color. I don’t have any physical characteristics of either of those two races. The only other common colored race at the time was the Indians, and the ancestry would be too far back for the physical characteristics to still be present.

And anyway, whatever the source of my physical appearance, the vast majority of my ancestry is Celtic. I don’t really care whatever small element gives me dark skin. I’m not about to join the heritage society, write a doctoral thesis, or decry the evils of racism. I just don’t want to feel like an orphan without any papers.

Maybe I should go back to the old “It’s some vague Indian element. Who knows?” line. Though that always leads to someone telling me to look into it and getting a government check, when really I just want to drop the conversation. I can’t tell you how sick I was in high school of people asking me my ethnicity. I would just make up answers like Dravidian or Bulgarian.

Can’t we just accept the 90-ish% Celtic ancestry and the distant uncle who signed the Declaration of Independence? The Blacks at work tell me I’m the Whitest person they’ve ever met. I’m certainly more American than the white-looking children of Polish immigrants.

See, this is why I could never be a Buddhist. Buddhism teaches that the origins of humanity don’t matter. But it’s a question people aren’t able to get past. I’ve read a lot lately on how children of donor sperm have a lot of problems as adults wondering about their other genetic half.

And I’m really pissed at my family for never providing an answer beyond, “We’ve got some Cherokee on John’s side.” Which, no, we almost certainly do not, because there were no Cherokee in Indiana. Some moved there in the late 1800s, but that’s probably too late for the ancestry to be this ambiguous. “I’ve got some Cherokee background” is such a common thing for pasty White Tennesseans to say without any evidence (though it’s often true) that I have a hard time believing that the Indiana Martins actually say that. Although, again, the Martin family most likely migrated from the rural South, so maybe it’s not just a dismissive explanation.

My father and his father certainly knew a wider family network in Indiana. They could have done more research and found out. They were intelligent and financially well-off. It would have made a much better mid-life hobby than buying a Lexus.

My grandmother on my father’s side claimed she had a similar dark sin, but really it was just a slight olive tint you would only notice if you compared her to a Scandinavian. Her family actually is from Chattanooga, so sure, I’ll believe there’s some Cherokee there. She tried to convince me we’re part Black because of there’s a street in the ghetto with the same name as some distant relatives, so I’m pretty sure she just wants to be colored for the liberal credits. She is the only person in the country who was genuinely excited about Hillary Clinton becoming president, and she used to have a painting of Lyndon Johnson she salvaged from a post office.

So fine. I’m a Celt. There’s almost certainly some Injun in there. There’s a definite possibility of Melungeon ancestry. Ultimately, I’m an angry Southern Appalachian Scots-Irish who hates President Washington, refuses to respect DUI laws, and thinks it was a mistake to free the niggers. That’s my race. That’s the tribe I’m loyal to. All you Krauts, Slavs, and Catholics who keep voting Democrat need to get out of my country. Fuck off.

age 25, suit and rebel flag

Sexual Complementarianism As Platonic Ideals

Hey, guess who <span style=”color:seagreen;”> learned </span> how <span style=”font-family:courier;”>HTML works</span> last <span style=”font-size:120%;”>week</span>?

I’m getting a weird Runescape feeling from all this. Where was I in the golden years of 2000-2004?


Anyway, the confusing title basically means that masculinity and femininity work together to form a whole humanity.

Masculinity is power, in the broadest sense of the term. I think this is pretty obvious. Even the left-wing admits this in all their decries of “toxic masculinity”.

Why do women love rich men? Because money is power.

Masculinity is destructive — it dynamites the mountain. But it is also creative — it builds a city where the mountain was. Masculinity has vision for what can be.

Femininity is beauty, again, in the broadest sense of the term. It’s not merely external beauty but internal beauty. The “Grandma with cookies” kind of beauty that nourishes and heals. Femininity reacts to the trouble in the world and seeks a cure.

And you can see this reflected in their physical appearance. A woman with a broken soul lets her body degrade, and she tries to drag down any woman more beautiful than her. But even if she is physically attractive, the internally ugly woman also has a certain persistent conceited look on her face, like a tattoo on the soul. There’s no humility in the non-feminine woman.

Both of these — the powerful masculine and the beautiful feminine — are absolutely necessary for society to function.

Men are proactive, and women are reactive. This is the case with everything, and this balance is a bedrock of civilization. Most obviously the chaos from a lack of this balance can be seen in the sexual market place. Men are the gas, and women are the brakes, but now we find that men are scared of women and women have no self-restraint, so the relationship between men and women has totally broken down into a hellish obstacle course.

Look at the homosexuals. Gay men have no women to put the brakes on, so gays can easily have sex with a hundred men in a year, and their community is a petri dish of veneral diseases and drug use. Lesbians, however, have the stereotype of “bed death“, where they gradually quit having sex, because there’s no one to keep initiating.

There is such a thing as toxic masculinity, just as there is toxic femininity. I think part of the reason feminists hate men is because liberal men are usually manipulative and cowardly. Does anyone really trust Mark Zuckerberg and John Stewart? Beto O’Rouke’s career is tanking almost as soon as it began.

The smooth charisma of Barack Obama in 2008 followed by his galvanizing of the radical left is another example. He’s the nice guy who stabs you in the back when the consequences no longer exist. Give him one more term, and he’ll threaten to withdraw funding from schools for not catering to transgenders.

