George Lincoln Rockwell Quote Week – Creativity Is Fanaticism

“National Socialists believe in idealism. Believe in something that is worth more than our own single human life. We’re willing to die for something. When you’re ready to die for something, then you’re alive. And until you are ready to die for something, you have no real fanaticism. Just at dinner a little while ago, some of the fellows were telling me, ‘Well it’s terrible to be a fanatic.’ Well, how do you think this country got here? How all the great inventions ever got there? Any one of you that is not a fanatic in one thing or another, whatever it is you’re studying: if you’re a doctor, be a fanatical doctor, otherwise you’ll be nothing. You’ll be an ordinary old chug-chug kind of guy, and when you die, nobody will notice it. But if you’re a fanatic, you’ll produce something and you’ll be great; you’ll create.

Creativity IS fanaticism. Every creative genius has had to be a fanatic. Many of them have been burned at the stake. So we are idealogical and idealistic fanatics, just like the Communists, by the way. In between the Communists and National Socialists is the great mass of non-fanatics, the TV watchers and the comic book readers.”

Okay, pretend National Socialism is right-wing and not actually just socialism with extra steps. And maybe pretend that the Germans did not hate the Slavs with a passion.

Occasionally the platitudes of elementary school are correct. If something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right. Where school was wrong, though, is teaching you that things totally unworthy of doing were of the highest importance.

Everything good and beautiful has come from being radical. No great work of art was made on a lazy Sunday afternoon. All beauty comes through suffering. Do you think DaVinci and Shakespeare were not fanatics? Do you think Mozart and Tolkein never faced difficulty? The world is full of JK Rowlings and Stephanie Meyers, and they blossom for a season, but in time they will be forgotten as a footnote in a textbook.

Like we said in our last post, the majority of people have nothing to live for. They A-B test their beliefs. They’ll say something, and if it gets a negative result, then they’ll tweak it. If it gets a positive result, they’ll double down.

People like those whom they agree with. They like those who are charming and good-looking. They like people who will agree to like them.

The worst part is these people claim the moral high ground. They insist that you are alone and that everyone has left you behind. You are the bad guy, because you point out their own flaws. You broke the social contract. You said the un-sayable. It’s the morality of Harry Potter. “Everyone is a hero. Just know the difference between good and evil, and root for good!” says the Tony Stark-like character in Rick and Morty season 3 episode 4. Pick the right side, and you can do no wrong.

Philosophy is art. Nietzsche understood this. The aesthetics reflect upon the ideology. If something is boring to read or look at, then what it is expressing is probably boring as well. Humans instinctively reject boredom — or at least a certain kind of boredom. There is a value to being “bored” while thinking quietly or focusing on a menial task.

But the boredom that comes from a meaningless life is a different beast altogether. We cannot escape it, so we look for every distraction possible, when what we really want — but are terrified of — is something to be fanatical over. Not just your bubbly 22-year-old girl “I love Jesus!” pop-evangelical fanaticism, but something that brings a deep sense of meaning regardless of how others view it. Jesus himself said that your good works count for nothing if you do it for applause.


George Lincoln Rockwell Quote Week — The Purpose Of Life Is To Struggle

What’s up, deplorables? It’s George Lincoln Rockwell Quote week!

Before I begin, I’m not going to make an elaborate three paragraph apology detailing how much I disagree with him before saying something offensive. There’s no point in quoting a controversial author if you’re going to apologize for it. Nor is there any point in writing internet philosophy if you’re not going to say something offensive that goes against society. I don’t have to entirely agree with a writer in order to appreciate him.

Regular readers of the blog know where I stand on race — racial differences definitely exist but the idea of a universal white tribe is overly simple and always shifts leftwing. Rockwell could have had a greater impact had he not affiliated himself with Naziism. The heavily mythologized imagery is toxic in most people’s minds, and politics is 90% optics.

A few months ago, I came across a quote of his on Facebook that gripped me by the throat. Some things I thought he was misunderstanding, but the overall premise about the necessity of fanaticism was impactful. Not only was it what he was saying, but how he was saying it. You have to admire a man who truly believes in his beliefs. He sticks his flag in the ground and lets the dice fall how they will. Regardless of whether Rockwell was a good person or a bad person (as if those are real categories), many of the things he said are just true.

Now, on to this week’s entry. Today’s theme is that the struggle of life is inherently good.

“The purpose of life is to struggle as hard as you can for what you believe in, and enjoy the struggle.”

