The Christmas Post

Happy day before Thanksgiving. You just know this one’s going to be cynical, don’t you? I’ll try to make it different than every other blog’s “fuck you dad” Christmas post.

In 20 years Christmas will be much smaller of a thing. We already cut the “mass” out of Christmas and quit going to church. Now it’s just Santa and snow and family. Except most of the country doesn’t have snow on Christmas. And Santa was a lie. And we all had broken families.

Or even if your parents stayed together, they’ve probably disappointed you to a great degree. Or even if you have the closest family ever, it’s not like you have only one day of the year to spend with them.

Evangelical Christians say “Keep Christ in Christmas”, and then they spend hundreds of dollars in presents from Santa and skip church on Christmas morning, and then they wonder why kids are all atheists. It’s like the whole holiday — especially the music — is designed to convince old people that they still have a happy family despite getting divorced seventeen times. It’s like Baptist church’s primary messages distilled down into a two month holiday of forced cheer.

Songs talk about the magic of Christmas night, but it seems like Christmas is over by noon. Christmas Eve always seemed like much more of Christmas than actual Christmas Day. Maybe that’s because it starts before all the fighting (and alcohol), and Christmas Day is for reflecting on how last night reminded you of how terrible your childhood truly was.

It’s the old people who broke up our homes who pretend that this is something magical and loving and joyful. And then you start fighting with your cousins, and they force you all into the basement and tell you to leave them alone because you’re killing the magic, and then they can’t understand why you walked out and spent Christmas Eve at Krystal your senior year in high school.


Like I need another sweater vest to never wear. You make an Amazon wish list of all the books and CDs you lust after, and then they sit around for five years unused and taking up space.

Two years ago I got each of my brothers a music cd that I picked just for them. Only one actually listened to it. Seriously? You can’t pop it in for an hour as a token gesture of not wasting my money? It’s not like I have bad taste in music. I quit buying presents after that.

I hate getting gift cards. Worse is cash. I’d rather receive nothing than get cash. It makes me feel like a whore. Frankly I’m at the age where I don’t need presents or even want them.

And does anyone ever get Blair a bottle of good whiskey? Of course not, because they have this idea that I’m an alcoholic (for good reason). It’s the one thing you could surprise me with that I would genuinely enjoy.

One year I brought a bottle of Beefeater to the white elephant gift exchange, desperately hoping my younger cousins would get it. It went to my stockbroker uncle, probably for the best.

I used to get clove cigars every Christmas and Easter and only for Christmas and Easter. It’s more religious that way.

And why a turkey? Nobody actually likes turkey, or else they would do it more than twice a year. You only serve it because of Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom From Want”. Goose tastes far better. Or at least a duck.

The canned cranberry sauce they always serve even though no one touches it. Why wouldn’t you just make it yourself? You basically just boil cranberries. It’s the easiest thing, and it tastes a million times better than the canned shit. Why would you serve something you know no one will eat?


Most Christmas pop songs are from the 50s and 60s. In 1963 Phil Spector released his classic Christmas album. If you go into the mall, you’ll hear half of it within an hour. There’s a few good tracks, but most of it is painfully bad pop. Out of thirteen songs, twelve are secular and “Silent Night” is instrumental. Yeah, tell me more about how Christianity was abandoned overnight in the late 60s without any build up…

Two years later was the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Charlie Brown is depressed because of the above smaltzy bad pop. So they make him director of the Christmas play. Nobody takes him seriously because they know he can’t do anything right ever, and trying your best doesn’t count in the real world. So he goes to buy a Christmas tree. Everyone makes fun of him, including his dog with the horrible personality that children loved for some reason. In a last cry of desperation, he asks what’s the true meaning of Christmas. Linus quotes the Bible, and Charlie Brown walks off satisfied.

Then the ending makes no sense at all. Charlie Brown tries to decorate the tree in one last attempt at hope and faith and life. And he murders it. Screaming in existential pain, he runs off screen to drink a gallon of bleach. For no reason, the children decide to treat him decently for once, and they deus ex machina decorate the tree successfully.

Schulz wrote himself into a corner, but he wanted his big “fuck you” to the audience. And I deeply admire his brass balls in that. The man knew how to troll. Fifty years later that animation special has turned into all kinds of kitschy merchandise you can buy at the Hallmark store. It’s the Che Guevara of Christmas movies.


