Feminists Don’t Know The Definition Of “Consent”

Note: None of the below is legal advice. It is philosophy outside of contemporary legal context.

Last summer when the Women Against Feminism Tumblr gained momentum, feminists complained that these women don’t know the definition of feminism. Rather hypocritical, if you ask me, considering that feminists don’t know the meaning of consent.

Consent Does Not Require Desire

The root of all this rape culture nonsense is that feminists think “consent” means “desire.” How narcissistic is that? In the real-life English language, “consent” means “allow.” If a woman doesn’t want to have sex with her boyfriend but tells him he can, then guess what? She gave consent. Even if she didn’t desire it. Even if she didn’t enjoy it. Even if she was feeling guilty. Even if she was afraid he would break up with her. Even if she had been drinking. Even if he was taking advantage of her insecurities. Even if he is a bad person. She gave consent, and so he didn’t rape her.

Of course feminists would want every sexual encounter to be sunshine and puppies. Feminism is an ideology that glorifies selfishness, so the idea of having sex with your boyfriend because you want him to happy is beyond their scope of morality.

Imagine you’re hard up on money, and you need to buy a car. So you go to the dealership and buy something that is old and low-quality because it fits in your budget. Even though you don’t want the car, as soon as you sign the paperwork, you have given your consent.

Communication Is Often Muddled

If a man turns to his wife of five years in bed and starts plowing her with neither of them saying a word, then guess what? She’s given her consent. Basic common sense is that if she were not going to allow him, then she would have said or done something. Maybe she didn’t want it, but in her silence, she has allowed it to happen. That’s consent. Unless she’s too drunk to form monosyllabic words, if she doesn’t say “no,” then she has given consent. But even then, I would argue parroting, “Not tonight,” is not enough to classify something as rape.

In the old days, for something to legally be rape, a woman had to fight the man off or be unconscious. Often before giving in, women will give a final token “no” so they don’t feel slutty. But if a woman truly did not intend to allow the sex, then she would push him off. She would punch him. She wouldn’t lie there motionless weeping and repeating, “Please stop, Chad.”

Granted, a man should not just go around touching women and hope one of them says “yes.” But forcing a kiss on the cute girl at work is not the same thing as rape.

A woman cannot allow a man to rape her. That is a contradiction in terms. And it is unlikely a man will accidentally rape a woman. So this should be much more cut-and-dry than feminists have made it. But alas, we are a nation of social retards.

Update: A little clarification is needed. The line “She wouldn’t lie there motionless weeping and repeating, ‘Please stop, Chad.'” doesn’t quite describe the scenario sufficiently. Contrary to popular myth, it’s actually very difficult to to wrestle down a woman enough to rape her, much less keep yourself hard when it’s time. And most women would put up a fight as a natural reaction, knowing they could at least kick the man in the balls.

I suppose in some situations—especially if you were to break her legs or knock the wind out of her—then she would lie there merely begging you to stop, since she had no other option. Still, I was thinking more prom night and less slasher film, so I’m leaving the sentence in. But know that that line is not a one-size-fits-all metric.

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7 thoughts on “Feminists Don’t Know The Definition Of “Consent”

  1. She wouldn’t lie there motionless weeping and repeating, “Please stop, Chad.”

    Agreed on every point except the above line. I am 5’8″ 160lbs and not exceptionally muscular or strong. If Chad was a muscle-bound 6’5″ bodybuilder and he really wanted to rape my ass, I’m only going to put up so much of a fight because I know he is just going to beat the shit out of me and take what he wants anyway.

    To the average woman, the average man can overpower her just as easily. I’m just as against feminism as any other guy who reads your blog, but expecting a woman to fight what she knows is a losing battle and get her face smashed in so she can prove it was rape, is simply unfair.


    • As I understand it, it used to be legal code.

      I read somewhere (maybe ROK) that a man and his wife did a hypothetical where he would try to wrestle her down enough to fake-rape her. He found that by the time he succeeded, he was far too exhausted to keep hard, if I remember correctly.


