Rock n’ Roll Is A White Invention, Not Black

Blacks and their white sycophants claim that blacks invented rock n roll all of a sudden in the course of a few central 1950s years and then whites just swooped in and stole it from them. Rock n roll was so stolen that blacks were no longer allowed to play rock n roll and had to do … something else?


Of course they don’t know anything about the history of the music. They just assume that Chuck Berry invented it and then Elvis stole it, because history is easy that way. Did any angry black activist even buy the new Chuck Berry album last year?

The first rock n roll song is generally considered to have been “Rocket 88” in 1952 by Ike Turner.

That’s a great song, but it’s not really rock n roll. It has a shuffle beat that’s more jazz. It’s blues pop. Chess Records in Chicago was putting out a lot of popularized blues records at the time.

And even if it was rock n roll, it was produced by white man Sam Philips, who opened the Memphis Recording Service (later Sun Records) to records Southern music. So at the minimum rock n roll started off as both a white and black cooperation.

Sam Philips is responsible more than anyone for the invention of American music.

And even if it was entirely a black invention (and it wasn’t), it didn’t have a major cultural impact.

“But the blues was a black thing!”

The blues is three chords and some dissonant notes. It’s too narrow and fits too easily into any genre to give a monopoly to one group for it. Yes, it was a black thing, but notice the lack of blues in Africa. It would have never existed without western music, which at the time was bluegrass, gospel, and proto-pop music like Stephen Foster. So there’s one benefit of slavery.

Two years later in 1954, Elvis Presley recorded “That’s All Right Mama” at Sun Studios.

Blues song, yes, but you’ve never heard a black person play or sing like that. It has a country stumming pattern and a different kind of back beat. It’s also missing the “blue notes” in the solo. This was something unique. Leonard Bernstein said of Elvis,

“Elvis is the greatest cultural force in the twentieth century. He introduced the beat to everything and he changed everything – music, language, clothes, it’s a whole new social revolution – the 60’s comes from it. Because of him a man like me barely knows his musical grammar anymore.”

Plus, it was backed with “Blue Moon of Kentucky”, a bluegrass classic originally by Bill Monroe. That seems pretty white to me.

Rock n Roll was a fusion between blues and country into something new that could be marketed for mass popular appeal. It was accessible in a way that blues, jazz, country, and bluegrass wasn’t. You didn’t have to think about it. You just let it overtake you. It was music for young people, by young people, about young people. (I sound so old writing that sentence.)

I am inclined to say that it hadn’t been for Elvis, rock n roll probably would have happened anyway, but every successful musician of that generation vaguely circling around rock n roll said that it absolutely would not have happened without him. I think that’s far more significant than Ike Turner maybe crossing the finish line first if you count a certain way.

“Elvis didn’t write his own songs!”

At the time, it wasn’t considered important for musicians to write or even play their songs. That didn’t become expected until The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

The appeal in Elvis was his attitude. It was the way he threw himself into the music.

Anyway, a year later in 1955, Chuck Berry released his first hit, “Maybellene”, which was based on the western swing song “Ida Red”. Yes, dear children, Chuck Berry “stole” rock n roll from white country music. Chuck Berry loved country music and adapted it into a black style of playing.

Except it doesn’t matter. You can’t steal music. Put two different races side by side in the same culture, and watch how their music will sound similar. (Jazz began to mix with Latin music fairly early on, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.)

That same year, Little Richard came out with “Tutti Frutti”.

Elvis was a whole year before Little Richard and Chuck Berry. How is it possible that Elvis stole music from Chuck Berry?

What happened to black rock n roll? Simple. It turned into 60s R&B like James Brown, much how white rock n roll turned into less blusey acts like The Beach Boys and Jan and Dean, eventually dropping the “n roll” part of the name and most of the blues element. There’s no conspiracy. It’s just two cultures producing awesome music and feeding off of each other. It’s what makes America great. All that melting pot bullshit, this is it at its best.

And notice the lack of outrage from contemporary black musicians. They didn’t mind at all sharing music. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Chuck Berry:

“Blacks didn’t have the air-waves Elvis had. He delivered what he obtained beautifully.”

“Describe Elvis Presley? He was the greatest who ever was, is or ever will be.”