Does it seem like every American holiday is an excuse to gorge yourself? It’s like every holiday has been watered down to “Chocolate and Fucking Day”. Isn’t Christmas just a merger of Thanksgiving, Easter, and your birthday? Why even have Thanksgiving anymore, if it’s so close to Christmas?

Christmas presents would make more sense if it was like “I made you my special chili recipe” instead of “here’s twenty dollars worth of gifts that will make you feel guilty if you don’t like it”.

I feel like Cindy Lou Who. What’s the true meaning of Christmas? It’s not Jesus, because nobody goes to church on Christmas (though my family always bakes a cake and sings happy birthday). It’s not family, because they told us to go into the basement and leave them alone and also to not steal liquor or share cigarettes with the younger cousins while they’re making a point to not look. It’s not charity, because they spent a thousand dollars on presents.

I think the true meaning of Christmas is old people bribing us into pretending they didn’t destroy our sense of trust and warmth through their narcissistic attitudes they refuse to ever admit to. An apology and a little humility would be far cheaper. That’s cynical, isn’t? But what else do you expect about a holiday about snow when outside everything is brown and dead.


The White Race Is Worthless Without Christ

The white race is worthless without Christian values. Yes, there’s an inherent creativity and curiosity, but without the foundation of Christianity, we are just pagans sacrificing our children to Moloch. Today’s Moloch is called equality, and it takes the form of birth control and open borders. The ancient Romans thought they were spreading justice and law throughout the world in a noble mission of enlightening the heathens, all the while having a legal system that would make us shudder in disgust today. This was the same culture that crucified Jesus.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a white supremacist, but anything about the West that is the best has to have a foundation of values that sets the tone for the whole culture. Without this foundation, all beauty and truth is lost. Thus we will accept either no beauty and truth, or we will accept a substitute for beauty and truth.

All western liberalism is based on bastardized Christian values. A pre-Christian culture could never dream of equality. Man being created in the image of an invisible singular God and rising above nature (instead of being “one with nature”) was a revolutionary and dangerous concept in ancient Egypt. Any attempt to continue western civilization without the Christian God will only turn into more tyranny and “forced freedom” (to reference Rousseau, if I remember correctly), as happened with the French and Russian revolutions in the last few centuries.

Freedom in our society, of course, means anarchy instead of self-mastery. It is a political goal and not a personal one. A state of society and wealth instead of the human spirit.

Therefore, even if all of western Europe elected a Geert Wilders, it would do them exactly no good. Perhaps Europe is importing Muslims so as to break the cycle of post-Christian tyranny. Fear whomever can destroy the soul more than whomever can destroy the body.

As for Trump, notice he is making a lot of Christian statements, using terms like “Word of God”. The president does not just make laws but models the tone for the culture, and on some level Trump realizes that a non-Christian America can not sustain itself. If nothing else, for this you should be grateful to him.

But the president can only do so much. Putin makes Christian gestures because his electorate demands it. It would be wise for us to follow the pattern that the Russian people have. Hopefully we won’t have to endure 70 years of communism to learn that lesson.

The Democrats are the Fun Party

Lately I’ve seen a lot of conservatives say things like how half of women are against abortion — and therefore feminists don’t represent women as a bloc — or that Trump wants to keep the federal government from funding abortion — and therefore keeping laws off women’s bodies. Or that feminists don’t care at all about how Muslims treat women and have even started wearing the hijab. Or that, when dealing with ethnic minorities and Muslims, liberals have “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” Or that Democrats continue to stagnate the black community by keeping them “on the welfare plantation.” All of that is true and entirely irrelevant.

None of this was every about equality or justice. It was only ever about bribing the electorate to give you more power. Blacks don’t care about equality, empowerment, or police ethics. Just send them their monthly check and tell them they are good people, and they’ll keep voting you into office.

Feminists use abortion and Trump’s crassness as a cover issue, but they don’t actually care about either of them. They bought 100 million copies of 50 Shades of Grey and still love Bill Clinton, so don’t tell me feminists don’t like rape. The real reason they vote not-Republican is so they can say “Screw you, Dad!” to the white patriarchy. Same reason they love Islam. They think it’s revenge on their Trump-esque father who never truly loved them.