“Life is struggle. Even to stand up is a struggle against the law of gravity and I think that the joy of life in the struggle itself – not the victory – because if it were we’d all lose. We’re all gonna croak. We all lose the battle of life so if you can’t find fun in the fight to live and to live to the fullest then you’re a failure already, before you even start.”

We live our lives zoned out in front of the television. Morality is a popularity contest. Most people work a job they hate and would kill themselves if they lost internet access. Our lives are built around avoiding pain. Every American holiday has become about either sex, shopping, or gluttony. We get depressed over the natural tragedies of life, or perhaps we get depressed because we feel guilty over something we are done, and then we expect a pill to restore the balance and make us happy again.

You tell people this, and they say, “Yeah I agree with you,” as they stare at their phones.

Rationales for abortion and birth control, when the propaganda and sentimentality are scraped away, are all about convenience. Euthanasia is becoming an acceptable choice, because pain no longer has any meaning. Sex is little more than a bowel movement, “genital rubbing with a bit of mucus” as Marcus Aurelius said.

Popular music is a singular loud beat with no melody or harmony. Popular fiction is glorified pornography. Children are told about Santa Clause because parents do not truly believe in Jesus. Indeed, Trump cannot make America great again.

People choose their beliefs based on what makes them feel good and brings social acceptance. If a Christian cannot find a way to rationalize homosexuality, he will still apologize for it. “It’s not as bad as other sexual sins.” “I don’t hate gays — I just disagree with their lifestyle.” “Gay marriage should still be legal, because it’s not the state’s job to tell people how to life.” “Christians have treated homosexuals horribly.” “If you’re born gay…”

“Being prepared to die is one of the great secrets of living.”

“A man who knows a thing, recognizes a given danger, and sees with his own eyes the possibility of a remedy, damned well has the duty and the obligation not to work ‘silently’, but to stand up openly against the evil and for its cure. If he does not do so then he is a faithless, miserable weakling who fails either from cowardice or from laziness and incompetence….Every last agitator who possesses the courage to defend his opinions with manly forth-rightness, standing on a tavern table among his adversaries, accomplishes more than a thousand of these lying, treacherous sneaks.”

If your beliefs don’t cost you anything, then they are worthless. As Rorschach in Watchmen would say, we don’t live for what we believe to be right because it is permitted — we do it because we are compelled.

The difficulties in life are not merely something to slog through until you get back to the good times. The difficulties in life are the reason for life itself. They are the meaning. It is in difficulties you learn the most about yourself. If you are not willing to die for something, then you have nothing to live for.

Life is supposed to be an arena. If you lived 80 years and never fought for anything, then you wasted your life. Your vacation mission trips to Honduras hugging brown kids for Facebook pictures did not accomplish anything except give yourself a false sense of self esteem.

Be loud and proud. The gays are right about that, at least. Don’t apologize for what you believe. Don’t hold it as a personal opinion. Wave it as a flag. Find a hill to die on and then claim the hill.

CNN Predicts Senate Flips For 2018

A friend has challenged me to follow some Congress races and give my thoughts. Here’s a start. I’ll publish more as things develop.

<<Romney is a Republican. And if Romney is stopped, it’ll be because another Republican won the nomination in Utah. It’ll be a fascinating state to watch — but it won’t tip the partisan balance of the Senate.>>

Lol, no. Romney gave us four more years of Obama. Then he torched what remained of his reputation by lecturing voters on how stupid they are for voting Trump. Even Mormon McMullin couldn’t keep the state from voting Trumpenreich.

<<If a blue wave is building ahead of this year’s midterm elections, it will crash [in Arizona and Nevada] first. The two states are the prime pickup opportunities for Democrats on 2018’s map, and their recipe for winning the Senate includes victories in those two races plus holding all of their own seats.>>

Arizona is one of the most conservative states in the country. And the Democrats can’t possibly hold all their own seats. They are wishing upon stars.

<<But Arizona is moving to the left — it and Georgia are turning blue as rapidly as Ohio and Iowa are becoming red — and Democrats landed their top target in Rep. Kyrsten Sinema.>>

Yeah tell that to Georgia District 6. And didn’t they claim Georgia would surely go Hillary?

Georgia and Arizona are moving a little towards the left becuase of the mass of Mexicans, but the actual citizens lean very conservative. Trump is going to crack down on voter fraud in 2018.

