Poetry Books and PDFs

I have removed my books from Amazon and made them available free as a pdf. I have edited out most of the typos.

BN Complete — The Death of Ideology, Another Round on the House, And Additions by Blair Naso on Scribd.

These may be reproduced, distributed, and reprinted royalty-free so long as no essential change is made to the my original intention. The same is true for any of the articles I published online. Anyone who wants to contact me can be clever and find a way.

The critics loved The Death of IdeologyJudgy Bitch ranted and raved about how refreshing it was. Captain Capitalism (Aaron Clarey) even said that he loved it despite how much he normally hates poetry. Matt Forney called me the future poet laureate of the manosphere. So ignore the trolls on Amazon who voted it down without actually reading it just because I’ve written offensive things on the internet. I know they haven’t read it, because almost no one bought it.

If that link doesn’t work, here’s another:


I also have a pdf of my Harry Potter commentary with the “Snow Yellow” story.



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