The same is true with gays. They tend to be fairly wealthy and fiscally conservative, but that doesn’t matter because the Democrats will let them dance almost naked in a parade. They have sex with men to fill the hole where their father’s love was supposed to be. There seems to be a pattern with the Democrats being the absent-father party.

What was Obama’s big sell in 2008? Was it bringing back jobs (the ability to earn money) or expansion of abortion rights (the ability to avoid inconvenience) or urban renewal (the improvement of black neighborhoods)? No, it was health care. He promised us cheaper health insurance. It was a lie and a lot of people knew it, but “free” always wins out over “careful planning.” Bernie did the same thing with free college and a minimum wage hike, and there’s a whole generation torching the streets of Washington in his name.

What do gay pride parades, black riots, and feminist Slut Walks all have in common? They are fun. The Republicans are not fun. We are just serious. Bush Jr tried to be fun, and it was always a disaster. Barry Obama on the other hand went on late night talk shows all the time to share some laffs with the nation. How could he be a bad person if he’s so warm and friendly? And his wife often went on Oprah to share her angry face with the lonely women of America in a kind of nation-wide period-synching. Every media personality and celebrity who has ever met Hillary Clinton has said she is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Even Bernie’s critics thought he was a nice honest guy who just had some bad ideas. I’ve met Fr Stephen Freeman twice (and got talking to him for a half hour after a wedding before I learned who he was), and he’s the nicest, most open-hearted sociopath I’ve ever met.

Nice, nice, nice, nice. It’s such a shallow word to describe shallow people. I’ve learned to never trust nice people. The gullible and emotionally immature think “warm and friendly” equates to “compassion and selflessness” or — if you’re an evangelical Christian — “strong spiritual role model”.

Republicans need to quit appealing to minorities, feminists, and homosexuals. The Democrats will always be able to out-bribe us and out-smile us. Democrats give away candy for free, and Republicans sell vegetables. Free candy always wins, but sooner or later it will make you sick. Then we adults have to come in and sweep up the mess for a nation of ungrateful children.

Five Reasons Socialism Cannot Fit Within Christianity

1) Christianity is about resurrection, which implies that we are already dead. It has a defined goal. It seeks personal improvement. And this translates into small actions day-to-day that have no big picture impact but are huge in the small picture. Christianity is an ideology about life and second chances.

Marxism is about destruction. You must murder society before you can resurrect it. But there is no goal on the other side. There is just a vague notion of justice, but it is arbitrary and constantly changing. The individual is his own authority and can decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die. And revolution wants to start from the ground up, so every thing about society must be washed away and began from scratch. And since that hasn’t happened yet (and never truly can), socialism is always in the process of destroying. It never gets to the rebuilding phase.

I had a friend, a nun, Mary Montgomery, one of the Sisters of Providence, who took me out to lunch every six months or so, and gave me twenty-dollar Target gift cards on Christmas. Her gestures to support someone, rather than expressions of hate against someone — even though these gestures were miniscule and did nothing to restore me to health — meant a great deal to me.

2) Christianity gives value to the individual. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Small actions of kindness have value. Each person has a responsibility. You have to love others no matter what they are like.

Marxism is collectivist. It sees people as groups based on a quality. There always must be a proletariat to overthrow a bourgeoise. The individual circumstance does not matter. All women are oppressed by all men, and therefore feminists claim to speak for “all women” even though very few American women actually consider themselves to be feminists. It is fueled by hatred for an opposing class and only has love for those who are like you.

Christianity teaches a heavenly kingdom. Christians are supposed to follow the existing laws and respect authority. We are not supposed to look for paradise on earth. But the Jewish leaders were expecting an earthly messiah who would overthrow the Romans, and that is why centuries later so many Jews have been Marxists. “Judeo-Christian values” is a contradiction in terms.

I volunteered with the Sisters of Charity. For them, I pumped cold water from a well and washed lice out of homeless people’s clothing. The sisters did not want to save the world. Someone already had. The sisters focused on the small things, as their founder, Mother Teresa, advised, “Don’t look for big things, just do small things with great love.” Delousing homeless people’s clothing was one of my few concrete accomplishments.