James Brown:

“I wasn’t just a fan, I was his brother. He said I was good and I said he was good; we never argued about that. Elvis was a hard worker, dedicated, and God loved him. Last time I saw him was at Graceland. We sang Old Blind Barnabus together, a gospel song. I love him and hope to see him in heaven. There’ll never be another like that soul brother.”

Bo Didley:

“If Presley copied me, I don’t care. More power to him. I’m not starving.”

Al Green:

“Elvis had an influence on everybody with his musical approach. He broke the ice for all of us.”

B.B. King:

“I remember Elvis as a young man hanging around the Sun studios. Even then, I knew this kid had a tremendous talent. He was a dynamic young boy. His phraseology, his way of looking at a song, was as unique as Sinatra’s. I was a tremendous fan, and had Elvis lived, there would have been no end to his inventiveness.”

“Elvis, he was unique. And he loved the blues, it was a pity he didn’t do more.”

Little Richard:

“Elvis was God-given, there’s no other explanation. A Messiah comes around every few thousand years, and Elvis was it this time.”

Jackie Wilson:

“A lot of people have accused Elvis of stealing the black man’s music, when in fact, almost every black solo entertainer copied his stage mannerisms from Elvis.”

Literally Hitler. Let’s gin up the reparations machine. Surely there’s no ulterior motive to robbing Southern whites of their culture. It’s just pure, blind justice.

And it’s more than just Elvis. It’s the fusion of various musical elements coming together. Elvis didn’t exist in a vacuum. He said himself that rock n roll was based on gospel music.

Rock n roll music is basically gospel and rhythm and blues, and it sprang from that. And people have been adding to it. Adding instruments to it. Experimenting with it.

As I’ve said before, the Scottish lowlanders got kicked out of Britain for being too rowdy, got bored in Ireland killing off feral Catholics for sport, was run out of Pennsylvania for partying too hard, and then filled up the South and the heartland and invented America.

Give us a thank you. We gave you whiskey, country music, and basically anything that makes America fun or energetic or iconic like NASCAR, WWE, and the cowboy. (Though German writer Karl May gets some credit for idealizing the Old West.) On top of that, we made black music worth listening to.


In Defense Of Millennials: A Generation of Painful Virtue And Adaptability

The streets are filled with whiny, entitled millennials. They spent $100k on a degree in lesbian poetry, and now they expect to have the debt paid off for them by magic. They assume Donald Drumpf is a Russian Nazi and have no respect for the democratic process.

I’m sorry, but where are these people? I don’t see them. They exist on the television as Soros’s rent-a-mob. But I don’t know them in real life. I’ve met more in-real-life millennials who spread frog memes all over the internet than who would dress in black and harass people on their way to work.

First off, I have met almost no one who spent anywhere close to that much on a liberal arts degree. Yes, there are some extreme examples you hear about, but you hear about those for exactly that reason. They are extreme examples.

This blog post was inspired off this article, which was a response to a Salon article claiming that it’s awesome that starving artist types are buying expensive hippie food on food stamps. The article responding to that article is worth reading, but they make the false assumption that these are normative, when they’re not.

Most millennials realize that we were lied to. It’s not a moral sin to avoid college. Very few jobs “just want you to have a college degree in something”. Jobs only pay well if you produce something of value people want to buy.

And yeah, we’re furious about it. But that doesn’t mean we have stomped off in a huff and refused to do anything about it.

Millennials are going to trade school. They are working in factories and warehouses. They start businesses. They work hard to get a management position at whatever franchise retail or restaurant they’re stuck at.

These aren’t the people the media focuses on. They don’t make good cover stories for Time. They aren’t good scapegoats for end-of-society fearmongering.


I have met almost no one who starts an idiotic business like Cracker Barrel and then just coasts on that for forty years. Baby boomers grew up in a time when you could get lucky on a bad idea and then do nothing for the rest of your life.

Lazy? Entitled? Never before has a generation been given such a gap between promised opportunities and actual opportunities. Old people assume we are lazy and entitled just because we are mad they lied to us. I constantly meet millennials working two jobs. Milliennials do the brunt of service staff work. So throw us a thank you for cooking your dinner. Maybe actually tip your waitress.

The entitlement is that we want to be able to afford to live. Yes, the half-baked socialism is retarded and embarrassing. But a lot of that stems from just how hard it is to support yourself. And we could have developed marketable skills, but we were told to follow our dreams instead.

