In Defense Of The Crusades

This is a guest post by Vincent Law. It was originally published on Atavistic Intelligentsia.

Of all things, why defend the Crusades? Because, there is nothing that undermines Tradition more than historical revisionism. A people dispossessed and ashamed of their own history are susceptible to suggestions from all quarters. You are not the proud descendents of Europe, the conquerors of the known world, the vanguard of christianity, you are just _____ (insert revision here). We know what gets filled into the blanks nowadays: “You are just CIS privileged white oppressors!” If you do not know your own history, what can you say against that? Or what about the claim that Christianity caused the Crusades and the mass killing of non-christians all over the world. “Aren’t you ashamed to be a Christian? How dare you be proud of your heritage of oppression!?”

Think about how few people know about their own history nowadays. This is not a chance happenstance, but part of concerted strategy to make us forget who we are. Sure, your average human ignorance plays a role here, but that is why history has always been a mandatory subject of instruction. An understanding of who you are is inseparable from what came before you, and what you aspire to be. If you don’t know the history of your own faith, you are also susceptible to the venom of those that hate everything your culture stands for, to the mad ravings of a charismatic church pastor even, or the self-flagellation of our ruling SJW Politburo. Existentialist philosopher Sam Keen diagnosed the problem well in his book, To a Dancing God.

“Until recent years the keystone of personal identity was participation in the shared stories, legends, and myths of a tribe, nation, cult or church. The past, present, and future of the individual were bound together by the memories and hopes of a people to which he belonged. With the birth of secular, pluralistic, technological society, a new type of man has emerged– the man without a story, the rootless protean man living without the stability of a tradition which her remembers with pride or a future he awaits with longing.”

So what do we do? How do we recover our sense of being part of something greater, our feeling of belonging, our belief in our own destiny? Its simple, we teach our children their own history. Lets start with the much maligned crusades of the 13th,12th, and 11th centuries. Teach then about how the crusading ideal, aka an alliance between christian princes under the command of religious authority for holy war against infidels, was born not in the 11th century, but in the 9th in the context of Muslim invasions of France and Italy. Tell them about the great battles that Christianity had to fight to maintain its existence in Europe, against invading armies of a foreign religion.

Start with this:

Then show them this:

And this:

Teach them that for about 500 years, Christianity’s very existence was in peril from Muslim invaders. And that the Crusades, were born out of a need to wage defensive warfare even before it was brought to the Holy Land. Teach them about how Thomas Aquinas basically had to create a just war theory from scratch to justify self-defense of Christianity before the Christian authorities were convinced of the morality of going on Crusade against a religion that was founded by a warlord, on warring ideals, and forcible conquering and conversion of infidels.

Remind them that they are here, that their very culture exists because their ancestors fought for what was theirs, and that when their backs were against the wall, they finally had enough and decided to stake their claim to exist in this world. Tell them that the West owes its very existence to the Crusades. And finally remind them, that fundamentally, absolutely nothing has changed in this world, and that our complacency as a people endangers everything our ancestors spilled blood and spent treasure to build. Or better yet, just show them this: crusades Read More: God Only Knows Why Women Are So Cold


Why The Manosphere Will Win And The MRAs Will Lose Despite Whichever May Be Right

Before I ever came across the Red Pill, I was vaguely familiar with the men’s rights activists. And although I definitely agreed with many of their complaints, I had no interest in joining them before even investigating them. Why are men naturally put off by the MRAs?

Masculine Solutions

Because men are fixers. We want to solve problems ourselves. And we are economic with our resources, both material and immaterial. Complaining on the internet for something that won’t change any time soon seems like a waste of time and energy.

This is why men love the Manosphere so much. The Manosphere—despite it’s terribly dorky name sounding like a gay bar—is all about self-improvement. Take charge of your own life instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you. It’s empowering.

Same reason men love Art of Manliness but are less interested in GQ and AskMen. AOM is a mentor, and GQ and co are lecturers. I made a good faith effort to get into AskMen, but the advice seemed more like opinions than life experience. This recent article from AskMen is about how to date a feminist, which conveniently fits the popular narrative to avoid the dreaded label of “misogynist”.

And of course there is GQ’s hiring of Lindy West.