Affirmative action benefits recipients by color, not by income. Even this limited focus fails. In his 2004 Yale University Press study, Thomas Sowell insists that affirmative action helps only wealthier African Americans. Poor blacks do not benefit. In 2009, Princeton sociologists Thomas Espenshade and Alexandria Radford demonstrated that poor, white Christians are underrepresented on elite college campuses. Leftists add insult to injury. A blue-collar white kid, who feels lost and friendless on the alien terrain of a university campus, a campus he has to leave immediately after class so he can get to his fulltime job at MacDonald’s, must accept that he is a recipient of “white privilege” – if he wants to get good grades in mandatory classes on racism.

3) The ironic reversal of point #2 is that Marxism can only be achieved if the individual is atomized. All of humanity is supposed to be regrouped into the same collective. Therefore all identifiable ties must be destroyed. This is why leftists glorify single-parent families and coerce communities into racial diversity without letting it come about organically. Every sense of identity must be removed so that you are a complete individual.

Christianity is community-ist. Almost ever epistle in the Bible was written to a church or to a leader of a church. Some recent pope (I am having trouble finding the quote) said that the only thing we do alone is go to hell. St Ignatius said, “There is no salvation outside the Church.” The Orthodox Church teaches that, generally speaking, you should either be married or living in a monastery.

Of course we all have personal responsibility for our choices regardless of what others do. But we are tied to those around us. This is why Jesus says to maintain good terms with your neighbors even if you don’t like them. Christianity tries to build a community here and now. Marxism wants a community of inter-exchangeable parts in the distant future like some kind of bland lumpy porridge.

Marxism doesn’t care if prices sore while product quality plummets, so long as there is an illusion of equality. Poverty, murder, and the deep emotional suffering of grief and despair are incidental inconveniences in socialism. Mediocrity is at best a condition and at worst a goal.

Horowitz said something that interrupted my flow of thought. He pointed out that Camden, Paterson, and Newark had decades of Democratic leadership. I grew up among “Greatest Generation” Americans who had helped build these cities…Within a few short decades, Paterson, Camden, and Newark devolved into unlivable slums, with shooting deaths, drug deals, and garbage-strewn streets. The pain that New Jerseyans express about these failed cities is our state’s open wound.


In the end, though, we didn’t show up for the Marxist happily ever after. We believed in God and we were often devout Catholics. Leftists wanted us to slough off our ethnic identities and join in the international proletarian brotherhood — “Workers of the world, unite!” But we clung to ethnic distinctiveness. Future generations lost their ancestral ties, but they didn’t adopt the IWW flag; they flew the stars and stripes. “Property is theft” is a communist motto, but no one is more house-proud than a first generation Pole who has escaped landless peasantry and secured his suburban nest.

4) It is entirely focused on money. The goodness in life is not measured by a variety of life experiences, emotions, and relationships but in material possessions and endorphin highs. In Marxism, it is impossible to live a good life without some measure of luxury. But someone always has more luxury than you, which causes you to realize how poor you are. So socialism is built on jealousy. (Feminists do the same things with the men’s careers, educations and leadership positions.) If you’ve ever wondered where the connection between Jewish usury and Jewish communism is, it’s in this point.

Therefore people are always seen as a having a monetary value and not an intrinsic human worth. A person exists to further the people’s revolution. Beyond that they have no purpose in life. Atheism views man as a glorified machine that can be rewired as needed and therefore has no intrinsic value.

This is why communist governments murder their own citizens so frequently, even if those citizens are actively trying to work for the state. (Read From Russia, With Love by Ian Fleming.) And because people are defined by their possessions, it makes it easier to fit them into a collective based on class.

In Christianity, you are not supposed to be jealous of others. A good life is measured by the good you do and not the good you have. Jesus told the rich young ruler to sell everything he has, not so that the poor can be wealthy but so that the rich young ruler will be free to pursue righteousness.

Socialist Jesus would have told the rich young ruler to commit suicide and leave his possessions to a charity. After all, socialism doesn’t care about personal righteousness or self-improvement; its only concern is equality.

