A Woman Isn’t Going To Leave You Because “You Don’t Deserve Her”

In a recent post, I wrote about how a friend told me that if I didn’t respect women, then any girl I had would leave me. I’ve been thinking about this the last few days. After all, so many men work hard at always showing their definition of respect only to have their wives walk out on them. Could the problem be that they just aren’t being compromising (i.e. servile) enough?

But if you think about it, do you know the kind of men who don’t have women walk out on them? Or at least if the women walk, it takes them a lot of time and “courage,” as the word is used? Men who beat their wives. And I don’t mean once in a blue moon open-palm slapping her with moderately light strength (which I actually advocate). I mean the truly evil men who beat their wives or assault them on a regular basis. The women who live in true terror of their husbands or boyfriends, even though they could easily find friends to stay with. All of the legal system is on these women’s sides, yet you still hear so many stories about women dragging their feet for years to leave their men. And you almost never hear a woman say, “The first time he slapped me, I walked out the door and never spoke to him again.”

A woman doesn’t leave her man because “he doesn’t deserve her.” She leaves him because she’s bored, spoiled, entitled, or just a terrible person. Often she won’t even leave him if he’s cheating on her. And it’s not like women are addicted to emotional highs. I mean, they are addicted to emotions, sure, but I’m not saying that women want to get beaten. I don’t think hitting her because she burned dinner is a turn-on. But even if she has such low respect for an abusive man, she still has trouble bringing herself to move on with her life. Same reaction with men who abuse substances. Just the other day I read a woman claim that the bravest thing she ever did was getting out of an abusive marriage after TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. The modern empowered woman, no doubt.

My point in all this is that I’m not worried about my future wife leaving me because of my the things I’ve written or the attitudes I have. If a woman leaves you, it may be for a lot of reasons, and it may be your fault, but it’s probably not because you are a terrible person.

This is another great example of how people today assume men and women function the same. Men will leave a woman because she’s ungrateful or selfish. Women however do not value the same things in men that men value in them.

At the same time, because women know how hard it is for them to leave an abusive man, they assume that men will put up with a difficult girlfriend. Generally speaking we will drop a wearisome woman, even if she seems to have good intentions, although there are exceptions.

Another issue comes to mind. What is this attitude everyone says I have? That I think men should be masculine and women should be feminine? That I think that today’s society is unhealthy? That I’m disturbed by how people feel isolated from each other despite the internet? That nobody of either sex should live life without consequences? Sure, most girls today are carbon copies of each other, but I do not believe that was always the case. Surely that is not their natural state.

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