“Dumb Kind Of Atheist” Landing Page

If you’ve found yourself here, chances are somebody has given you this link over something you’ve said. Not all atheists are the dumb kind, but many are. Do any of these describe you? These are strong signs that an atheist is the dumb kind.

1. He Turns Every Conversation Into A Religious Discussion Or Insult

It doesn’t matter what you are talking about. They will find a way to connect it to religion, and if you are religious, they will make a point to insult you about it. You could tell them that the weather is nice, and they’ll bring it back to how it can’t be a product of the supernatural.

Sometimes this happens in an otherwise enjoyable book or tv show. An excellent example is Julian Baggini’s Armchair Philosopher series. He’ll make claims like “Most educated people don’t have much time for the view…that we have an immaterial soul…[This view] is outmoded, implausible and anti-scientific.” But then he won’t say why it’s implausible. Maybe he’s right, but in a book of philosophy, he shouldn’t make claims without defending them. That is, after all, the purpose in philosophy.

The militant atheist is not much different from the fundamentalist Christians he hates.

2. Describes Himself As “Freethinking” Or “Rational”

People who wear these labels as an identity tend to hold the same beliefs as each other, and those beliefs tend to be in fashion for the first time in history. Usually it’s some far-left pablum about equality or justice.

Same thing with “I just believe in science,” as though political or social bias is unable to influence the scientific community. This isn’t just a religious thing, either. Here’s some homework: Find a scientific study seeing if there is any negative effects of birth control pills on women’s health, particularly sexual dysfunction.

Or consider how many freethinking atheists protest any studies showing that children raised by homosexuals don’t develop well. Or that men have more gray matter in their brains and are therefore better able to do critical thinking than women. Does any of that prevent the rational atheist from his far-left agenda? No, it gets buried in the internet while he insists that differences between the sexes is only a social construct.

3. Has Far-left Or Strongly Humanist Views

I’m not going to give you the argument about how you can’t expect the individual to follow a morality beyond his own needs, since I’ve never met an atheist who gave an honest attempt at the question. Nor am I going to talk about Darwinism supporting a brutal morality of human interaction, since I’m not sure even I believe that.

However, many self-described rational atheists have views about gender equality, homosexuality or democracy, and these beliefs tend to be a kind of Kantian absolute. The problem with this is not so much the moral itself but the process of the morality.

The dumb kind of atheist, and this is my key point in all of this, bases his metaphysics on his axiology instead of the other way around. He couldn’t find a religion to match his ethics, so he decided to make up his own. He assumes that these beliefs are self-evident, and therefore the potential for nihilism or other negative expressions of atheism is irrelevant.

One of the primary purposes of religion is keeping the sheep in the fence. Conformity to the same worldview in a society produces unison. God breathing down your back brings social stability. Notice that every secularist society in history has not been able to sustain the birthrate.

4. Is Grossly Overweight

Once you realize it, you’ll see it everywhere. Again, without the divine telling you to take care of your body, you have no real reason to watch your weight. If your morality is merely “Do no harm to others”, then why not let your health fail? The atheist has no true accountability.

I have a friend whose ex-wife is marrying an obese militant atheist on his death bed. Like, the kind of athy who constantly retweets Dawkins quotes. You can tell he has dentures by looking at a picture of him. Fugly, fugly man. She’s in her early 30s, and he’s at least mid-40s but probably much older. They met on Craigslist. He’ll probably be dead within a year, and my friend’s very religious daughter is going to grow up to hate her mother for subjecting her to such an obnoxious omega.

Really shows you the great options available to a young-ish divorced mother. I told my friend, “You know when she’s lying in bed swatting away his begs for affirmative consent sex, it’s you she’s thinking about.” He responds, “I know.”

5. Is A Sci-Fi Nerd

Makes sense. Atheists are dissatisfied with the world they’ve been given, so they go searching for another one or seek to create their own. Again, common pattern. They really aren’t so unique as they think they are.

6. Makes Ignorant Claims About History Or Religion

I often hear atheists give attacks on Christianity that are very straw man. Sometimes these are about doctrines, but other times these are about history. They are unable to understand that going to war in the name of religion is often a clever smokescreen for other motives. In fact, many of these wars had people of religions on both sides. Read up on your Crusades history beyond Twitter and see that often the Muslims fought for the Christians and vice versa. And they claim that the Crusades were full of war crimes and unethical methods, but they never give specifics because they don’t know any themselves.

By far the biggest tell is if an atheist says, “All religions are basically the same” or “All religions are equally dumb”. If he had actually studied the major religions, he’d see strong differences between them in focus and mission. Each religion is trying to answer a different primary question or at the least is offering a different solution.

Every belief system—no matter how terrible—will have something small that is beautiful or admirable. So why does the atheist assume that all religions are 100% evil? Because he’s never studied them. Nor does he wish to study them, because he knows he may not like what he finds.

And even within a religion, there are major differences in time. You think 12th century Catholicism has anything in common with Vatican II Catholicism? They are practically separate religions.

7. Is Obsessed About Religion

Supposedly the purpose of atheism is to free one’s self from religion. But often atheists are even more obsessed with religion than most theists.

I saw an interview with Richard Dawkins in which he states that he has never heard a good defense of theism. If that’s the case, then why is he arguing with them? If only a moron would believe in a god, then clearly the people he is arguing with are too stupid to understand his logic. Therefore, he’s either the true moron for trying to do the impossible or he’s the true bully for picking on those weaker than him.

And furthermore, if some people are too stupid to understand the rationale of atheism, then religion will never die out, and the militant’s atheist worldview is a dead end. Perhaps that’s why he loves Sci-Fi so much.

If you’re truly an atheist, then move on with your life. To quote Matt Forney, “Maybe you’re an atheist still stuck in the ‘FUCK YOU DAD’ stage of mental development.”

I love this description of Forney’s. It’s so true. Not every atheist or secularist fits this, but so many of them sound like rebellious teenagers angry at a system they’ve disavowed.

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