I felt that I was confronting the signature essence of my social life among leftists. We rushed to cast everyone in one of three roles: victim, victimizer, or champion of the oppressed. We lived our lives in a constant state of outraged indignation. I did not want to live that way anymore. I wanted to cultivate a disposition of gratitude. I wanted to see others, not as victims or victimizers, but as potential friends, as loved creations of God. I wanted to understand the point of view of people with whom I disagreed without immediately demonizing them as enemy oppressors.

5) Marxism teaches that the end of equality justifies the means. If the entire goal of history is to achieve equality, then you must do anything to achieve that salvation. Therefore, the individual circumstance is irrelevant. This is how the rape hoaxes of the last few years have come about. If women are by default the oppressed, then we have to believe any woman who claims to be raped, and even when she is proven to be lying, we must still sympathize with her.

This removes the notion of consequences. If women are taught they can get away with lying about rape, then they will lie even more about rape. Eventually men and even women will quit believing them. But that “sides” with men, so the feminists must double down and say that we should believe women even more. Truth doesn’t matter; only results matter.

This comfort with falsehood bleeds over into ethics. Something is only right or wrong depending on the class that commits it. Feminists make up the myth of rape culture on colleges and cherrypick isolated examples that usually turn out to be false. But these same feminists want to import Muslims who have a real rape culture. When these Muslims now living in the West act on their rape culture, feminists rush to cover up the story and dismiss the pattern, because they need Muslims to be a proletariat to help fight against the bourgeoise white males. This is why all liberals are hypocrites. And should a woman like Kelleyanne Conway, Anne Coulter or Sarah Palin side against the liberals, they are considered traitors to the revolution and must be executed mercilessly before they can gain influence.

In Christianity, because God is the origin of all reality, Truth matters. Perhaps you can tell a lie out of politeness or to save a life, but you cannot tell a lie to bolster the ideology. Equality is not the goal at all. The goal is making things into what they were created to be. And because we are all supposed to be achieving perfection, then all rape is bad no matter who commits it. And so Christian cultures have made rape illegal and have attached a strong social stigma to it. People are judged based on their choices and not on their class.

In Christianity, the goal of life is holiness. Therefore, the end of sanctification justifies any means. “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple. Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.” If you have to sell everything, if you have to be abandoned by your friends, if you have to give up a high-paying job, if you have to be murdered in order to achieve holiness, then you do so, because that is the purpose.

It is for this reason that Christianity sees suffering as a blessing. Suffering builds character. Secularism (and by extension Marxism) sees suffering as an inconvenience to be avoided whenever possible. Nietzsche has the famous phrase, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, and it is for that reason (among others) that he is more loved by Christians than his own atheists.

The atheist cannot imagine any good coming from hardship. He only wants luxury and pleasure, and he believes he is entitled to take it at any cost. In Charlotte, there is little middle class. You are either a very wealthy white or a poor minority. Unfair? Yes. Is it justice to riot downtown and take from the whites by force? It depends on what you view as the purpose of life.

I was a graduate student. Female genital mutilation came up in class. I stated, without ornamentation, that it is wrong. A fellow graduate student, one who was fully funded and is now a comfortably tenured professor, sneered at me. “You are so intolerant. Clitoredectomy is just another culture’s rite of passage. You Catholics have confirmation.”


The left’s visceral hatred of poor whites overflowed like a broken sewer when John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate in 2008. It would be impossible, and disturbing, to attempt to identify the single most offensive comment that leftists lobbed at Palin. One can report that attacks on Palin were so egregious that leftists themselves publicly begged that they cease; after all, they gave the left a bad name. The Reclusive Leftist blogged in 2009 that it was a “major shock” to discover “the extent to which so many self-described liberals actually despise working people.” The Reclusive Leftist focuses on Vanity Fair journalist Henry Rollins. Rollins recommends that leftists “hate-fuck conservative women” and denounces Palin as a “small town hickoid” who can be bought off with a coupon to a meal at a chain restaurant.


[Quotes taken from here:]

Racism Is A Made-up Propaganda Term

When I was a small child, maybe five years old, my mother took me to the circus. There a clown offered me a dumdum lollipop. I wanted the candy, but more than that I hated the clown. I did not fear the clown. I merely hated him for the color of his skin.