And there’s no sympathy from the older generation. They don’t have the humility to admit they were wrong. They don’t want to understand our rage, because it would indict them.

Blame us for moving back in with our parents? Seriously? Family exists to support each other. Old people wanted to retire just so they could waste twenty years collecting seashells in Florida. They don’t love their children and grandchildren. We’re just a status symbol and an inconvenience. What good is family if they won’t help you in difficult times? Isn’t that the exact reason family exists at all?


You know another great trend I see in millennials that I see very little of in older generations? A desire to return to the land.

It’s by no means a majority, but I meet more and more millennials who want to buy ten acres and raise goats. Small towns are having a small population boom. Millennials don’t want to live in a big city where everything is a franchise.

Boomers and Gen X swore “I’ll get out of this hick town someday”, and in the process they forfeited an authentic sense of community.

In ten years, fast food as we know it will be over. Millennials reject the high-priced slop of McDonald’s and Subway, instead supporting real food like Five Guys and Firehouse Subs. I have probably met exactly zero people under 30 who have any respect for the Big Mac or the Whopper.

[Though Five Guys is over-rated. Hate me if you want. I would rather go to Applebee’s. Yes, I just said that. No apologies.]

Walmart is hurting in sales and slowly closing stores. Target isn’t doing much better. Corporate bookstores are closing down, and independent bookstores are flourishing.

Millennials want authentic culture. Sometimes that desire produces dress-up culture with the weird lumberjack handlebar mustache thing. But it’s a rarity.

Don’t believe what the radio says — millennials want authentic, rootsy music. I have met several people who learned to play things like accordion or mandolin, which until recently were in danger of becoming as forgotten and archaic as the lute or panpipes. Most (straight white male) millennials prefer either classic rock and country or independent music in the wide marketplace of the internet, but almost no one listens to top 40. (The radio is marketed almost entirely to women.)

And the bad praise pop music at church? They say “it’s what the young people want”, but it’s a lie. Young people want beautiful old hymns rich in doctrine, but they’re told it’s a sin to want anything traditional. Praise pop is for middle aged single mothers who are upset they are too old for youth group. The actual youth want actual adult church, and being denied this is a major reason evangelicalism is hemorrhaging members (which I’ve written about extensively on ROK). You can’t have the much prayed for Third Great Awakening unless your church is worthy of having people trust in and commit to it, and that won’t happen with emotionally manipulative soft rock and motivational speaker as a preacher.

I’m no Catholic, but from everything I’ve been told, young people are demanding the traditional Latin mass so much that even the pope has made a statement trying to get them to settle down. Most millennial Catholics who actually believe in Catholic teaching hate the novus ordo, as far as I can tell. And most (young) protestants converting to the break-off Anglicans want Anglo-Catholic high church liturgy.

One benefit of the death of the economy is also the slow death of liberalism. Liberals hold “a good job” over your head and force you to agree with their politically correct garbage. Many millennials realize they’ll be working a dead end job for the next forty years, and if they lose this low-paying job for saying something racist, then they can easily find another one.

There’s the real reason for the rise in nationalism. You don’t have anything to bribe us with. There’s nothing to lose for being a patriarchal, Jew-hating bigot. (Same reason there are so many white power gangs in prison.)

And of course, as people move back into the country, they move more right-wing. Self-reliance tends to do that. One of the most significant shifts in the 2016 election is that the parties reframed from liberal vs conservative to urban vs rural.


If you want to look at a whiny, self-pitying, nihilistically hedonistic generation, look at the gen x. I probably hate the gen x more than any other generation. This is the generation that invented having casual sex behind a Pizza Hut dumpster. At least baby boomers still “made love”.

Don’t tell me millennials are degenerate or don’t want to accomplish anything with their lives. We didn’t prop up fat losers like Kevin Smith. We don’t have an equivalent of Kurt Cobain, nor do we want one.

Most morbidly obese, science-fiction-obsessed, formerly-Catholic-but-now-liberal-atheists I meet are gen x. They are 40 years old. They have a job doing, I don’t know what. I don’t know what old people do for a living. Work in insurance? Probably nothing.

The gen x had some amazing music, but otherwise they didn’t accomplish anything. They just felt sorry for themselves for forty years instead of pick up the pieces and try to create something.


