Four Reasons It’s A Good Thing The Confederacy Lost

We can look back at the civil war and decide who was right or wrong and how much we should respect or hate people 150 years ago. We can nitpick all the various motivations and hypocrisies on both sides (like how Virgina used voter fraud to secede and wouldn’t allow the western counties to form a separate state, and then the future West Virginia did the exact same thing with the secessionist counties on the eastern border). And we can look at how motivations changed as the war developed and the immediate aftermath.

It’s totally true that the rebel flag has become more about the federal government looting, raping, and burning the deep south than about preserving slavery. (And today you’ll find far more rebel flags in the deep south than the upper.)

But what about the effects 150 years later? Is it in the south’s best interest we lost? Despite the cultural rot that was and is New England and New York values, I think it’s good that we lost.

1) People move across state lines. A lot happens in a century and a half. Most of us probably never would have been born.

2) About a third of the South was black. In some states it was over 50%. That’s a Haiti situation waiting to happen. Having many of them escape to the north during the war and then a great migration during the 1930s has done a lot to make the south less black. Detroit and Milwaukee can deal with that headache. Race riots almost never happen in the south.

3) America’s music is the south’s music. And all beauty is derived from hardship. Had the south won and been prosperous, country and blues music likely would have never developed. Then again, that may not be such a bad thing.

4) The south overwhelmingly voted in FDR. It’s not inconceivable that we would have become some kind of Soviet dystopia.


Civil War Union Hero Major Robert Anderson

I recently watched a documentary about Major Robert Anderson, the Union captain in charge of Fr Sumter. It really shows how complex the war was. There were heroes and villains on both sides.

Anderson was a Kentuckian and former slave owner who very much did not want to go to war. He understood that the civil war would not be merely putting down a rebellion but a true divide among the nation. Yet he was also totally loyal to the union and was unwilling to disobey an order. At this time, few people understood just how truly brutal the war would become.

He held out in the fort for four months, knowing that to fire on Charleston would instigate war. Then a month after inauguration, Lincoln coerced the Confederacy into firing the first shot. (At this time the upper south hadn’t seceded yet.) Even then, Anderson refused to fire on the city, only firing on from where he was being fired at.

His attempt to avoid war had failed, though he was proud that nobody on either side died during the battle (aside from two accidental fatalities afterward). The Confederacy offered him extremely lenient terms of surrender, and he was allowed to ritualistically fire the cannons and return to New York. He was immediately made a hero in the north, but he was broken hearted and his health began to fail.

Meanwhile, the event became a rallying cry and source of national pride and indignation, and it was used to recruit new soldiers. People saw the south not just as peaceful protestors desiring to leave but as aggressions staging a coup and overturning law and order. Lincoln got exactly what he wanted.

The Union later bombarded it eleven times into a pile of rubble and was captured in 1865. Sherman claimed he had his men burn South Carolina extra badly as punishment for starting the war, because two wrongs make a right.

And really, had the south left the fort alone, they may have been able to avoid war. It was a war fought over pride and revenge, on both sides. The real reason for the war is that people wanted to fight. The only reason the south was “right” is because they were playing defense and knew a loss would mean total destruction. Which is exactly what happened.

That first battle was also when the American flag took new meaning, becoming something to hang for the sake of nationalism instead of just a territory marker:

<<Before that day, the flag had served mostly as a military ensign or a convenient marking of American territory … and displayed on special occasions like the Fourth of July. But in the weeks after Major Anderson’s surprising stand, it became something different. Suddenly the Stars and Stripes flew … from houses, from storefronts, from churches; above the village greens and college quads. … [T]hat old flag meant something new. The abstraction of the Union cause was transfigured into a physical thing: strips of cloth that millions of people would fight for, and many thousands die for.>>

No, I Don’t Want Any Girl Scout Cookies!

It’s that time of year again. Time for us to subsidize slave labor under the guise of helping the children. It’s time for Girl Scout Cookies.

Someone brought a box to work. He said it’s four dollars now. Four dollars for fifteen cookies. The side of the box says it teaches girls about decision making and financial skills. A few problems with this:

  1. The cookies are painfully over-priced. So you would have to be terrible with money to actually buy them. I don’t care how good they taste.
  2. It’s not like the eight-year-old handles the money or decides on the marketing. All of that, I assume, is done by the tribe mother. The child isn’t learning anything at all except how to be a cashier (which, fittingly, is what most women’s careers end out being).
  3. The kids don’t back them. If the Girl Scouts had an actual bake sale, I could understand forking over a dollar for a brownie, because they are actually learning skills and I know the money will go to the local community.

This is supposed to be a fundraiser. Knowing how modern “non-profits” work, you could guess without even doing the Google search that someone at the top is getting rich off the Girl Scouts. And so I did the search for you.