End of GQ

That’s GQ’s editor doing the white knighting there. Notice how he criticizes a “sausagefest”, as though you must be gay if you think men and women should have be allowed to have separate magazines. But then he criticizes me for being “heteronomative”, when he’s the one claiming to be afraid of his own dormant homosexuality. Also, I’m the “pedantic” one, but it’s his writer who’s talking about women’s legal issues in a men’s magazine. And I have no idea what the word “creep” means.

You can’t argue with a leftist.

Why The Men’s Rights Movement Is Full Of Women

Ever wonder why there are so many women in the MRM? Because filing complaints is how women solve things. Same reason most activists for any cause—with the possible exception of Black race rights—are women.

Women are snitches. Almost every time I have gotten in trouble at a job, it has been because a woman told on me. Same thing with grade school. Men usually have the self-respect to move past a problem and not bother the manager over his personal drama, but women will go out of their way to interrupt the important things going on at work in order to receive their perception of justice.

Despite feminists’ claims of empowerment, marching in the streets is an expression of impotency. It is admitting that you cannot take control of your own life, so you are asking someone else to fix it for you. While sometimes that may be the only viable solution, it is an admission of inadequacy.

The Nature Of Belief

People believe in something not because they think it is true but because they believe it has a function. I do this. You do this. Everyone does this. Men are more easily able to see the greater rationale and function than women, but we men still must always have a use for our beliefs.

The Red Pill Movement, though named after a shitty 90s scifi movie, provides men with answers and solutions. It is irrelevant to the success of the RPM whether or not these answers and solutions are correct, much how 60s feminism promised a rainbow and a song to women regardless of the reality.

Feminism will fail because men and increasingly more women believe that it offers them no solutions. AskMen can argue perfect Aristotelian logic all day long, but it will convert no one.

Feminists are the new evangelical Christians, believing that if they just hand out enough pamphlets or spread the news on Facebook enough, they’ll be able to build back up their momentum. Feminist apologetics—like those of the Christians—can accomplish nothing but cementing the faith of those who already adhere to the dogma.

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Friday’s Praise: Catholic High School Enforcing Catholic Morality

A Catholic high school in Nowhere, Pennsylvania is requiring prom dresses to be pre-approved before girls can purchase their tickets. While they seem to be doing this on short notice, ultimately it is a step in the right direction. Or rather, a step back in the right direction.

School Days

I remember homecoming week in high school and the slutty costumes over half the girls would wear. One day the cheerleaders even came dressed as playboy bunnies—at the encouragement of the cheerleading coach.

My friends and I were horrified at the way they dressed. Not just the cheerleaders, but most of the girls in school. I told them, “If I were a girl and tried to go outside dressed like that, I’d be in a convent the next week, and we’re not even Catholic.”

Even my player friend said, “I think it’s trashy and terrible, sure, but I’m not complaining.”

Good Job, Delone Catholic High School

Kudos to Delone for enforcing their morality in a day when Catholic schools often outright abandon it. Catholicism today is among the worst offenders in Christendom who abandon their standards in the name of social credit, so it’s nice to see that someone in the RCC is holding on.

Regular Blair fans know I’m quite the anti-Catholic, but in this case I’m offering my applause to Delone. Their method was somewhat inefficient, but all things considered, it’s refreshing to see a Christian institution more concerned about their peace of mind than about what outsiders think of them. It’s like a drink of water in the desert.


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The Colony Of Christianity

I knew a guy who was homeschooled, went to semi-fundamentalist Bryan College, and then went to a Baptist seminary. I bet he’s a failure at ministry, because he’s never lived in the secular world.

A Major Reason Why So Many Pastors Are Worthless

I’ve found the best pastors had years of secular work before becoming a pastor. The most incompetent pastors went straight into ministry at age 22 and have no marketable skills beyond public speaking. Competent ministry is an overflowing of your life experience and spiritual growth, not something that is learned out of a textbook.

There’s a reason the Orthodox Church has a rule requiring priests to be 30 years old before ordination, whereas the Catholic Church ordains them at age 25 after spending eight years in school. Although I suppose that’s better than the Catholics’ old system of seminary high schools where 15 year olds in the bloom of puberty are told by their parents (with the goading of nun school teachers) that they’ll never have sex and are then asked to make a vow about it.