The millennials are the hardest working generation in decades. The difference is the gap in opportunity. Old people cherry pick a few extreme examples about someone avoiding a car payment in order to get a tattoo and then claim that’s the average. All the while they lecture us on not being prejudiced.

If you are above 30 and think that millennials are tasteless, intellectually shallow beatniks who demand everything be handed to them and avoid work like, well, like the 1960s generation avoided work, then you should scarf another three Big Macs down your throat. Hopefully you’ll die of early onset diabetes and I won’t have to pay for your Social Security.

Don’t Be A Severus Snape

What I hate most about Harry Potter is the shallow morality. Rowling takes emotionally immature, toxic attitudes and calls them virtues such as loyalty and friendship.

Consider Severus Snape. He’s the weird outcast kid. The goth. The emo. The alt right kid with divorced parents. He’s best friends with the hot popular girl who’s nice to all the loser kids. He falls in love with her, but she’s way out of his league. She friend-zones him for seven years and then marries his bully, the dumb jock.

And then he spends the next twenty years stalking her and yearning for her love. He both bullies her kid and swears to protect him out of love for her.

Move on with you life, guy. You aren’t defined by the crappy things that happened in high school.

That was the worst possible way to end the subplot, and you just know Rowling’s idiot fans thought it was sweet. “Oh, Lily is so perfect. She loves everyone. Even Snape never got over her. It’s a love triangle!”

This teaches kids that the way you feel in high school will and should last forever. Nothing is more pure and sacred than high school love. If someone doesn’t like you back, by no means give up or re-evaluate why she (or he, for the female readers) doesn’t like you.

Snape had no reason to care about Lily. She’s just some dumb blonde bitch from high school. And he had no reason to hate Harry. He’s just your typical dickweed teenager. And Dumbledore had absolutely no business encouraging Snape to protect Harry sheerly out of nostalgia for his best friend from fourth grade.

It also teaches people to take pity on the loser kids. It infantalizes them instead of holds them to a standard. Which, in a circular way, only makes the loser kids even more revolting. I have zero sympathy for Snape.

Junior year of high school, I asked out a girl who told me off very harshly. One of those preacher’s kids with the weird artist haircut and fashion who had this idea that all guys suck by virtue of being guys. I was so upset that for the next several years I almost never asked anyone out. I didn’t know how to. And I was afraid of upsetting them or making them feel awkward.

Looking back, it was horribly pathetic, but if I could come out of that beta male suckiness, then anyone can. So there’s no excuses.

And am I bitter at her? No, of course not. She was fifteen. Teenagers are assholes. No one at that age knows how to handle these kinds of interactions with the opposite sex. Everyone is self-interested in their own way.

And this doesn’t just apply to getting friendzoned. Whatever went wrong in high school, don’t let it define you. Whatever went right in high school, don’t let it define you. The day after graduation, nobody cares who was on the yearbook committee or who won the talent show or who ate alone at lunch. Nobody cares who was the classic “item” couple.

Ladies, if you’re dating a guy who is graduating before you, and if he goes off to a college more than an hour away, he will break up with you after he gets there. It doesn’t matter how perfect you two were. It doesn’t matter that everyone in high school knew you as Kyle&Kaitlyn. He won’t even call — you will get a text message letting you know that it’s over. You’re just the high school kid he slept with.

Senior year of high school, I sat dead last in the trombone section behind the deaf kid. Oh well. Looking back, I only did so badly in band because I was bored with the simplistic music they taught us. I’ve progressed musically since then. I can do amazing jazz improvisation stuff. I can sight-sing acapella choir. What do I care that I was the loser of high school marching band?

I had two girls that year agree to go with to me prom and then back out. I ended out working the fries station at Chickfila that night. Today it’s something I occasionally laugh over.

American Blacks Still Have A Slave Mentality

I’ve had a lot of low-skill jobs, which means I’ve worked with a lot of black people. I also ran plumbing calls in Jackson, Mississippi ghetto apartments one summer. So I am intimately familiar with the black underclass (and have definitely met poor blacks who were genuinely good people).

There are two kinds of black employees: the kiss-ass over-acheiver and the half-ass under-acheiver.

In other words, the house nigger and the field nigger.