He offered me more lollipops in succession, getting up to five before moving to the next child. Then I regretted discriminating against him, because I could have had five pieces of candy.

Racism, clearly, is genetic. Please don’t judge us. We can’t help what we are. All we racists want is tolerance to live our lives in the way that conventional society considers abhorrent.

No, I’m kidding. I’m not about to use the left’s logic. I was a genius child and knew there was something deeply unnatural about a man in makeup. Likewise, any man, white or black, who is as androgynous and faggy as the average American negro is to be viewed with extreme prejudice. No amount of public school could ever squash my Xmen superpower of reading faces.

Look at Latin or ancient Greek or medieval Russian. Is there a term to describe racism? No, of course not. If you went to Shakespeare or Jefferson and called them a racist, they would say, “What the hell does that mean?” Every time some gen x liberal former Catholic hopped on Kevin Smith movies tells me that the Southern Confederacy was racist, I say, “No shit. It was the 1800s. The idea of not being​ racist wouldn’t be invented for at least another fifty years.”

Why Are So many Actors Homosexual?

I’m just shocked, you all. Hollywood is apparently obsessed with sex and exploits the young and stupid. Who knew?

George Takei, who previously bragged about being molested as a child, calling it “glorious” as though he was initiated into a cult, is now being accused of molesting children. Kevin Spacey, who starred in American Beauty, a film about how straights are psychopaths and gays are good and noble and true, has been accused of being a child-molesting psychopath.

It’s almost as if actors, whose career is defined by pretending to be something you aren’t, are hypocrites, liars, and perverts. I can’t believe it. I figured their staunch defense of Roman Polanski was just a weird quirk.

Seriously, though, how is this a news story? I don’t give a damn about anything George Takei says or does about anything ever. He’s the Adam West of Star Trek.

In olden days, people were very mistrustful of theater actors. And more and more we are seeing why. It’s not natural to spend your life craving attention from strangers. Most actors today are just beautiful people with two emotions to cycle through, but even an actor who is genuinely talented like Aaron Ekheart still has a genuine talent in something that for most of human history would be financially worthless.

Actors are so often homosexual because the homosexual act itself is a lie. Putting your dick in the pooper is not sex, but if you pretend then you can convince yourself a butt is the same thing as a vagina. In the same way, you can pretend so-and-so is actually MacBeth, even though he’s just an undergrad.

Notice that the only pop singers who are gay are the ones with the grand theatrics. Most musicians are straight, because the whole point in music is getting laid. This is why girls can only play what’s on a page and very rarely can improvise, because they don’t need to impress men with talent or intelligence in order to win sex.

Same reason why actors are liberal. Liberalism is based on accepting lies. Blacks are the same as whites, Muslims are harmless, women can and should do anything men can, Christianity is violent, humans evolved from apes, etc. Of course Hollywood hates Trump “telling it like it is”. They’re having an identity crisis over him, because he’s kicked down their lovely wall of lies.

(The personal always bleeds into the political, which is why the idea of separating politics and religion is impossible.)

The whole “if you don’t accept homosexuality then you are opposed to love and are full of hatred” thing they’ve been annoying us with for two decades. Of course they murky the definition of words like “love” and redefine it to “orgasm”. It’s an industry that’s very core concept is pretending to be something you aren’t.

And that’s why society has, until the last century, never trusted the theater.


The Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving is the only major American holiday I have any respect for. It is everything Christmas was supposed to be. Remove the greed from Christmas, and you have Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is inherently religious. To give thanks is a transitive action, because there must be someone to whom you give thanks. Without that “whom”, it’s merely a day of reflecting on how much better your life is than others.

Therefore, atheists are not allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving. Neither are Jews or socialists. Sometimes they do anyway, and they rename the day to “Turkey Day”. Do not let them get away with this. Remind them that they are godless heathens bound for hell because they have no higher power to whom to give thanks. They already stole Christmas and Easter (and then always blame the Christians for Santa and the Easter Bunny when arguing religion with you, because athys have no self-awareness).

Thanksgiving is also inherently rightwing. It is about recognizing you have more than you deserve, whereas the leftwing is about demanding what you are owed. Thanksgiving is fundamentally a holiday about humility.