I had a friend that was more or less coerced into attending one of those, and he’s grateful he was kicked out for low grades. He also said that sodomy was rampant among the students and wasn’t surprised at all by the sex scandals a few years ago.

Do you really want an 18 year old for a pastor? Or even a 25 year old? How could he possibly relate to your real adult problems?

Keeping Away

Evangelical Christianity today seeks colonization. I don’t mean conquering new lands. I mean finding a little hole where they can crawl away into and avoid all the things they don’t like.

I remember in the library at my childhood church, there was a trilogy of novels about pirates from a Christian perspective. That sounds contradictory, but this was around the time the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were coming out, so it seemed important to give an alternative to the voodoo on the big screen.

Do you like hard rock music? We can add some distortion to our pop music and give you a similar product. Audio Adrenaline is the same thing as Led Zeppelin and ACDC but with better lyrics. Your kids won’t know the difference.

Evangelical Christianity insults their youth—the “Church of the future”—with its pop culture substitutes and then begs them to stay around to pay the light bill. But if we are the Church of the future, then clearly we have no role or importance today.

As a kid, I had Narnia instead of Harry Potter. Fall Festivals instead of Halloween. Chris Tomlin instead of the Beatles. I was spared Bibleman, although my brother got the full treatment.

All this may be effective if your kids stay in the colony, but what happens if they decide to go exploring? If they just take a peek outside the cloisters and find that, no, Christian punk rock does not have any of the same energy in secular punk, then what will stop them from leaving altogether? Did you ever consider giving them a reason to stay in Church beyond the entertainment?

Bringing In

Once upon a lifetime ago, I was visiting Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest. I sat in on a preaching class, and the professor told us, “What you hook them with is what you have to keep them with.” For some reason, that’s one of those pearls of wisdom in life that has always stayed with me.

Give your kids humorous sermons and emotional music, and you’ll have to keep pressing that dopamine button to get them to come back while also out-competing whatever is on the television. Give your kids deep exegetical preaching on the Word of God and didactic hymns that immerse them in doctrine, and they’ll bring their friends since you now offer something nobody else can.

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14-Year-Olds In The Third World Marry Older Men Because Delaying Adulthood Is A White Privilege

I came across a news story recently about a 68-year-old Nigerian politician marrying a 14-year-old. The commenters on the article are calling it child abuse, which is ethnocentrism at its worst. Marrying as soon as puberty comes along is the norm in most of human history, even in white societies. My grandfather had two sisters who married at age 16, one of which had her parents’ permission. So isn’t it us modern Americans who are the freak outlier.

Hard to give her a specific number without seeing her hair, but I’d guess 9/11, WB and fill the world with half a dozen little Blairs.

Plus, she looks happy. Haters gonna hate, but that’s a woman in love. She’s got a high-status man who will protect and provide for her in a corner of the world that is terrifyingly unstable. She’ll get a luxurious and safe life. Why would she be upset? Safety is a white privilege.

In most human societies in history, women couldn’t afford to be alone outside the home because of the very real possibility of rape and robbery. This real need for security is in part why people arranged marriages instead of allowing the girl to pick whomever she was infatuated with (the other part being that women often choose poorly). I was a Classics major, and Ancient Europe was very much the wild West.

Furthermore, in older societies people understand that women do not function well without the guidance of a man, whether that man be a husband, a father or a brother. The feminine is useless and meaningless outside the context of the masculine. Today that hurts people’s feelings, so we try to pretend it isn’t true.

Fertility: Normally It’s A Necessity, Not A Choice

Also notice that it is mostly the middle and upper class white people here in America who do not breed young. Teenage bastardy is epidemic among blacks and common among poor white trash and Mexicans. For example, Mississippi has the highest rate of teen pregnancy, 60% above national average. It’s also the blackest state, with about a third of the people being black. It has some of the most poverty-stricken areas of the country. Even the financially better-off girls marry fairly young, since women always want to have the same relationship status as their friends.

The opening scene of Idiocracy. Replace the unexplained politically correct “the aging man has a low sperm count” with the scientific fact that women only have 10% of their eggs left at age 30.

Also, teenager girls are extremely fertile. Teenagers don’t have to have sex often at all to get pregnant. I can’t recall where I recently read this, but someone in the Manosphere pointed out the movie Juno in which a girl gets pregnant the night she loses her virginity. Compare that to a 35-year-old empowered career woman trying to measure her ovulation and position herself just right on the off-chance she can finally squeeze out a down syndrome kid.