Blacks have never given up their slave mentality. They do whatever they are told. Their music tells them to be a sex-obsessed murderous psychopath, so that’s how they live. They see the opportunity for government handouts, so they gladly reach into the bowl without any thought to broader consequences to society, long-term consequences to themselves, or simple shame at not being self-sufficient. And why would they consider that? It’s the master’s job to make those calculations.

If you view blacks as children trying to function in an adult society, their behavior makes a lot more sense. Personally, they always struck me as feral dogs. They travel in packs and prey on fear but will quickly back down if threatened. I NEVER allow blacks to intimidate me, because that only emboldens them.

Corrine Brown was a congresswoman from Jacksonville, Florida for 24 years. She was re-elected for two solid decades. A few years ago in the early Obama years, a viral video came out of her in a Florida Gators bathrobe talking on the floor of the House in deep south black creole about how the Gators were the greatest football team ever.

Last year she went to prison for stealing money from a scholarship fund. She didn’t even bother to launder it.

I understand that once in a while people will vote in a bad politician, but let me reiterate that she was re-elected eleven times. 24 years guiding the most powerful, morally responsible country on earth. Eleven times the dumb colored folk of Jacksonville offered up their best and brightest and forced the rest of the country to take her seriously. They forced America into ideological slavery. And if you dare criticize it, you get a whopping and have to beg for mercy. Just ask Roseanne.

You can tell a lot about a people based on whom they choose for leaders. Slaves shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit too far. Disenfranchsing an entire race, including those who try to live as good citizens, would cause a horrible race war at worst and at best just make blacks more whiney. And we should incentivize the Huxtable-types of the race by letting them join polite society. We can’t turn back the clock. Fine.

Can we at least restore the requirement that you have to own property to vote? I would gladly give up my right to vote if it meant eliminating the electorate that would vote for someone like Corrine Brown.

Honesty Is The Greatest Aphrodisiac

Ugh. Do I really want to write a game post?

Yes. Because this is something that I always meant to say on ROK and never got around to it. Mainly because I wasn’t a game writer. So for the sake of completeness, here we go. Back into manosphere mode.

Everywhere a woman goes, especially young women in our society, she is lied to in order to get something out of her, usually sex or money. All of our advertising, all of our fashion, all of our popular culture is designed around this.

Our economy is based upon selling trinkets to young women who are terrible with money. Ugg Boots, iPhones, the ugliest jewelry in the history of mankind. At least half of whatever is for sale at your local mall is marketed towards young women. And when they get too old, they go shop at stores like Forever 21.

Our social heuristic — “follow your dreams” — is feminism glorifying work and delaying childbirth so that women will have more money to spend on trinkets that no one with actual life responsibilities would waste money on.


Don’t tell me that men are more rational than women. Men can be perfectly rational until there’s a piece of ass at stake. Suddenly all clear thinking goes out the window. Men will believe and say anything for a chance at getting laid. We will burn all of society down with social justice bullshit just because we think it will get us laid. A manosphere friend of mine wrote dozens of articles about how you should avoid broken women like the plague, only to fall in love with an obvious psychopath who nearly destroyed his life.

And very often, we don’t even do it to get laid. We do it out of a vague sense of virtue signaling. It’s as though we think women have more moral authority than men, and so we will burn our friendships with other men in order to prove to unavailable women that we are supportive of them. I had several close protestant Christian friends who burned their relationship with me over the ongoing post break up drama that my college girlfriend instigated, even though I’m the one who introduced her to them! (This is the Petunia in my ROK article about being morally apathetic.)

Their nice guy morality enabled and encouraged her to rush into marrying the next guy who showed her attention, an off-the-boat Mexican who barely spoke English and was probably twenty IQ points below her (she is actually very intelligent and cultured, at least when I knew her). Based on my Facebook stalking, she never seems happy, there are no pictures of them close, and she embodies the term “frumpy” like a Platonic ideal. But these friends of mine insisted it was true love, as though such a thing can possibly exist without having lived together and suffered each other for several years! They acted as though merely dating was a pure, sacred bond that I had no moral license to interfere in (I was stupidly trying to get her back — the whole experience was a goldmine of life lessons).

(No, I am not bitter. It’s been eight years. We would have been bitterly divorced years ago if we had gotten married. Both of us were devoid of emotional maturity at the time.)


