Who Is Blair?

“There’s no way in the world if anything’s meaningful and truthful that you’re not going to offend someone. You’ve got to be able to say what it is, say how it is, and take the consequence.” – Richard Smothers


Late 20s Applachian-American. Currently in exile.

Definitely a Southern nationalist and only a Southern nationalist. Germans and Irish aren’t part of my tribe. The Scots-Irish Americans should have a right to their own ethnostate and self-determination. Most of us have been here since colonial times.

A dedicated anti-semite, but I also have broader interests. I’m also a devout anti-Catholic.

Yes, I realize I don’t look White, and no, I’m not going to explain that on this page. Read through my blog for more information. I’m not going to defend my ethnic identity on an “about” page. If you don’t think I count as a Tennessee hillbilly Celt, then find another blog and get off my land.

Prejudices: Women, liberals, libertarians, every ethnicity except mine, fat people, divorced people, sodomites, people who are interested in science fiction, people who listen to hip hop, Marxists, crypto-Marxists (such as the alt right), vegetarians, atheists, Orthodox Christians who embarrass the rest of us with their internet zeal, stupid protestants, Catholics and Mormons, people who think we’ve just now figured out the perfect social-political philosophy for the first time in human history, anyone who drinks IPAs.

Aptitudes: Linguistics, logic, music, physiognomy, cooking, public speaking.

But I never write about cooking on this. Just know that I don’t believe in gender equality because I will never find a woman who is my equal. And also because I believe that the terms “gender” and “equality” are Marxist propaganda weapon words.

Other personal details are scattered throughout the blog. Happy Hunting!

age 25, suit and rebel flag

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