Other Writings

Here’s access to all my writings that aren’t on this site. 95% of it I still agree with. Some of it I don’t.


I tried stand-up comedy. Unlike this website, my Youtube channel is non-ideological. I’m just trying to tell offensive jokes.

The Laffs.

And I refuse to capitalize the “t” in Youtube. Grammatical rules matter. Sometimes you may notice that my writing has unusual punctuation, and that is because I so thoroughly understand the mechanics of language that I have transcended the standard rules and can use alternative grammar and syntax to better communicate my message. Most people can’t and shouldn’t try.

If my channel is ever popular enough to be deleted for being offensive, I’ll consider it an accomplishment.

Return Of Kings

Here and here.

That’s actually the reason I started this site. I screwed up on the author username for ROK and had to make a new account. So I wanted to have all my articles listed in one place, since I was trying to make a kind of canon of thought for the topic. Which really is the purpose of this blog now, but more broadly. Write down every bit of philosophy of wisdom I have come across on a certain set of topics.

That and I needed a place to put this email.

Sometimes the editor would add in jokes or commentary that aren’t my own words.

Matt Forney’s Blog

Using Language To Describe Gays And Trannies—March 3, 2015

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 68: God is Dead, Long Live God—January 14, 2015


I have removed my books from Amazon and made them available free as a pdf. I have edited out most of the typos.

BN Complete — The Death of Ideology, Another Round on the House, And Additions by Blair Naso on Scribd.

These may be reproduced, distributed, and reprinted royalty-free so long as no essential change is made to the my original intention. The same is true for any of the articles I have published online.

The critics loved The Death of Ideology. Judgy Bitch ranted and raved about how refreshing it was. Captain Capitalism (Aaron Clarey) even said that he loved it despite how much he normally hates poetry. Matt Forney called me the future poet laureate of the manosphere.

If that link doesn’t work, here’s another:


I also have a pdf of my Harry Potter commentary with the “Snow Yellow” story. I feel like both of these are brilliant enough to merit their own pdf.


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