Main Old Writing Online

Below is all the more or less notable works I’ve written online, back in my ROK days, minus those one-off works I have no interest whether or not people find again. Basically below is the pieces I cared enough about to want others to read. I’ve also left off guest posts and that one repost of a gorgeous poem I had.

Most of the ROK news articles I’ve left off, since I didn’t have much interest in them to start with. The editor would also change and add more to those than he would to column pieces. My piece on Ghomeshi was the first one I did, and it was so awful that he ended out doubling it in length.

Return Of Kings

4 More Things That Enable Women To Avoid Taking Responsibility For Their Decisions—April 23, 2015

Taking Your Kids To Church Will Turn Them Into Degenerates—April 16, 2015

Why Most Women Didn’t Want The Right To Vote—April 8, 2015

How UVA President Teresa Sullivan Sold Out The Heritage Of Virginia—April 7, 2015

The Many Ways Education Delays Adulthood—April 2, 2015

5 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Divorced Parent, According To Huffington Post—March 26, 2015

Why “Docility” Is The Best Word To Describe Femininity—March 19, 2015

5 Things That Enable Women To Avoid Personal Responsibility In Their Relationships—March 12, 2015

Why You Should Be Morally Apathetic In Your Dealings With Women—March 5, 2015

The Academy Awards Reminds Me Again Why I Don’t Watch Movies—February 26, 2015

Barbie Is The Perfect Role Model For Little Girls—February 19, 2015

Women Want A Fantastical Fairy Tale Ending But Without The Plot—February 12, 2015

A Few Subtle Red Pill Moments From An Unlikely Source: The Beach Boys—February 5, 2015

In Praise Of Alpha Male Bill Clinton—January 29, 2015

The Tango Is Sexist, Patriarchal, And A Perfect Complement To Your Game—January 22, 2015

4 More Terrible Lessons Taught In Church Today—January 15, 2015

All Forms Of Feminism Are Anti-Male—January 8, 2015

Reflections On Neo-Confederacy During A Visit To Ole Miss—January 1, 2015

Most Men Do Not Deserve A Marriageable Woman—December 25th, 2014

Why I Dropped Out Of Law School—December 18, 2014

Women Should Save Their Virginity For Marriage—December 11, 2014

Unwed Mothers Should Give Their Children Up For Adoption—December 4, 2014

The Two Ways Girls Can Get Noticed On Online Dating—November 27, 2014

How To Use Rhetoric To Sexually Objectify Women—November 20, 2014

SJWs Shame One Of The World’s Smartest Men For Wearing His Lucky Bowling Shirt—November 17, 2014

More Insights About A Woman’s Education From Xenophon—November 13, 2014

Twitter Is Partnering With SJWs To Prevent Women From Facing Consequences—November 12, 2014

Xenophon’s “The Economist” Holds Valuable Lessons On A Woman’s Education—November 6, 2014

5 Lessons From Church That Will Wreck Your Life—November 1, 2014

Don’t Ever Take Advice From A Dating Website—October 23, 2014

Never Envy A Woman For Her Privilege—October 16, 2014

Reflections On Blue Mountain State—October 9, 2014

Since When Does Getting “Raped” Count As Art?—October 2, 2014

We Are All Judged By Our Choices—September 25, 2014

The Word “Heroic” Has Very Little Meaning In Modern Times—September 18, 2014

Why I Quit Going To Your Church—September 11, 2014

Atavistic Intelligentsia


This website has been deleted, and the essays have been lost. They weren’t very good anyway.

Matt Forney’s Blog

Using Language To Describe Gays And Trannies—March 3, 2015

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 68: God is Dead, Long Live God—January 14, 2015

My Personal Blog Here

How To (Not) Argue With A Leftist

Why The Manosphere Will Win And The MRAs Will Lose Despite Whichever May Be Right

Why ROQ Failed: Lessons We Can All Learn From

The Colony Of Christianity

Domestic Violence Advocacy

“If You Want to Change the World, Love a Man” By Lauren Wilce

This Classic Joke Shows The Irrationality Of Women

Beyond Good And Bad

14-Year-Olds In The Third World Marry Older Men Because Delaying Adulthood Is A White Privilege

Men Only Deceive Women If The Women Let Them, Because “Cheap” And “Prostitute” Are Not Synonyms

Nothing Scares A Young White Girl More Than Awkwardness—But That’s Her Problem

From Blow Jobs To Bondage: 50 Shades Of Grey Shows How Errant American Sexuality Has Become

My Favorite Song To Smoke, Drink, And Be Depressed To (And Why I’m Not MGTOW)


Women Who Show Cleavage Have Zero Respect For Men

Music Reflects Society: Why We Have No Great Love Songs Anymore

People Who Want Equality Don’t Know What The Word Means

Feminists Don’t Know The Definition Of “Consent”

John Lennon Is The Orson Welles Of Rock Music: A Perspective From A Paul McCartney Fan

God Only Knows Why Women Are So Cold

Why I Describe Myself As A “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant”

“Strong” Is Another Word For “Adult”

Self-Hating White Girl Du Jour: “White People Stole Blacks’ Music!”

Why You Shouldn’t Show Women Chivalry

25 Things Wrong With The American Orthodox Church—January 26, 2015

Tranny Tattoos Tell A Tale —

Commentary on a Zelda Wedding

Why You The Individual Are A Bad Person

Some Things Hurt Worse Than Women—January 7, 2015

Why And How To Start Smoking—January 5, 2015

“Dumb Kind Of Atheist” Landing Page—January 1, 2015

What Should A Strong Woman Look Like?—December 30, 2014

A Woman Isn’t Going To Leave You Because “You Don’t Deserve Her”

Feminist Fridays—“And [Where We] Use A Lot Of F-Words”—December 19, 2014

Divorced People Need To Quit Giving Relationship Advice—December 18, 2014

Thoughts On The Videos “Feminism For Bros”—December 14, 2014

The Old Francis Was Not Much Different Than The New—December 9, 2014

Pope Francis—December 5, 2014

An Email Summarizing the Red Pill Movement—October 22, 2014


3 thoughts on “Main Old Writing Online

  1. I read your article about being a WASP — not bad at all.

    However, it is irritating to see you deliberately neglecting to capitalize the word “Protestant”.

    Such behavior is ignorant & disrespectful.

    —An Anglican clergyman


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