New tax filings peg [CEO Chaves’s] yearly salary at $393,380 — nearly four times the $104,000 she made annually heading a scout council in Texas, and more than her predecessor, Kathryn Cloninger, an eight-year CEO who made $356,911 in 2010.

The hefty pay package comes despite her tenure being marked by staff layoffs, membership and cookie-sale declines, budget cuts at headquarters, and local chapters under fire for selling or threatening to close campgrounds in 27 states.


And while the Scouts are cutting to the bone, Chavez spent $65,000 on a comfortable new throne for her 17th-floor Fifth Avenue office.


The Girl Scouts’ headquarters has been in disarray since Chavez, 45, took over, with employees complaining about her dictatorial style and a climate of fear. Letters have gone to the organization’s board of directors seeking help, with one writer calling Chavez a “Cookie Monster.”

“If you want a lesson in workplace bullying, come right on down to GSUSA,” a writer said in a recent missive.


Local councils are being squeezed by rising contributions to the Girl Scouts pension plan, which is in such bad shape that the organization sought congressional assistance.

The plan faces a massive deficit — at least $340 million, according to a 2012 lawsuit filed in Tennessee.

The plan’s finances nosedived after more employees were added to it beginning in 2006 and other workers were offered early retirement packages, the lawsuit claims.

The changes came as the number of Girl Scout councils nationwide were consolidated from 312 to 112. The early retirement plan was offered to avoid layoffs as the groups merged.

Never under-estimate America’s ability to profit off of children. And here we thought slavery ended in the 1860s…

So the little girls are forced to spend weekends guilting passers-by into buying cookies no one would spend money on if a smiling little girl didn’t aggressively confront him. Shouldn’t scouts be, like, scouting or something? I didn’t know harassing people outside Winn-Dixie was a survival skill. I always dismissively tell them, “I’m Catholic!” and walk off, leaving them to wonder what that meant.

Speaking of which, your daughters aren’t really learning good values.

The national organization, for example, contributes more than a million dollars each year to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGS), an organization tied to International Planned Parenthood [PP] and its advocacy for legislation that includes both contraception and abortion as preventive health care for women.

Margaret Sanger [a eugenicist and PP’s founder], Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem are frequently held up in materials as role models for young Scouts. These as well as many other “role models” in the GSUSA’s new manuals and web content not only do not reflect our Catholic worldview but stand in stark opposition to what we believe.


The GSUSA has also allowed boys claiming to be girls (so-called transgenders) to join the organization.


Though this certainly should be enough to discredit the group, its trespasses go further still. Just consider a GSUSA curriculum called “Journeys,” through which girls have learned “about stone labyrinths, world peace, global warming, yoga, avatars, smudging incense, Zen gardens and feminist, communist and lesbian role models,” reported’s Chelsea Schilling in 2009. And according to the Catholic News Agency, which provided more details in 2012:

The “Journey” book “Your Voice Your World: The Power of Advocacy” spotlights numerous lesbians and LGBT advocates as “Voices for Good” — role models for young Scouts.

And the 4th and 5th grade “Journeys” book, “Agent of Change,” highlights author Marjane Satrapi, a young Iranian woman with “real moxie,” whose life — detailed in her comic book-style autobiography, “Persepolis” — will “inspire” Girl Scouts. But in Persepolis, Satrapi crudely discusses men’s genitalia (even with her own father), calls nuns prostitutes, gets explicit lessons about sex from a promiscuous friend, lives with eight homosexual men and attempts suicide twice. Offensive illustrations and shocking sexual dialogue complete the picture. For ten-year olds?

… Another “Journey” book, “GIRLtopia,” encourages 9th and 10th graders, “to imagine a perfect world — for girls.” It recommends the book, “The Gate to Women’s Country,” by Sheri Tepper (former Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood), as a utopian journey into “a future world where women spend their lives learning and discovering lost knowledge.” That’s a deceptive gloss on a book laced with obscenities, revolting dialogue, and lewd descriptions, and which presents men as violent barbarians. The book graphically describes women having sex with random warriors at a semi-annual Carnival, undergoing brutal, demeaning genital exams, and breeding out violence by compulsive sterilization and selective prostitution. The only good men are castrated men. This is Girl Scout utopia?

It’s weird watching a Catholic bishop uphold actual Catholic morality. I thought that wasn’t a thing anymore.

[Other interesting links: here and here.]

And the Boy Scouts are right on their heels. But they don’t harass strangers about buying junk in order to line the pockets of a corrupt CEO under the guise of community service, so I don’t care.


Probably the single greatest loss in the development of America over the last several decades is our community institutions. Both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts push secularist garbage values to brainwash your kids (though it seems less bad in the Boy Scouts because they are more locally run). And even if they didn’t, most kids don’t have any interest in learning these kinds of hands-on skills.