Several weeks ago, I got the phone number of a cute virgin-looking 17-year-old girl who unfortunately later flaked out. It’s completely legal in my state, so I had no moral qualms about advancing so long as her father didn’t break my legs. She’s a biological adult with the free will to make poor decisions.

This excessive fertility is important in a third world society. Even 100 years ago here in America before modern sanitation and medicine, children often died of natural causes. You needed to produce ten children so that six of them would survive long enough to work on the family farm. Today we’ve replaced the farm with an office (or more realistically a restaurant), so the idealistic micro-activist on the internet is out of touch with historically normal human existence. The thoughtlessness of the Catholic Church isn’t in forbidding birth control but in condoning the cheat “rhythm method”.

Yesterday’s practicality is today’s oppression.

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File Under “The Church Of England Is Trying To Slit Its Wrists”

My readers at Jolly Old Return of Kings love it when I write about religion, but this is a bit beyond the scope of ROK.

England, the whore of the English-speaking world, is in a bit of a spiritual crisis. You see, people suspect that the Church of England will be extinct in 25 years due to lack of attendance. British society is no longer interested in what the Church of England has to offer. So, considering Christianity’s claim of timelessness, you’d think that the bishops would take a look at what they’ve done in the generations during which they’ve had this decline and see what it is they are doing differently as opposed to what they did prior, right? Wrong. They’re doubling down on 16 and hoping to hit 21.

New Technologies

On January 12, 2015, The Telegraph came out with this absolutely idiotic story.

The Church of England will no longer be able to carry on its current form unless the downward spiral its membership is reversed “as a matter of urgency”, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have warned.

It could face a dramatic shortage of priests within a decade as almost half of the current clergy retire, according to the Most Rev Justin Welby and Dr John Sentamu.

“A matter of urgency”? No shit, but I guess expository dialogue is necessary in today’s banal world of press conferences. You know, if all of society has forgotten that you exist, you might want to be a little less bureaucratic and turn the sensationalism up a few notches.

Meanwhile dwindling numbers in the pews will inevitably plunge the Church into a financial crisis as it grapples with the “burden” of maintaining thousands of historic buildings, they insisted.

Oh, I’m sure the unwilling taxpayer will pick up that tab. Now, onto the climax:

But the two archbishops also called for the Church to invest more in building up its presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to get its message across online as part of a “major programme of renewal and reform”.

That is literally a godawful idea. What, you think kids are going to click like on the button on the side of the page, and then after seeing your advertisements spamming their newsfeed, they’ll decide to come to catechism class and find out just what this Anglicanism thing is? Because, you know, it’s not like you have a state-sponsored church on every street corner.

The amount of retardedness in this is profound. Social Darwinism demands that your church become extinct. You don’t deserve to be a functional organization. You are the English equivalent of America’s Office on Violence Against Women, except at least you do the British taxpayer the charity of not costing him any money. You are basically plastic fruit. If I were to move to England and then find myself in a spiritual crisis, I’d look at every other Christian group before entering your doors, and if none of those worked, I’d give up on it all and slit my wrists.

And this is from your top bishops, yes? These are the people who graduated at the top of the class from the best seminaries, I assume. It appears that either your ivy league education industry is just as nepotistic and worthless as ours, or that your bishops paid massive amounts of financial or sexual favors to get their positions.

“Attendance at Church of England services has declined at an average of one per cent per annum over recent decades and, in addition, the age profile of our membership has become significantly older than that of the population.

You know, while you’re worried about all your adherents literally dying out, why don’t you give the younger generations a reason to attend beyond patriotism?

The Church Of England Tries To Give The Younger Generations A Reason Beyond Patriotism

Oh, well, there’s the issue. You’ve turned your churches into nightclubs. No wonder nobody respects them anymore. There’s no difference between your churches and the world. Basically, everything I get in the world, I can get in your churches at a lower quality. You have nothing to offer me that I can’t get elsewhere.