We men have become cowards. We have no integrity. Women are just objects to us — whether sexual, financial, or moral. Is it any surprise that they meet our expectations? Women no longer develop individuality or virtue because they are just a means to an end for us men. We do not expect them to act like adults.

Oh, is that too cynical and crass? Does it seem that I am over thinking things? Perhaps even, dare I say, almost agreeing with feminists?

How many times have you been told, “No woman will ever love you with your views.”?

In other words, sell out your beliefs about reality for pussy.

And women know this. They are expert bullshit detectors. They only believe the lies they wish were true.

So when you the man who has enough of his own identity to not care if the world hates you is willing to be blunt and honest with her, she melts. It doesn’t matter what horrible right wing thing you espouse. It doesn’t matter that you tell her to lose some weight. You can straight up tell her that all women are sociopaths (which most women will admit if they’re honest).

She doesn’t care. You’ve hit the right button. You are the only person in the world who is not lying to her for your own gain. She knows she can trust you.

Because she knows she can’t trust herself. She knows she is a child who will let herself be led off a cliff. She wants an anchor who will keep her from self destruction.

I always laugh inside when women claim they have low self esteem, as though that is something unique. ALL women have low self esteem. All women know they cannot trust themselves. That’s why they need you to be trustworthy.

Whenever a man cheats on his wife, she says, “It’s not the sex that bothers me. It’s knowing that my life was a lie.” In most non-Christian cultures, women will tolerate their man cheating on her via polygamy or concubines so long as he doesn’t hide it from her.


I always cringe when women make their husbands backtrack on a vague joke about her getting old or something. Stand your ground! Apologizing over a contrived conflict isn’t going to make her respect you, because she already doesn’t respect you. And it waters down the value of any real apology for a real transgression you will have later.

This is the power of the neg. The neg is NOT about lowering her self esteem. Let me say it again, because no one gets this point. You do NOT insult a woman you want to sleep with in order to lower her confidence. If you approach it like that, she’ll see what you are doing and think you are manipulative — ie, the opposite of honest. You’re being just like everyone else.

You mildly criticize a woman you want to sleep with because it shows that you are willing to be honest with her. It doesn’t have to be anything large. Just tell her she should brush her hair or smile more. Whatever. You’ll figure out the right thing to say in the moment.


Good Southern Christians Don’t Wear Green: The Saint Patrick’s Day Post

Is it too late for a St Patrick’s Day post?

St Patrick sacrificed everything to follow Christ. The American response is to commemorate him by getting black out drunk.

And this is because American St Patrick’s Day is, fundamentally, a Catholic thing, and Catholicism is inherently hedonistic. Just look at Mardi Gras.

Most people think that the Irish flag is three vertical bars of green, white, and orange. But this is not the national flag of the Irish people. It is only the political flag of the Republic of Ireland. The national flag of Ireland is a white field with a red “x”, and it has been incorporated into the Union Jack.

The green represents the Catholics, the orange represents the protestants, and the white represents the hope for peace between them.

In former times when symbols had meaning, orange was the color of the protestants, because of the association with the region in southern France. As you may remember from high school history, there was an English protestant king named William of Orange. The reason your carrots are orange in the supermarket (but white, black and purple at the farmer’s market) is because the Dutch bred them to be orange to express their protestant loyalties.

When you put on the green for St Patrick’s Day, you are announcing your loyalty to the pope and all the blasphemies taught by the Catholic Catechism

“But it’s just a goofy tradition. Does it really matter?”

Yes. Symbols and history have meanings. Symbols may shift their meanings in different contexts, but that doesn’t make them empty. If you put on an upside pentagram with a goat’s head, you know it’s an occult symbol. But people put on the green every March 17th without a thought to where it came from, assuming that Ireland just has really nice grass.

But it gets worse. The protestants in Ireland aren’t actually Irish. They are mostly the descendants of low-country Scottish. (The borderlands aren’t actually flat, but compared to the rest of Scotland they would look like low country.) Some of these Scots-Irish stayed in Ireland, but many came to Pennsylvania and filled up the American interior, especially the South. As for those who stayed in Ireland, this erupted into an on-again-off-again civil war in the 20th century, with the Catholics in the Irish Republican Army (IRA) committing domestic terrorism in Northern Ireland in the latter decades of the century.