<<McCaskill is one of five Democratic senators up for re-election in a state[Missouri] Trump won by double digits in 2016.>>

Yeah they’re fucked. Missouri under a Democrat president watched negro unrest burn Ferguson and collapse enrollment at the university after a long wait to be admitted into the SEC. And CNN says this will be an expensive and brutal race.

<<None of the three Republicans running this cycle [in Indiana] — Reps. Luke Messer and Todd Rokita and state Rep. Mike Braun — is as talented, or baggage-free, as Young. (In particular, Messer faces residency questions, and people who work for Rokita have accused him of creating a toxic environment.)

<<Donnelly has kept a low profile and isn’t particularly well-defined, but the “Mexico Joe” label that followed an Associated Press report that he profited from a family business’s move to outsource jobs to Mexico still stings.>>

That sounds like a lot of baggage for Young, especially since that’s a core issue of the last election. The boys in Indiana will be voting for Pence’s party.

Cruz thought he had Indiana becuase it’s Midwestern, but Indiana is a weird place. Kind of an outcast southern state. Trump cleaned it in the primaries.

<<Manchin’s [WV] early flirtations with Trump — which included conversations about a Cabinet post — may help insulate him in a state the President carried with 69% of the vote in 2016.>>

Manchin had a real shot a year ago despite being in a state where every county voted Trump, but the Democrat leaders recently took him to the woodshed. Since then he has voted against the tax bill and said Al Franken shouldn’t resign. Maybe Hillary threatened him with a “suicide”. When poor West Virginians see their tax return, they’ll give him the axe.

Kind of sad. Even I sort of liked Manchin. He defied Obama’s ridiculous meeting a year ago. The Democrat Party is dying because they are entirely ruled by the values of Manhattan, a mystical place entirely different from anywhere in the world.

<<In a neutral political environment, the math suggests this seat would be an easy pickup for the GOP: Trump won North Dakota by an eye-popping 36 points in 2016, and Heitkamp [D] won her seat by less than 1 point in 2012.

<<But this year’s crop of Democratic incumbents features several candidates — Heitkamp, Manchin and Montana’s Jon Tester stand out — with strong individual brands at home that have allowed them to defy their state’s partisan makeup.>>

Less than one point is not a strong individual brand. And the Democratic Party today is very different than in 2012. How is CNN able to say one thing in one paragraph and contradict it in the next and just assume the sensationalism will work?

<<Like Missouri, the question here is whether Ohio’s rightward trend will prevail in 2018, or this race will instead swing with what appears to be a favorable national environment for Democrats. As of right now, the 2017 results in Virginia, New Jersey and Alabama suggest the latter. Brown will need that to be the case.>>

Favorable national environment? Is that a joke? The Democratic Party is even more unpopular than Trump. At least Trump has diehard supporters. Even the core socialist millennials know how corrupt the DNC is.

Alabama was a fluke. Jones won’t win reelection. He got lucky. Watch the Democrats assume it had more meaning than it did and double down.

<<Republicans missed on their top recruiting targets [in Montana]. And now, state auditor Matt Rosendale and businessman Troy Downing are headed toward what could be an expensive and nasty primary.

<<That’s all good news for Tester, whose populist, down-to-earth brand — bolstered by the fact that he still runs a farm — allowed him to win in 2006 and 2012 despite Montana’s history of voting for Republican presidential nominees (Trump won by 21 points here).>>

Wow, 2006 was a long time ago. The Democrats actually had moderates back then.

Populism and “down to earth” have been smeared to mean fascist, and any Democrat senator like Manchin that tries to hold it is given a death threat. And Montana is a farming state, so why is it surprising that the Democrat senator isn’t a soy latte liberal?

This article was written by someone who can’t place Montana on a map and doesn’t have a tree within five blocks of his high rise.

Trump won by 21 points becuase the Democrats have gotten so insane. They no longer tolerate any big tent compromise. Montana won’t vote for an anti-Trump candidate.

<<Democrats got their dream recruit in former Gov. Phil Bredesen in Tennessee, where they hope to pick off retiring Sen. Bob Corker’s seat. But is Bredesen still the force he was 15 years ago, or is he this cycle’s Evan Bayh?>>

Bill Clinton was able to flip Tennessee, but that was a long time ago. Tennessee won’t possibly vote Democrat. I’m in one of the more liberal areas, and it’s just not going to happen. Only three counties voted Hillary. There’s just no way.

Will Marijuana Be The Democrats’ New Pet Cause?

Becuase they already won gay marriage and pushed gender fluidity as far as it can go.