      • I remember that article as well and the problem I find with it is that it is talking about fake rape. If a man is enough of a sociopath to commit real rape, I’m assuming he won’t have many qualms with using violence as a means to commit the crime either. If the writer of that article had begun punching his wife in the face repeatedly, I believe he would have found it to be easier to get her clothes off.

        Of course there is a lot of context to consider. Is Chad an intelligent middle-class college kid in his early 20’s who has never shown a proclivity for violence? A Chad fitting this profile won’t typically threaten grave bodily harm to commit rape, but of course he also isn’t typically a rapist in the first place, despite what Jezebel and HuffPo would have us believe.

        Now is Chad a drug dealing high school drop out who is on parole for assault and battery charges? Now when dealing with this Chad, you are probably better off laying back and taking it if you want to get through the ordeal without a skull fracture. The irony is that guys like Chad #2 tend to end up getting more consensual pussy than Chad #1 anyway.

        Hypothetically, imagine you are a woman and a man has overpowered you and is about to rape you. You have clearly told him no and he is aware you aren’t consenting but he is not stopping You know he is the type of man who will not hesitate to use violence but right now, he hasn’t done any serious physical damage to your body. Now you have to stop and think, “shit, I better fight back a bit so he beats me enough that the cops believe me and can charge him, but not so much that he kills me”. Scenarios as clear cut as this happen rarely to never in real life, but looking at it like this does make me think that it doesn’t seem right to require a woman to be bruised and battered before we can call it rape.

        I am aware that when you were writing this piece, you were most likely thinking more along the lines of the current hysteria over college rapists and not of violent sociopaths lurking in dark alleyways waiting for a potential victim to walk by.

        When it comes to that mess, I believe a big part of the problem is that what women truly desire sexually is borderline rape as it is. It is no secret that rape fantasies are common for women. Women don’t want a man to obtain consent for everything, they want a man to dominate them and act entitled to use their pussy, mouth, and anus as he pleases.

        If I wanted to have my balls licked, I could use the feminist approved method of asking my partner, “Hey beautiful, if you don’t mind, would you please lick my balls for me?”. She would respond with “No” or I may get 30 seconds of my balls being begrudgingly licked.

        Or, I could say “Lick my balls you filthy bitch!” while grabbing her head and pushing it towards my nutsack. Not only would I end up with saliva drenched balls, but she would do it with a smile and ask if she was doing a good job.

        Since feelings > facts is the general formula a woman’s thought process follows, if the man she willingly fucked slights her or breaks her heart, it is easy for her to dwell on it for a while and all of a sudden decide, “I was raped!”. I don’t even think these women are technically lying, as I believe women are just that good at believing their own bullshit. When faced with 2 conflicting versions of a story, a woman will always default choose the version that feels better, regardless of it’s basis in reality.

        Let me wrap this up with a perfect illustration of that point quick and stop typing because I am really rambling now. I was seeing a woman casually for a good chunk of 2014 and we went our separate ways about 6 months ago on very disagreeable terms. She randomly texts me just a few days ago. We politely exchange a handful of messages and she brings up a few grievances she had with me which contributed to us going our separate ways. I owned up to the poor behavior on my part, and responded asking if she was going to apologize for the fact that SHE WAS MARRIED TO A MAN SHE NEVER MENTIONED THE ENTIRE TIME WE KNEW EACH OTHER.

        The response she gave? “OMG, you just always have to right don’t you?”. That was that. She refused to speak of it and we are back to not communicating. The version of the story that didn’t make her feel like a lying deceptive person was what felt right, and she was legitimately angry I wouldn’t pretend it was real, and that I demanded she accept my version of the events backed up by those silly unimportant things like “facts” and “reality”.

        Anyway, I have gone on WAY too long and the Dexedrine is wearing off so all these thoughts will probably not seem as important and genius to me in a few hours.

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  2. We should not tolerate LastMinuteResistance of any serious caliber from GF’s or Wives.

    Our sacrifice of sexual-market-value in committing to them, is so gigantic, that if they refuse sex for a non-medical reason (eg, painful) they have broken the social contract between us.

    PS: If I’m willing to accept a meal she makes for me that isn’t necessarily a prize-winning contest winner; then I also don’t mind starfish sex.


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