The public library I am in now has a Teen Corner which prominently displays a biography of Katy Perry. The library in Pearl, Mississippi has video games for children to rent and take up space in the line for those of us who want to check out actual books. The library in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee built a Teen Area with video games to play and some kind of recording studio in the library, and they previously held a fundraiser with pole dancers (though in fairness, the real purpose of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County library is a public urinal for all the homeless, even at the suburban branches).

Where is the nucleus of community? There is no brass band on Fourth of July outside the courthouse. [Interesting links that I actually didn’t read: here, here and here.] Instead we have the most guttural, talentless filth as mainstream music, regardless of genre.

Nobody knows their neighbors, because we are so divided in our political and social beliefs that we cannot even have a discussion about our lives without the other becoming offended. Do you homeschool your children? Does your wife stay home instead of work? Your neighbors will hate you, partly out of jealousy and partly out of guilt.

Most Catholic universities are sodomite factories, and as far as I can tell, the laity and clergy support it. Mainline protestant churches have emptied, and evangelical protestant churches have whored themselves out to entertainment. America doesn’t respect Christianity anymore because Christianity is no longer respectable. Most pastors — protestant, Orthodox, whatever — are talentless hacks who are looking for an easy air-conditioned job with a lot of status attached.

Even in rural communities (in the South at least, because I was shocked to find this was almost absent in rural Ohio and New York), there are far more fast food chains than local restaurants. People have forgotten the old recipes. Smoking pork, frying chicken, and baking pie are lost arts, relearned through one’s own efforts and not passed on from the previous generation.

The police are viewed at best as a necessary evil that one should be afraid of, and for good reason — they are more afriad of you than you are of them. As people have become more anti-police — and as the police forces become more institutionalized and bureaucratic — the police have acted more standoffish. People are afraid of being hit with a ridiculous fine for the smallest infraction, because that has become the norm. People still watch The Andy Griffith Show because they long for a time when the police were genuinely your friends.

Freemasonry is dying. Probably a good thing. But if nothing else, it was a major social nucleus that brought people together.

Magazines today are gossip rags. There is no equivalent of the Saturday Evening Post. You learn nothing from reading magazines. It is all a means of wasting time and selling advertisements.

All of that (aside from Freemasonry) is the real loss of America. Manufacturing jobs being shipped to other countries and our communites being flooded with the fecal run-off of the third world are just the externals. These things are fixable with a wave of legislation. The real loss are the internals. Trump has said a few very values-ey things, but it is a losing battle.

Where is our culture? Where are our traditions? Where is our community? What does it mean to be an American anymore?


Yesterday’s Jim Goad claimed that WordPress has started censoring right-wing thought. While I’m sure this blog is  never going to be the big, it still has me kind of scared. The only two things on here I really care about are the Harry Potter Commentaries (which I really hit my stride in book five) and the short story Snow Yellow and the Seven Dwarves. So I made a pdf for you guys to share freely (and as an easy way for me to pass it on to other people):

When I tried logging into my Scribd, it didn’t have my old uploads, even though the old links still work. I don’t understand it. But I reuploaded my literature compilation anyway:

Go forth, children! Spread the teachings of Blairism.