Jeff Sessions has indicated he will begin cracking down on states that have legalized marijuana.

<<Sessions — and therefore by proxy the Trump administration — is clear on where he stands on the issue of weed. And increasingly, he is not standing on the same side as the American people.>>

How desperate is the media to declare a win?

<<Yet, as the 2018 midterms approach, the Democratic party has been strangely slow to embrace the issue. Indeed, the party waited until 2016 to put a tepid plank of support in the platform after minimal attention from Democratic politicians (and even some push-back during key House votes). Even as Democrats become more supportive of legal marijuana (though not universally) they are hesitant to embrace it in campaign ads. >>

Because your common American doesn’t want totally legal marijuana. Maybe a compromise position like in Amsterdam where it can only be smoked in certain bars. But not everyone smoking up at the mall.

And you can’t compare it to alcohol. The social effects are entirely different. You can imagine having a glass of wine at Christmas; you can’t imagine everyone getting half-baked at Christmas.

<<Her Democratic opponent Senator Bernie Sanders, in contrast, argued the U.S. should “take marijuana off the federal government’s list of outlawed drugs.”>>

Because his supporters are stupid college kids. Hillary’s supporters are old people who remember the 90s wrong.

<<According to Gallup polling, 64 percent of Americans now support legal marijuana, and the issue polls well across parties: 72 percent of Democrats, 67 percent of Independents and 51 percent of Republicans now support legal marijuana.>>

Polls have been discredited, but even if true, that doesn’t mean they support the federal justice department ignoring the law for political points (c.f. DACA).

And young people don’t vote. Take a poll from those 30 and older and see how it falls.

You also have to take into account whether these potential voters are in the country or the city and what race they are. You can’t just take a nationwide poll and build a blanket policy off of the majority. That’s how Hillary lost.

<<I analyzed American National Election Studies 2016 data, and found that 61 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana (excluding individuals who said “don’t know”). >>

Fake news! Saying you don’t know doesn’t mean you support legalization. Again, polls aren’t trustworthy.*

A lot of people think it should be decriminalized or allowed in restricted areas. But that isn’t the same as Denver’s Altamont 69 policy.

<<Marijuana would also allow Democrats to show their commitment to criminal justice reform.>>

Translation: criminalizing drugs is raciss.

<<While no one believes that legalizing marijuana would solve mass incarceration, studies show that though black and white people use marijuana at similar rights, black people are 3.73 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession.>>

White people do drugs and just watch Rick and Morty. Black people do drugs and shoot up a gas station.

<<Rural districts in Trump country and working-class districts in the Midwest offer potentially compelling pick-up opportunities, and Democrats are already targeting dozens of them. Some of these areas appear to be rapidly souring on Trump and Democrats are gaining ground in dozens of House races. >>

Ha! That’s what they said two years ago. The Bolsheviks will get clobbered in November. No matter how much loyal Republicans hate Trump, they’ll still vote for a Republican congressman whose name isn’t Trump.

The fear vote doesn’t work. You can’t say “Vote for our loser candidate because the other guy is scary.” You’d think the Bolsheviks would have learned that last year. The Mensheviks lost in 2008 and 2012 for that very mistake.

Democrats usually don’t do well in midterms. It’s inherent in the nature of liberalism that they need one central Jesus figure to defeat evil and bring about the promised kingdom.

<<Richard Ojeda, a candidate in West Virginia’s 3rd district who sponsored the bill in the state senate to legalize medical marijuana, cut an emotional ad that included a man with testicular cancer who used medical marijuana to alleviate the pain of chemotherapy. >>

My favorite excuse is that marijuana helps depression and anxiety. No way! You’re telling me people get addictions becuase they are unhappy?

*Rereading this, I think I misread the line in the original article.

Trump Isn’t Anything Unusual Or Special: New Year’s Predictions

It is inherent in being young that you want to reject the prevailing wisdom of the time.

Obama was elected my senior year of high school. I was one of the very few who went McCain. Bush had eight years of saying stupid things and being out of touch with anything anyone cared about. The Democrats were still fairly moderate. It was easy to be a liberal.

Eight years later, the high schoolers today have watched the blacks and Muslims burn down the West and the whites get the blame. They have seen how dangerous and ineffective white guilt is. They have seen eight year olds being given hormone shots and watched the Supreme Court rubber stamp gay marriage. Their only experience of feminism is as a movement of fat women in hysterics, Islam apologists, and false rape claims. They have seen the white birth rate collapse while watching their elders live and die alone and miserable. They have access to the internet and know what really happened at Charlottesville.