Look at the 1:30 mark. Two old ladies leave. So much wrapped up into those few seconds. Two elderly women who have been faithful for years, donating and attending, have slowly watched their church abandon its old beliefs and practices while losing its members. The future looks bleak, but they keep attending, trusting that it will all turn up right. And then they go to a wedding with a fat female priest and watch the place turn into a disco, and at that time they finally give up forever. This is the moment where they decide to stay home on Sundays. It is here where they realize God is dead and there is no heaven.

Even the BBC knows how bullshit you’ve become. Why don’t you try giving people something to respect instead of something to Tweet?

Too Beta To Demand What They Really Want

What else have we gotten recently? Well, they’ve just ordained their first female bishop. Really? I figured they’d have done it already. How long until the first bishop who likes to put his penis in another man’s rectum?

But who gives a shit whether they just ordained a female bishop? Nobody’s surprised. The Episcopal Church in America is the same way, only they’re surprisingly a couple decades ahead. The Episcopal Church wants to mandate priests to perform gay marriage so badly, but they know that the few conservatives are still holding on. So they’re just slowly chipping away while taking a strong stand on neither side of the issue, and eventually they’ll win the battle after having exchanged their entire demographic for a new one. You know, why don’t you just quit bullshitting the world and act on your real beliefs already?

Ideologically Hip With The Times

And let’s not forget this little number from two years ago. The Church Of England wants to support paganism now, or at least try to incorporate it to appeal to alternative spiritualities. The Anglican Church has gone from being the guide of the people to the bitch of the people. You teach doubt, not doctrine or discipline.

This, finally, goes hand-in-hand with November’s caving to the censorship demands from punk-ass kids who will never set foot in your churches either way. There was going to be a debate about abortion between two people who happened to be male. These young atheists flipped all shit, and the church decided to cancel the debate. So now the Church of England isn’t merely not allowed to preach its morality; it isn’t allowed to speculate about its morality. If one were to collect its by-the-book sermons from the 1700s, how many of them would be allowed to be read today?

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Why I Describe Myself As A “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant”

A few months ago, I told an acquaintance in passing, “I’m very WASPy.” She laughed and said, “I’ve never heard anyone describe himself as that before.” “Well, why not? It’s what I am.” Indeed, since when are people embarrassed to be Anglo or protestant?

True Natives

I saw a quote recently by US General Wesley Clark, who was very involved in NATO. It is 20th century Eurocentric liberalism at its worst.

There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.

This is very much the mindset of Europe. If they want to slit their wrists by pushing birth control and filling in the gaps with immigrants holding radically different moral systems, that’s their choice.

However, this philosophy is growing in America. People believe that only some races have a right to take pride in their national heritage, namely those races they assume have a more pure history.

Every person has a right to take pride in his own ethnic heritage. Every person has a right to prefer being surrounded by people of his own kind. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 went too far and largely should have never been enacted. Morally you shouldn’t deny a black person a job, but all the strict applications of that law has accomplished more to persecute whites than it has done to improve black society’s standard of living.

As a child, I was told, “We are a nation of immigrants.” Nonsense. I was born here, and it’s why I will never use the term “Native American” to describe American Indians. If only Indians are natives, then where was I born? I can’t pick one place on Europe to move back to.

What Is A WASP?

True, I’m actually a convert to Orthodox Christianity. But that is of no consequence. I was raised protestant with a protestant mind, and I certainly will never bow to the pope or respect his heresies. It’s sickening how many protestants and Orthodox Christians white knight over Pope Francis or John Paul II. Let them burn in hell for their blasphemy and immorality.

I also have an olive complexion due to an unsure element far back into my lineage (although my cousins from that side of the family are all as pale as anybody), but that is also irrelevant, as I am ethnically and culturally descended from Western Europe.

The term “culturally” is the key here. People don’t understand that race is as much about culture as it is about lineage. I shake my head when I see my generation delve into hip-hop and wear gangsta clothing. Do they have no pride in the white nation? They cannot become un-white, but they so hard to prove how much embarrassed they are of themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with exploring another culture (although modern black culture is anything but worth admiring). I myself enjoy Latin dance. However, often when people do explore another culture, it is only because they are embarrassed of their own and not because they actually admire the other culture.

Millennials assume that if they take any kind of pride in being white, they must be endorsing slavery and genocide. Also nonsense. People in the white nation have committed some terrible crimes, sure, but every ethnicity has that within their history. The blacks—both in Africa and in America—are among the most vile individuals in the world. The Jews invented modern banking at a time when the Catholic Church forbid interest loans. Why are white people special in their wrongdoing?