I’m Never Surprised By Death

I read something today moving past grief in death and how most people cannot cope with the death of a loved one.
I’ve never had anyone I cared about die, so I can’t really say, but I can’t imagine being that bothered by someone dying. I’m not really sure why, because I get attached to people. Perhaps I understand that storied must end. Death is inevitable. Why are people taken by surprise? Someone gets to be 70 and people are shocked when his heart gives out on him.
A disaffected teenager rejected from society, abandoned by his father, and strung out on anti depressants shoots up his school. The world recoils in horror. Children are supposed to be innocent. How could a 16 year old possibly have that much hate in his heart?
The real tragedy of Columbine, Sandy Hook, and the recent Florida shootings are not the deaths of children — it is the death of a civilization shocked that such a casual evil could exist in the heart of man during the period of history in which we are convinced we are the most moral people who have ever lived.
I’m not surprised at all when a school shooting happens. What always amazes me is that the shooter wasn’t able to kill more people.
Rape and murder are the natural order of the world. Just as our society ignores the reality of Grandpa having a stroke at 90, so too do we forget that this is the safest society humanity has ever created. Women can actually walk to the grocery store with little fear of danger. People don’t realize how unusual that is in the grand layout of humanity. And it may not last the rest of our lives.
In Lebanon, Tennessee, the high school put out an app for kids’ phones to help prevent suicide. The students of course made fun of this. Then a student committed suicide. A girl at the school made a video in a classroom asking people to stop bullying, in which she criticized the school for infantilizing them with the app and other generic platitudes. The video went viral over the world, and she was suspended for “inciting violence”, and the principal went on the news saying his feelings were hurt.
But of course, morality today is bureaucratic. The authority decided that you can talk kids out of smoking by telling them about the health effects. The actual reasons kids smoke never factor in. Those are irrelevant. The authority decided so.
If morality is a set of platitudes about returning your library books and being nice to the weird kid, then moralityis entirely external divorced from consequences. And once in a while someone will realize that there’s nothing to stop him from shooting up the school. If you have nothing to live for, then why not? What have you got to lose?
These kids are the losers. Socially awkward. Girls don’t like them. Jobs won’t hire them. Their parents don’t love them. Realistically, what are the chances they will go to college, get a great job, find people who appreciates them for who they really are, and live the best life possible? I’ve made the best effort at that I could, and look where I am — living alone and working a job for dropouts. If you told me this would be my life in ten years, I think I would have killed myself at 17.
Society is returning to a pagan mindset. What is paganism? It is not merely worshiping false gods. That is just a side effect. Paganism is about humanity being one with nature. Man is merely a rational animal, as Aristotle said.
We think of the phrase “one with nature” as something beautiful. No technology. Running your feet through the grass. But that’s not how paganism works. It sees man as a beast that must take resources by force. The hawk cannot feel sympathy for the rat, nor can the rat argue with the hawk. It is in the nature of the hawk to kill the rat.
Likewise, it is in the nature of the disaffected youth living in a trailer outside Columbia, South Carolina to murder a group of black church-goers for the mere sake of murdering black people.
There is a saying in Russian, “Man is a wolf to man.”

A Black History Month Carol

Well boys and girls, Black History Month is finally winding down. I assume afterwards we can return to actual important history. I leave you with this heartwarming Black History Month carol.

In tenth grade towards the end of the Bush years, I attended a fine arts school. Every Friday there would be an assembly where students would show off various creative things. The big musical every year was the equivalent of the homecoming football game or senior prom or whatever 80s movie thing is supposed to be the main event of high school.

They were giving a little promo of sorts in the auditorium. A side plot was that a black woman would kidnap hotel guests and sell them into “white slavery” (their term, not mine). At this all the blacks — 30% of the school — applauded and cheered.

This school would openly expel students for doing or saying things less than tolerant (the main reason I returned to the regular zoned school the next year). Yet no one in the faculty stood up and said that slavery was always wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right and if you cheer for the misery of others even as just a joke then it only perpetuates hatred and resentment.

There were several conservative teachers there, given that this is Tennessee and it was still a public school. Yet not a single one said anything. Because they knew the risks. A major reason public schools are terrible is because public schools only hire cowards whose value system consists of whatever lines their wallets.

You remember that, young man. Black people — who complain about the slavery they never experienced — will cheer for the slavery of white people. And teachers — who almost always have a self-righteous martyr complex about molding the next generation — will sell out their values for easy make-work because they have no other skills to live on.

Another Stupid Shooting, Another Stupid Media Dance

No, the government is not about to take away your guns.

Every time a young man from a broken home, rejected from society and fucked up on antidepressants shoots up some innocents, we have to do this dance for a few weeks until we can finally forget.

Nobody except a loud tiny minority of activists blames the NRA. But democracy is rule by the loud, not the majority, so corporations have to go through this dance. So you have the airline discount cancellations and the barely existent boycott of FedEx (much how feminists tried to boycott Hobby Lobby).

Google Shopping banned everything that has to do with guns, including glue guns and burgundy. The think they can have a repeat of the rebel flag just because a few activists say so. Three problems with this:

1) Guns are far more a part of the American identity than the rebel flag. Getting rid of guns would be like getting rid of English. (Which they’re also trying to do.)

2) To average people, responsible gun ownership is not nearly as controversial as the rebel flag. Most people don’t see a problem with it. So they aren’t going to go to the trouble of a boycott for an issue they don’t care about.

3) Rebel flag sales went through the roof. Online retailers specializing in rebel flat merchandise sold out overnight for months. A few weeks after the market blackout in 2015, I went to a tourist shop in Biloxi; they said that they had sold three rebel flag shirts that day and it was only noon.

All this will do is further weaken the activists’ moral authority. And by the end of March, the world will forget about the Florida shooting. (Including all the media lies and government failures.)

Frankly, I don’t care about mass shootings. It’s not my problem, and the world is generally safe. Most people aren’t psychopaths. If kids and teachers don’t feel safe in schools, that’s because they’ve been brainwashed to think the world is evil and only Papa Government can save them.

And anyway, teenagers shouldn’t be in school. They should be laying bricks and building families.