This upcoming generation is the most conservative for that age group in decades. If you think Trumpenreich nationalism is a last hiccup before it goes away forever, you’re going to be disappointed. This is the new normal. You can only break the natural laws of society for so long before the consequences catch up with you.

Society is about to change very quickly. Birth rates are about to change. Social mores are about to change. Dating culture will change. In ten years this will be a very different America.

Personally, and this may just be wishful thinking, I predict a huge surge in the white birth rate and a return to traditional sex roles. I also think the black birth rate will lessen to a degree, because that’s what happens to liberals and hedonists. Christianity will become normal again as it will be seen as a source of social stability. Racism and “homophobia” will no longer be the worst sins imaginable, and there will be a very strong prejudice against gays as the true nature of their lifestyle becomes more known.

The Catholic Church will also undergo a radical transformation within the next few decades, though I’m not sure what exactly. It will become known that the Vatican is a giant gay orgy. As membership collapses in western Europe and the older generation of priests die off, the priesthood will become opened to married men, which the RCC isn’t at all set up for financially and structurally. There will be a major schism over liturgy style, and the pope will decline in importance.

Armchair Anthropology: The Difference Between Scottish And Irish Culture And Its Effect On America

I’ll preface and say that these are generalizations and not absolutes. I realize that most of it is kind of subjective.

In middle school I became obsessed with Ireland. I was told we are Scotch-Irish, and so I assumed that meant I was Irish. I bought a bunch of Irish cds and got a CD-ROM to learn Irish Gaelic.

As it turns out, the Scotch-Irish aren’t Irish at all. They were the rowdy lowlanders that got deported to a worse shithole. We’re the orange on the Irish flag. Oops!

It makes sense. Bluegrass is a lot more like Scottish music than Irish music. Irish music is more flightly, but Scottish folk and bluegrass music is heavier and more earthy, as though it’s quiet in deep thought. Irish music has a lot of flutes and harps, which never made it into American bluegrass even though it wouldn’t have been hard to transport them across the ocean.

Bluegrass doesn’t have the same lightness as Irish music. It has more of the small intricate fretwork and brooding melodies.

Most Celtic music produced today is Irish, so here’s a good example of Scottish folk music that I listened to before this. The 1973 soundtrack to The Wicker Man is heavily influenced by Scottish music, since that’s where the movie takes place. And finally, the most famous Scottish song, “Loch Lomond.”

This reflects the geography. Ireland has green rolling hills. Scotland has cliffs.

You also see this reflected in whiskey. The Scottish invented whiskey and brought it to Ireland and then to America. Scottish whiskey is earthy and kind of bitter. It’s often smoked with roasted peat. Irish whiskey is light so you can drink it all night (much like a lot of Irish beer once you get past Guinness). American bourbon whiskey is sweet but not saccharine or light. And before the popularity of bourbon, the common American whiskey was made of a predominantly rye mash, which is probably the grainiest, thickest whiskey available.

Admittedly I haven’t tried much Scotch because I’m not paying that much for a blend, but as for Irish whiskey, I’ve had Tullamore Dew and Hell-Cat Maggie.

Though Canada had a lot of Scots come over, and their whiskey is like Irish whiskey if it were made by McDonald’s. There’s not enough Coca-cola in the world to drown out the taste of Crown. My Canadian friend recommended Wisers, and it’s still terrible.

Irish music and Irish alcohol are for parties. The Scottish and Appalachian equivalents are for reflecting on hard times. And really, it wasn’t until the 90s or so that country music became about partying it up in the parking lot. Because real country music does not and never has come from big city Nashville.

I think this also plays out into religion. Both the Irish and the Scottish rejected Anglicanism and its Puritan and Methodist offshoots. The Scottish, however, were still interested in reform. I guess that’s the pensive thought above. They decided to become fundamentalists. Though obviously it didn’t last, it was an attempt to restore the ancient church instead of, like the Anglicans, just adopt some Catholicy forms and continue on like you can have the best of both worlds and still do whatever you like.

The Irish, however, decided to stay Catholic for some reason. Didn’t give it much thought – just keep on doing what you’ve been doing, drink yourself blind, and let Rome worry about who is saved and who is damned. I’ve always had a feeling that they stayed Catholic not so much because they believed in it than just because they hated English. And besides, you know what Catholics are like.

[Interesting link]