Taking Pride In Your Protestantism

To begin, take pride in our folk tradition, now largely dying. Go to a bluegrass festival and soak in the glory of your WASP heritage. Learn to contra-dance, which is likely available in your metropolitan area. The Catholics and coloreds didn’t build that heritage. That was my ancestors.

And on St Patrick’s Day, cover yourself in orange. The Republic of Ireland flag you see today is not the national flag of Ireland. It is a civic flag designed to show unity between the two religions. The green stands for the Catholics, and the orange stands for the protestants.

Why in hell would a non-Catholic wear green on St Patrick’s day? Does he support Pope Francis selling entrance into heaven in exchange for mildly inconvenient piety? Keep in mind that an indulgence is the left-over merit from a prior saint, and that a pope can dispense this merit in unlimited quantities to whomever he wishes for partial or full time away from purgatory until the next sin is committed. Makes you wonder why he doesn’t just grant it to the whole world every morning. But I digress…

Take Pride In Being An Anglo

The white nation is the most accomplished race in the world. Contrary to popular myth, most people from Western Europe are roughly from common Germanic ancestry. But our great achievements in art and science are either negated or blamed on others (“The Muslims invented math and preserved Aristotle.”; “The Chinese invented the printing press and gunpowder.”). And when they make such strong claims about these achievements, they never give any source or historical context. Tell me, Oh Liberal, what was the name of this Muslim who supposedly first came up with “X + 3 = 5. What is x?”

Our accomplishments in war are out-right vilified, such as how we engaged in the Crusades to protect our families from the Muslim barbarians. Or how we civilized Africa and the East through our colonialism and imperialism, as compared to those nations’ state of chaos today. These condemnations often leave out substantive historical facts to slant it one way to create a sensationalist emotional plea.

Take pride in the Crusades. Tell your children about the sacrifices our ancestors made to keep us safe from the invading barbarians. Let them know about all the rape and murder Muslims have inflicted upon white people through the years. Even if you aren’t a Christian, stand by your own.

To Each His Own

Every person has a right to take pride in his national heritage. I am proud to be a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant man. I am proud to be neither colored, nor Catholic, nor a homosexual, nor a woman. Yes, that’s right; everyone also has a right to take pride in his or her sex. And I’m not just proud of what I am but also proud of what I am not.

Likewise, blacks, Mexicans, Hispanics, American Indians, Eastern Europeans, Asians and Jews all have the right to take pride in their heritage and the right to form communities around their ethnic identity. Many of these races have not accomplished anything comparable to those of Western European descent, but most races have something they can hold as an achievement.

It is said that race, religion, politics and sex divide us. Actually, they unite us. They give us things in common and hence an identity.

Final Thoughts

I recently saw a group on Facebook where liberal arts majors at a university in Tennessee were expressing their solidarity for Eric Garner, the black thug who was gunned down in New York. The group described Garner as their “brother,” which made me cringe. I doubt Garner would describe these white-ass punks the same way.

So I leave you with the words of one of our true brothers, Rudyard Kipling. He is most known today for writing The Jungle Book, but he also wrote a poem that has been vilified for its message of truth and compassion. Dear reader, I present you with, “The White Man’s Burden”:

Take up the White Man’s burden—

Send forth the best ye breed—

Go send your sons to exile

To serve your captives’ need

To wait in heavy harness

On fluttered folk and wild—

Your new-caught, sullen peoples,

Half devil and half child

Take up the White Man’s burden

In patience to abide

To veil the threat of terror

And check the show of pride;

By open speech and simple

An hundred times made plain

To seek another’s profit

And work another’s gain

Take up the White Man’s burden—

And reap his old reward:

The blame of those ye better

The hate of those ye guard—

The cry of hosts ye humour

(Ah slowly) to the light:

“Why brought ye us from bondage,

“Our loved Egyptian night?”

Take up the White Man’s burden-

Have done with childish days-

The lightly proffered laurel,

The easy, ungrudged praise.

Comes now, to search your manhood

Through all the thankless years,

Cold-edged with dear-bought wisdom,

The judgment of your peers!

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