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he isn’t shifty — he stabs you in the front, not the back. For all his alleged arrogance, he absolutely never talks down to his voters or treats them like untouchables.

And for better or worse, huge swaths of the population genuinely trust Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and (God forbid) Ben Shapiro.

If toxic masculinity is a cheap caricature of masculinity bought with the trappings of power instead of true internal strength, then toxic femininity is the inversion of real femininity. The feminist who says all men are pigs and then asks the (male) legal system to convict any man accused of rape. This is the woman who manipulates men’s sympathy to get whatever she wants. The mother who openly spoils her children at the expense of other children. The woman who wants to be a pastor instead of accepting the good that women can uniquely do. Toxic femininity is poisonously envious of men and uses feminine nature to manipulate their way into power.

I think of Linda Sarsour and Alexandria Occasio-Cortez. Body aside, what is beautiful about these women? And I don’t mean that as a mere opinion, as though beauty is totally subjective. If you were in a bar with AOC and she started talking down to you in her English teacher voice about how you’re destroying the planet for throwing recyclables in the trash, would you really want to go home with her?

Masculinity is power and femininity is beauty. We can argue over what these exactly mean and how much femininity requires inner strength or athletic men are physically attractive, but this basic filter stays constant. Had I known this as a teenager, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. This basic truth is more important than anything else taught in school and perhaps even church, considering that most people in my age group at my childhood church grew up to have the same directionlessness that is the hallmark of the millennial generation.

I Hope The Democrats Win On Transgenderism

The House has introduced a bill expanding the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Included in this was an express provision that public schools must allow transgenders to play on the team of their choice.

All but one Democrat cosponsored it. All but two Republicans did not. The days of finding bipartisan common ground are long over.

Honestly, I kind of wish it would pass, just to prove a point about how far gone our society is.

I yearn for the day when the public school establishment is dismantled. I can’t think of anything that would hasten that.

And it would further show the ridiculousness of feminism. Feminists said they don’t want any kind of barrier between the sexes. They said they want full interchangeability. Well, here you go. This is what you wanted.

I hope teenage boys claiming to be girls dominate high school sports. That will crush the moxie that women’s athletics support. All that about how girls can do anything boys can do? All the moral messages the school gives on any topic ever? The students would know it’s all a lie. They would know their teachers are bound to the rules of bureaucracy. They would see the prison for what it is.

Things have to get worse before they can get better. If McCain or Romney had become president, we would never have our beloved President Trump. That’s my president, but part of my gratitude must be due to the mulatto whom in 2008 I feared would be exactly as bad as he really was.

Every drag queen story hour, every prepubescent child dancing for gay men, and every school district calling child services on parents for not allowing their child to transition red-pills America a little more to the truth that the left will never be static and can never be compromised with.

You can’t look at a picture like this and stay blue-pilled.

Read More: The Problem With School Shootings

The True Cost Of American Freedom

Foreigners envy Americans for our wealth and relative ease of social mobility. While realistically it is rare, it is totally possible to go from dirt poor to upper middle class within a generation.

And luxuries are abundant. One reason I don’t take Black activism seriously is because true poverty doesn’t exist in America. I’ve done plumbing calls in the ghetto; Blacks will live in an apartment with mold crawling up the walls and a television the size of the wall. Everyone has running water and electricity. Our poor get obese instead of starve. We literally reward poor people, single mothers, and others who made bad life decisions with free money to purchase food, which they sell to their friends for cash or spend on Red Bull and Slurpies.

So while you may be in anguish over how difficult it is to afford rent and a car, literally no one in America starves to death. You don’t live in real poverty. We have an abundance of gadgets and technology toys, and some of them have become essential to function in our society, and many of them are too expensive to afford, but they are all available. I had a $40 smartphone that worked perfectly fine for two years. When Blacks complain about income inequality, what they are really complaining is that they can’t afford as many luxuries as Whites can.

But what have we done with these luxuries? The smartphone was billed as a super computer in your pocket, but instead it’s a pacifier to keep children quiet in restaurants (by playing the “Baby Shark” song for everyone else to hear). Our televisions bring the theater into our homes, and so all day we watch the circuses. The news cycle has devolved into a soap opera. Our sports journalism has gone from focusing on the actual games to pre-post seasons reviews and profile pieces on top players. The Super Bowl is now a week-long event

We have birth control, the ability to divorce sex from its consequences. Is this used like originally intended, to responsibly procreate so that poor people don’t have more kids than they can afford? No, birth control is used to waste your youthful years destroying your body while the poor people have more kids than they can afford so that they can live on government assistance.

Southern gospel music, one of the last pieces of truly authentic culture, has been traded for pop worship, and the archetypical “fire-breathing Baptist preacher with foam on his mouth” is as outdated as quilting circles and the Elks Lodge.

The true cost of American freedom is our very souls. We sold our humanity for wealth and convenience. Our golden small towns with local cultures are covered in a sea of McDonald’s, and the household idol of the television illuminates every living room window. The iconography of our culture is Iron Man, Harry Potter and Katy Perry. Birth control is our Eucharist, antidepressants our unction, and pornography our baptism. What immigrants don’t realize is that within a generation or two their children will indeed be assimilated into the American melting pot.

Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.”