For those of us who are good Scottish-descent blood-and-soil “God and guns but not George the Third” Americans, when you wear green on March 17th, you are expressing your solidarity with those who murder your distant cousins.

If you absolutely insist on celebrating St Patrick’s Day, at least wear traffic cone orange instead of just doing whatever society tells you to do. Your ancestors were mowed down by the English in Great Britain, then mowed down by the English in Ireland, then mowed down by the English in the American Revolution, and then mowed down by the English-descent Yankees in the Civil War (plus the various exploitations of coal miners and whiskey distillers). And for some reason you still trust authority?

Serving in the British Army, Captain Johann Henricks, one of the much despised ‘Hessians’, wrote in frustration ‘Call it not an American rebellion, it is nothing more than an Irish-Scotch Presbyterian Rebellion.’ [link]

If someone pinches you for not wearing green, punch him in the throat in the name of John Knox. Have an ounce of integrity for once.

Read More: Armchair Anthropology: The Difference Between Scottish And Irish Culture And Its Effect On America

Blog Thoughts: 6/1/18

Most casual readers will probably want to skip this one. The most loyal readers will want to at least read the bottom section.

And let me just say, thank you all for being here. Even those who hate-read me. You don’t know what it means to me to have people who care about my social commentary. It’s really oxymoronic to say, since it should have the opposite effect, but every like and comment and view you guys give is deeply humbling.

I don’t even know you guys, so it’s not like you’re just being polite. This isn’t just a passing interest. We aren’t making conversation over the dinner table that will be fascinating today and forgotten tomorrow. You guys genuinely value what I have to say about life, despite all the generalizations, foul language, sloppy editing, and aggressive moralizing.

This is going to sound really pathetic and needy to say, but that kind of validation is not something I get much of in real life.

I’m not a nice person. People like me at first and then grow to resent me. Usually they miss me after a few months after the friendship ends. People resent how blunt I am, and I think it often stems from jealousy. And no matter how hard I try, no matter how radical my social tact, I have never had just regular friendships with people. I always inspire either admiration or resentment.


A few months ago, I was getting some 70 views per post. Now it’s down to 3. Which is fine. I don’t need the internet attention, and I have a feeling more people are reading my posts than the stats page shows. But how does this algorithm work? It’s like the less I write, the more people read it. I’m just really confused. Did I run all the readers off with the George Lincoln Rockwell stuff? It’s not like you can point to a single post in the last four years and say “That’s the most offensive thing he’s ever said.” It’s been pretty consistently deplorable. I understand that I get worked up sometimes and over-state things, but that doesn’t explain it.

I’m trying to keep posts down to two a week and leave room for current events if need be. As I said, I schedule philosophy things weeks in advance. Do you guys want them more often or less often? Let me know in the comments.

I went back and looked at the statistics for my old posts. In the two years I took off from blogging, it is amazing how much my old posts have been viewed. Many push towards 1000 and some even break it. And they really weren’t that good. Few have less than 300 views.

Did I have a secret cult following during my time off? I checked the statistics once in a while during that time, and they were rarely very high.

This got 2100 views. Why? It’s not bad, but it’s nothing earth shattering either.

3300 views? Who the fuck is reading this shit? I mean, I still agree with every word in it, but it’s just generic red pill talking points. There is nothing unique. Was I just telling people what they want to hear?

And there was my post criticizing the Orthodox Church, but that only has north of 4000 views because I posted it on one of those retarded Facebook groups to troll them, and now people still spread it around once in a while for some reason. The comments on that are pathetic, and I’m glad I upset so many losers who make us Orthodox Christians all look bad. I really dislike the “act happy for the sake of the group’s image” vein of Orthodoxy. They make the whole thing look like a fun day at Disney World instead of an experience that is supposed to challenge your deepest assumptions about yourself.

Will baby boomer self-esteem optimism never go away? If you’re going to become Orthodox Christian, leave your 20th century Eurocentric liberalism at the door. The Orthodox Church (at least in the USA) is flooded with hack priests who take whatever is the trendy center-right social position and call it Holy Tradition. Nine out of ten people who have been through all I have been through would not still be Orthodox, so forgive me if I don’t take Ancient Faith Radio seriously. This isn’t a team sport for me.

(I realize that most of my readers aren’t Orthodox.)

Anyway, after I quit ROK, something like a dozen people messaged me to ask I keep writing. One ROK writer begged. Why? It’s not that great. I said the same thing over and over. It was all armchair philosophy and vicarious living.


Admittedly, I should have left with less drama and waited another month. That’s my regret in leaving. I had been planning on waiting until I had written for ROK for a full year before quitting, and I should have stuck to that. Or at least given it a few more weeks so it didn’t look like a total cause and effect.

The AmRen post. We decided to add the second half as a response to what Matt Parrot wrote. Looking back, that was a complete mistake. We should have left it where it was. Most people would never know about the drama that happened. We just spread it around. And we gave Parrot’s internet drama creedence by responding.

Afterwards Matt Parrot asked me to write for the Traditionalist Workers site. I didn’t know at the time exactly what they were about. I told him I was quitting writing. Then a year later I see them on tv getting into a knife fight in Sacramento.

Shortly after I quit, the Trumpening happened, along with the ascension of the dissident right. It was a prime time to make a name for yourself. I knew Trump would win, and I knew the alt right was collectivist Marxism for people who think they are conservative. I also had great Bruce Jenner jokes.

And I missed it all. Huge missed opportunity.

I honestly don’t regret it. The things I’ve written in the last year are so much better than my 2014-2015 writing. That wouldn’t have happened if I kept writing. The difference in life maturity is so clear to me.


And these alt right fuckers pretending to be fascist. I was the original fashy goy. In ninth and tenth grade (2005-2007) I became fascinated with Mussolini (and I never really stopped). Read several books. Had a t-shirt that said “Mussolini World Tour” and showed the places he was at war with. Briefly only wore black shirts. Got upset whenever people associated Hitler with fascism.

During spring 2006, illegal immigration came to the forefront of political discourse. Bush gave his first address on something other than terrorism. I believed democracy would do the right thing and send them home. Instead, all the Republican politicians said they favored amnesty (“sending them to the back of the line”) and then did nothing at all. Even my hero Bill O’Reilly supported amnesty. Soon everything returned to the war and all the other pressures in America were forgotten.

I was crushed. Democracy had failed. God-inspired democracy had not done the exact thing it was promised to do. Everything was a lie.

And a decade and change later, suddenly it’s cool to be a fascist. And not a real fascist, either. Just a fake internet fascist with a love of cock. The alt right did to Mussolini what the left did to Che Guevara — turned a complex idealist whose vision forever changed the world into a cheap fashion statement.

Isn’t that how all fringe movements go?


I don’t want this on the final post, but, God willing, I’ll be attending seminary this fall, which means I’ll have to gear down the social commentary. Or really, refocus it. If you don’t hear from me after September, you’ll understand why. If I ever publish a book under another name (the Orthodox Church has a tradition of giving people new names, and I plan on leaving Blair Naso behind in my 20s), I will try to email my email subscribers the link. Though it would be like three years at least from then, if at all, and it would be explicitly religious.

Ultimately, writing vaguely racial social commentary on the internet does not make America great again. I do this blog because I’m bored with life. As one of you said in the comments, writers have to write. In the two years I quit, I did a lot of email writing to mentor figures.

You don’t become a writer because you want to, in the sense that you want an ice cream. You become a writer, or at least you become a good writer, because you are compelled to and you cannot help but write.

I’m not actively planning on writing theology (to use the word very loosely) books, but realistically it’s probably going to happen, just knowing the way I am.

If you want to keep up with my writing for the very long term, make sure you email-subscribe. I honestly don’t know where that button is, but I know I have nine email-subscribers. Which isn’t the same as a WordPress subscriber. Go figure.

I realize some day it may be widely known that I used to write for ROK and have said “nigger” all over this blog, and I may get my very own special HuffPo profile. I’ve decided it doesn’t matter. At the time I’ll say that I refuse to either defend or denounce the things I wrote in my 20s before ever having an ounce of church authority. And I’ll end my statement (you know, in the future) by saying that all forms of feminism are definitely opposed to Christianity, because, like all forms of Marxism, feminism appeals to the base drives of anger and greed and teaches that these are virtues.

And for all we know, political correctness may be dead in the water in three years. Mainstream media doesn’t seem to have any moral authority for the vast majority of Americans. Even liberals don’t get their news from cable TV.

But anyway. Email-subscribe if you want even more Blair Naso in the long term.